Knives, Pens and FAILURE

A bunch of cool stuff to cover today...


​We've just had a few Titanium Click Pens and HangKeys "Titanium Nitride" coated.

This coating is a gold colour and fairly hard wearing (in day-to-day use it will not come off ...but if you, say, scraped it again a brick wall - then it's going to come off).

​Note: We purposely gave these a bit of a Matte-Gold finish rather than a Polished-Gold finish.

We've only made 4 x sets of these for now - and you can check it out by clicking here.

​Oh, and out of interest...

We have to send these out of the country to get the coating done. (crazy as it may sound there used to be just one place in New Zealand that could do this coating - and they were within walking distance of our workshop! But they no longer offer this service unfortunately).

Making The Flixx™ Knife

It is all about "spindle time"...

Now, you may ask, "Magnus, what on earth is this 'spindle time' you speak of?"

​Glad you asked!

The spindle is ​part of the milling machine that spins and does the cutting. So, when the spindle is running (and thus machining titanium into the parts we want), products are being produced.

​Over the last couple of days we have been running the cnc milling machine hard and getting a lot of spindle time for the Flixx™ Knife - which means production!

​The video above is of the progress of production.

The video below is of some of the machining process of the scales of the Flixx™ knife​...

​Yes, I know...

​In the first 60 seconds of the above video the cutting leaves a big, ugly burr on all the scales. But, to be honest, it was cutting fine and within tolerance - so no big deal. 🙂

(Some) PillPots In Stock

Titanium PillPots have been out of stock for a while - but we've just put some together again now.

Not all of them are available - but you can take a look and see if there is anything you're requiring by clicking here.

Pen Project Failure

​At the start of the week I launched the "Twist" pen on Kickstarter.

​I cancelled that project within 12 or so hours due to lack of interest. This is the first time it has happened (out of 18 or so Kickstarter projects).

Here's the thing:

We did get up to almost 70 Backers in that first 12 hours. But the project really needed to be doing a lot better than that to make it viable.

So, yeah, the Twist pen is not happening in the near future at least.

I would like to apologise again to everyone who did support the project. I am sorry. I really appreciate the support.

The weird thing is...

The Titanium "Click" Pen is very popular - and so I assumed a twist pen would be as well. Turns out this is not the case. A learning exercise at least.

​More "CandyCan™" Stuff

​You remember the CandyCan™, right? This thing...

​We've been hugely busy producing the Flixx knife for a while now - and so have had very little time to make any CandyCans™.

​The CandyCans™ have been very popular (to the point where quite a few people have been getting annoyed that we were selling out so fast - which is fair enough).

​Here's the thing...

I don't have a lot of material left for making these right now, like I said, we're still making Flixx friction folder knives.

​So what I'm thinking is:

Because the "Twist" pen project was something of a failure ...I could run the CandyCan™ as a Kickstarter project instead. The big upside to this is that everyone will have a chance to get a CandyCan™.

​So, yeah, do you have any thoughts on this?

​Oh, and the delivery time on the CandyCans™ for a Kickstarter would be within a reasonable timeframe (a month or two I think) ...because, with the higher numbers of a Kickstarter, my machinist can produce them (and he is a lot faster than me!).

​If you're interested in getting a CandyCan™, then please fill in the form below (if you have not done so already).

  • Mark says:

    Sorry you had to cancel the new pen, I reckon part of the issue is it’s too similar and too close to last project. Try it again in 6 months? Still, we have the leather bag to look forward to!

    • Magnus says:

      Thanks Mark – all part of business. 🙂

      Yes, the bag is exciting – I use my one often (not as much as I like a I’m spending a lot more time on the workshop lately).

  • Andrew says:

    Maybe it’s time for a bolt action pen? =)
    Although I wish you made your pens and pencil a little longer and fatter.

  • Anthony Ramsden says:

    It’s your own fault the twist pen didn’t take off – you’ve already supplied us with the ultimate pen that will last a lifetime! I love my click pen, and I don’t think it’s going out wear out any time soon…;)

  • Christian Haller says:

    I think you missed the boat on the twist pen. I would have bought several. If it used the Mont Blanc I would sell my One pens because there is no way to post the cap and that is a problem. Keep the campaign open for a few weeks.

    • Magnus says:

      Sorry Christian. I think I may launch again – but need to develop it further. When I (try to) look at it objectively …then it does not seem to have that “x-factor” that I aim to have in every design. Also, yes, I hear that a lot about the lack of postability of the capped pen. I re-visit it from time to time …but have never come up with anything that would work (read: elegant).

  • Doug says:

    A Candy Can KickStarter?

    Absolutely – count me in!!!

  • Michael says:

    While I liked the twist pen and would have gotten one if I didn’t already have a regular and black click pen. Sorry you didn’t have enough interest.

    Still waiting for a black mechanical pencil!

  • Gusto says:

    Ditto!! Doug !!! “A Candy Can KickStarter?

    Absolutely – count me in!!!“

  • AlejAndro Anastasio says:

    Very interested in the Candy Can!

  • Mike says:

    In for 2x Candy Cans.. Love the pens I have, but not sure i need another one at this time. Good idea though

  • Brian says:

    Candy can kickstarter definitely

  • Justin says:

    My hesitancy on the twist pen was not the design (i quite liked it), but that “opening” a twist pen is a two handed operation. A click pen is one handed, my preference for my various demands in the field and for everyday uses (not an office job guy here). So for that reason, yes on click and bolt action pens (one handed), and no on twist pens and really a no on capped pens (two handed). But I bet if you had left the campaign up you might have eventually got there. Many campaigns take a while.

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