MEGA Update and Products (IN STOCK)

It's been a while since the last blog update.

These are the three things we're going to talk about:

  • Current (and late) projects
  • Some NEW surface finishes I experimented with over the holiday season
  • Products IN STOCK (which we've not had in stock for a while) -- we found them after having a bit of a New Year tidy-up

(IMPORTANT: you might want to skip down to the products-in-stock part of this blog post right now ...because they're going to sell fast (only a handful of each available). You can come back and read the rest of the blog post later.)

Okay, so first thing to discuss current (late) projects:

Current Projects

The good news is we've caught up on a number of projects since the last blog post.

The click pens, pencils, writing sets and Bolty (bolt action) pens we mostly shipped just before Christmas (with a few stragglers being shipped just after the Christmas/New Year holidays).

We're working on fulfilling the next two projects right now... the TiVault and the Fliptility Knife.

The Fliptility knife we were actually working on before Christmas (where we finalised the scales). This week we should have the final production blade finished.

The PillPots will be what we work on next after the TiVaults are finished.

We have three (smaller) projects that were meant to be shipping in January (i.e. this week or next week) - but they are going to be delayed. There are the Titanium dominoes, CandyCans and ClickShift pens with Titanium Damascus Clip. I'm just planning how best to get these done and will do an update on these soon.


Although the projects we are working on now are late (VERY LATE) ...they were not as late as the projects we have just finished working on (i.e the various pens, etc.).

For example, the TiVault™ is over a year late ...but I had to get the pens done first because they were even later!

As I keep mentioning... I screwed-up ...really badly! It's taking a while to work through and get the late projects fulfilled (while at the same time keeping the rest of the business going ...which included offering other/newer products). If you're waiting for a product, then keep in mind you can get a refund if you've had enough of waiting (which, I will admit, a number of people have).

The price is likely to be higher if you come back later to buy though. For example... now that we're making the TiVault™ ...we have realised the price we initially charged was too low (around $200) because the CNC machining time involved is a lot higher that we thought (we outsourced the initial prototype but are making the production version in-house). The price on the website is an additional 50% higher now unfortunately - but that's what it needs to be.

Here are some photos of the progress of the TiVaults™...

It was taking 30 minutes to cut each blank billet for each TiVault™ from the round bar when we were using the band saw.

So we made a dedicated fixture for the water-jet cutter to cut the bar ...and managed to get it down to 2 minutes per piece. Here's the fixture:

Here's some of the titanium blanks:

And here's the main body of the TiVault™ after the first CNC operation:

NEW Surface Finish (Experiments)

I have been experimenting with what I'm calling the FireAcid™ surface finish.

It's called fire acid because it's a magical combination of heating titanium with a flame (that's the "Fire" part)  ...and then dipping the heated part in Ferric Acid (that's the "Acid" part).

It's not a complicated process. I'm not the originator of it either (you can find people dipping heated titanium parts in acid on YouTube).

FireAcid™ is simply my in house name for the process (because, let's be honest, it's more catchy than calling it: "blowtorch-heated-titanium-then-dunked-in-ferric-acid" surface finish).

Anyway, enough talk, here's some examples of the results you can get (oh, and by the way, it's a form of anodizing - and I've found it to be fairly well wearing for general use):

IN STOCK Products

We've been having a bit of a tidy-up since coming back from the holidays and we've found a handful of each of a few products.

There are not any of each - but if you can add them to your Cart then you can buy them (otherwise it will likely be a long time until they become available again).

Here's what is available:

4-Card Titanium Wallets (4 x of these)
Titanium Folding Tweezers (7 x of these)
Titanium SlideClick™ Utility Blade Knives (11 x of these in Right-Hand Version)
'The One™' - Titanium Capped Pen (5 x Matte, plus 1 x Black)

And that's all I have for you today!

  • Herbert Eder says:

    Waiting patiently for TiVault 😉

    When you think about your next projects, maybe think about 1) a comb (i own two Ti combs but they are not perfect, i would like to have a “normal” comb made out of Ti – nothing fancy, no “multitool”-comb), and 2) kitchenware (bowls, plates, drinking vessels, cutlery – again “normal” stuff, not for camping of which there are some out there, but simple and functional for everyday use in the kitchen)

    Stay safe!

    • Magnus says:

      Hey Herbert, thank you for your comment. It would be possible to do Grade 2 plates and bowls (because then you could press them (I think). It might be prohibitively expensive to make a bowl (likely 500 to 1000 USD for the material and then the machining on top of that). Hate to burst your bubble on that one Herbert. It can be done of course …but, at this challenging time for us while we are catching up, we’re going to have to stick with more popular products.

      The comb, similarly, is something that does not have much mass-appeal for our audience. I have though about one many times because, you’re right, all the ones I have seen have not been great.

  • Adam says:

    Psychedelic Fire Acid, makes a fine finish on a TiNail file?
    “The last nail file you’ll ever need because it lasts a lifetime (And it’s fashionable for the ladies too)!”

  • Prashanth says:

    Love the Fire Acid finish man! Can’t wait for your next interesting innovation to order it with.

    Quick question: is the process cheap enough to fit into the standard product costs? If now how much do you expect to charge additionally for this finish?

    • Magnus says:

      I’ve just done some pens yesterday and this afternoon. I think it will be something like 50 or so extra dollars for the pen body to have a FireAcid finish. Something like a knife would be a lot more because of the hand-polishing involved.

  • Paul says:

    Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work!

  • Ga wei says:

    Where is my ti vault and my pill pot I ordered them in early 2020 and you still have not given me anything

    • Magnus says:

      Working on it. I really have failed on these projects! You can contact us and get a refund if you like …otherwise the TiVaults will start shipping soon (and the PillPots after that).

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