Mini Titanium Skull (...and other things)

Before we get into the main post I'll just mentioned some quick Updates on projects/products...

We have a ton of parts machined and sanded on late projects. Right now the tumbling is the bottle-neck. I'll do a more product specific update soon (after the end of this week because we're going to be shipping a load of stuff this week and then I'll know where we are).

This week I'm hoping to have the SlideCache, SlideClick, CoolKey and (hopefully) the Dice fully shipped (there might be a little spill-over into next week).

If you're waiting on Titanium Dominoes ...then I have to confess I made an amateur error on the positioning of the layout on the #7 "dots".

Here's what I mean:

So, in keeping with my "impossibly high standards", I'm going to re-do all the "#7" dominoes in the sets I've made (and was just about to ship). So, if you're waiting for yours, then my apologies for the additional delay.

Titanium Skull (well, almost)

A quick confession:

What I'm about to show you is an aluminium version (because it is a lot more forgiving compared to titanium when trying something totally new for the first time).

Actually, before we jump right in...

The reason for making this "mini skull" is because we have a bunch of off-cuts of titanium from a previous project. They are around 50mm (2") in diameter and of various lengths.

The first thing I had to do was make a sort of conversion plate so we could hold the round bar vertically on the tombstone. Here's some of the making of this large, nut-shaped plate:

Next I had to skim down the end of the 50mm bar to 20mm so it was small enough to clamp vertically in the collet on the top of the tombstone.

Here's what the round blank looks like on the tombstone. It's now ready for milling.

I first had to do three passes on the top of the skull with the 8mm ball endmill so I had the clearance to start machining down the full outside of it. Here's what that initial milling resulted in... (oh, and this is just a roughing pass, so it's fairly crude and you can see not only the milling lines but also each individual cut from the endmill)

Here's the best video I have just now of the machining. I can do better in the future - but this will have to do for now:

Here's what the skull looks like after the first pass:

A couple of things:

-- This is aluminium (which, I don't think looks as nice as titanium)

-- The above images are of the ROUGH version of the skull. I started the finishing passes (which improve the skull dramatically and give it a lot more detail) but broke the tool I was using. By that time it was the end of the weekend and I had to get back to our typical milling work

-- If I make this, then the round column below the skull (which looks like it's "neck") will not be there - that was just a crude place-holder for this initial trial cut

Question for you...

I'd love to make some of these - but only if there is enough interest. If you're interested in one of these in titanium, then please do let me know (either in comments below or via email).

P.S. I'd also love to make much larger versions of these - but that would be another project for another time I think 🙂

P.P.S. Imagine a LIFE-SIZE titanium skull sitting on your desk!

  • Daniel Elkan says:

    I’m definitely on “project skull” !

  • Frank says:

    Würde mich freuen wenn der Titanschädel in Produktion gehen würde. Eine Höhe von 5 cm bzw eine öse oben am Kopf so das man lhn als Schlüsselanhänger benutzen könnte wäre perfekt.

  • Frank says:

    Würde mich freuen, sollte es heißen.

  • Corn says:

    Depends on price 🙂

  • Tony Ramsden says:

    I will DEFINITELY be up for a skull!

  • Mark says:

    Might be interested but it would depend on the cost! How about being able to put it on a key ring?

  • Bagde says:

    This might not be possible due to copyright laws, but a T-800 terminator skull in titanium would be awesome. Also, if it had some kind of Feature other than a decorative paper weight that would be cool too.

  • Herbert Eder says:

    Hm, maybe keep the neck (or a nicer version of it) and the ground plate so it can stand upright. And a hole through the neck so it can be attached to a key ring?

  • John M says:

    100% would buy a skull.

  • Philippe says:

    I might be very interested too… but, as usual, it depends on the price (and definitively without “neck” or anynthing else). A what about a smaller version ?

  • Narendra Khanna says:

    neck accessory or paperweight on desk?

  • MM says:

    The skull is sweet! Hope it’s at a nice price!

  • Joshua Diliberto says:

    only if it can be attached somehow to a key chain or bracelet.

  • Chimera says:

    Depends a lot on price. $50 I could maybe justify. $100? Haha, no, my finances aren’t good enough for that.

    Nthing the call for possibility of using it as a keychain or necklace pendant.

  • Lyndon says:

    Hi Magnus
    It’s been a while. I’ve enjoyed following your work. I could be up for a skull. Depends if you are planning to drill it or attach a way to keep my keys/knife etc with it ?

  • Bob Gelb says:

    Very cool, what is the size? Application (on a stand for a desk, keychain, paperweight?)….cost?

  • Steven J says:

    I would certainly be interested in a titanium skull depending on the price.

