Meet “Mini Me” (Titanium Bottle Opener)

I was messing around with prototypes the other day… (as I do from time to time)

They were titanium bottle openers. I was just trying out some ideas. I forgot about them.

Then something funny happened…

Two days later I saw this project on Kickstarter. The Creator presents the “PiCO” as the smallest bottle opener around (and it certainly appears to be that!).

As a fantastical coincidence… I was working on something similar. Seeing how small I could go with a bottle opener.

I don’t have any intention of producing this – but thought I’d show you anyway:



The titanium sheet from which this bottle opener is cut is 6mm (so, yeah, it’s a fairly sturdy little beast for the size).

The titanium split-ring in the above photos is 18mm (0.70″) diameter… so that should give you an idea of the scale.

Oh, and it works pretty darn well… if you ensure it’s on a keychain. The reason for this is that you hold onto your keychain and it is forms essentially the “handle” for the opener (not sure if that makes sense to you).

Thought I’d put this out here for your detailed analysis… or perhaps just so you can point and say, “ha-haa, there goes Magnus again with his whacky prototyping!” 😀

  • Eciton says:

    I’ve backed the Pico, but I love this prototype.

  • Dwaine Dibbly says:

    Honestly, I like your design better than the PICO. Bigger, maybe, but who cares? Yours is way cooler. (Which would you rather whip out at a party?)

    I’d buy the PICO for my wife but I want this one for myself.

  • Paul says:

    Looks nicer than Pico. I think a limited run of these is in order.:)

  • scon says:

    I say let me know when you’ve made the run on this guy. I love the brute razorback look of this little bastard!

  • Dan says:

    Hi Magnus, love your work and blog. Where do you buy your titanium sheet stock from? I’m keen to try and make something. A fellow tinker (and pounamu carver). Thanks! Going to order myself some of your minty clips! Dan

  • Mike Gallwey says:

    I agree with Paul.. Send me 1 and tell me how much I need to pay you.

    Also think this looks better than the Pico.

    🙂 good job Magnus!

  • Go says:

    Hello. This is very nice! When selling this, please inform me by all means!

  • Balllsy says:

    Please let me know if these go into production… Great idea !

  • SOO KIAT says:

    Yes Sir,

    This will a hottie if you are making a production run..will you ?
    or i think why not start a (show your interest) list just
    to see how many people is interested…to order. 🙂


  • Randy Keith says:

    It seems to me that in a minimalist’s world, you would want to produce as few of these as you could to gain the most out of each unit. These items are perfect in size and marketable in every microbrewery in the world ,or not, but to come up with such a perfect design, you truly need to see if it’s marketable. Sell each of us one or two and let the rest of the world beat a path to your door when they recognize how perfect it is and highly indestructible. I’m not a salesman but would make it a point to share these here in Southern California. Put me on your list, Please

  • Bob says:

    Hey Magnus:

    I noticed that a Zippo Titanium Lighter just sold on Ebay for in excess of $500.00. Something you need to consider, eh?

  • Stuart says:

    Hey Magnus
    I’d be real keen on one of these “Mini Me” bottle openers. I’ve seen the Pico’s, but being an expat and living in Hawkes Bay, I’d rather you have my hard earned dollar!
    Let me know, as I wish to order some other bits.

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