  • DB says:

    I’d be on for a skull depending upon price!

  • Colin says:

    Hmm, if the blank is about 50mm, the finished item will be a bit less but I think still too big for a key chain for my taste. I’m wondering how it would be as a walking/hiking stick head if it could be attached securely – there are some remarkably strong and versatile glues available these days. I can think of a few things I might attach it to. Otherwise, it would make a robust and interesting ornament, so provided any holes you might make do not detract from the appearance, I think I’ve just talked myself into one of these.

  • Jimbro says:

    Look up CountyComm, they’ve been doing skulls for years. Not sure what metal, probably stainless.

  • Mark says:

    I’m In!!!

  • Lawrence Crowley says:

    Yep Magnus, I’m in for a Ti Skull.

  • Chuck Lewis says:

    Very interested in the Ti scull. Want to see the final but I am likely to purchase, even a bigger one.

  • Gary Pierce says:

    I would be interested in a skull depending on size and cost. Small for a keychain, maybe 1″ or slightly smaller. Or slightly bigger to mount on a walking stick and leave the neck as a means of mounting to said walking stick. Size of 2″ or so not counting neck portion.

  • Tim says:

    Definitely I interested in a skull!

  • BLDRN says:

    Yeah. If the skull is hyperreal and without a neck of any sort – it would be a very cool desktop object. It all depends on the price, which will be high but must be competitive.

  • Chris Raymond says:

    I’m very interested

  • Jordan Smith says:

    Yep, I’d be interested, depending on the price!

  • Scott P. Murphy says:

    I want one!

  • Francisco says:

    I’d be interested in a skull as long as it doesn’t break the bank

  • Bruce says:

    I’m in at the right price

  • Titanium skull? Why not??

  • Aaron says:

    Please PLEASE make this skull!!!

  • Kevin says:

    I would be interested as well, depending on price.

  • Jeremiah Sullivan says:

    Interested, only deciding factor would be price and size os finished skull, keychain or end of lanyard size woulds be nice.

  • Richard says:

    I love the neck though

  • William Carter says:

    I would enjoy a Skull

  • John Boockholdt says:


  • David says:

    Depends on the price

  • Corey warmington says:

    I would be interested depending on price. Would be cool for pocket carry.

  • John K. Lehr says:

    I would be interested in a well done Magnus edition of a skull!!

  • Fischlustig says:

    Damn @ those dominos. Too bad noone saw and noticed it in your previous update. You can actually see the mistake on the domino in the top right corner of the picture. Though I wouldn’t know the correct alignment, until I saw this update.

  • E. W. Jones says:

    Titanium skulls – excellent idea! 20-30mm size would be most practical and/or salable (fob, lanyard slide, etc.) A life-size one would be very cool, but super big, heavy and I’m sure expensive. What about making the big ones hollow, and in assemble-able pieces? Skulls already come in a time-tested assortment of individual, interconnected bones …

  • Greg says:

    I’m in!!

  • Pat Pattterson says:

    I too am interested depending upon size and price.
    They appear to be too large for a lanyard bead and too small for a gear shift knob.
    Final sizing would be nice to figure out what it could be used for.

    They should be slightly smaller that the bar stock to limit the amount of material needed to be removed to limit machine time I would guess.


  • Jason G. says:

    Interested in a titanium skull.

  • Gusto says:

    You are a madman! Of course you would make a skull from Titanium! Sounds like this needs a Kickstarter campaign to offer skulls of Homo-Sapiens, Mammals, Avians, Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Mythical Creatures, etc.

  • Matthew elliott says:

    Umm, life size TI skull, where do I sign!???

  • Manny Gonzalez says:

    IN for skulls…

  • han says:

    Hello Magnus
    Of course you would make a titanium skull?
    I think I can make a small version and a big version
    A small version can fit in your hand?
    The larger version is on a 1:1 scale? lol
    I want detail.

  • Gordon says:

    Titanium skull is awesome!

  • Robert Gemignani says:

    Yes to skull

  • James Bruce says:

    Interested in a mini titanium skull to add to my collection.

  • Jammy says:

    Interested. Depends on 1) cost 2) how quickly it will be shipped 3) final look 4) how long we need to wait until it’s shipped. 5) ship time.

  • Brandon says:

    I’d be in for a skull

  • Kavan says:

    Im down. I imagine a titanium skull small enough to be the top of my gearshift

  • Tom from Florida says:

    I would like that. Depending on price

  • AJ says:

    I’d be interested in a larger/full size version

  • Eric says:

    Life sized would be amazing. Too rich for my blood but cool all the same.

  • Wayne Palasia says:

    I would be interested in a mini skull. What price point are you looking at?

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