More Titanium Pens and Knives

Two blog posts in the same week - a new record! ūüôā

‚ÄčRight, a few things today - let's get to it...‚Äč

"Hook-Ups" Back In Stock (not for long though!)

After a load of requests I've finally made some more Titanium HookUp Clips (you can click here to grab yours).

‚ÄčHave only done a small run and so do expect them to sell out fairly fast.

Did You Miss A Product?

‚ÄčIf you have  ever missed out on a product I've offered on my website, then here's what I'm going to do to help you...

‚ÄčInstead of seeing just a "SOLD OUT" button on the product you're looking at will see a box where you can enter your name and email.

This will put you on the PRIORITY list ...and YOU will be notified first when that product is back in stock.

‚ÄčI have not activated this yet - but should be setup next week.

"Project ZERO"

‚ÄčIn my last blog post I showed you the scales (handles) of the friction folder knife we make ...and the "little details" we put in.

‚ÄčThat project has been going very well on the cnc-machining side (have been learning to maching products myself addition to working with my machinist).

‚ÄčThe next knife project I'm tackling is something I've been wanting to do for many years. You've probably already received an email from me about it already - but it never hurts to mention it again for blatant self-promotional reasons! ūüėÄ

‚ÄčThe project is called "Project ZERO" ...and I call it a project as it's not just a high-end 'flipper' knife. We're going to take the knife from concept all the way through to 'Holy Grail' knife with photos, videos and blogs.

‚ÄčClick here to find out more about "Project ZERO".

Titanium Pens (In COLOUR)

We've started experimenting with coating some of our titanium products with Cerakote¬ģ. This is a ceramic coating that we apply in house.

We've spent a very painful and frustrating 6 months learning this process. Actually, it has been Nathan here who has had the frustration and "learning experiences" (another phrase for 'failures').

Long story short:

The main issue Nathan faced was having tiny 'specks' or 'dots' on the surface of the parts. We tweaked everything from the gun settings all the way through to building a custom clear acrylic box (see below):

‚ÄčEventually, we managed to fine tune the process and are now planning to offer some one-off titanium pens shortly.

Note sure when these will be released - but here's what I'm talking about:

‚ÄčSo, yeah, fairly different from my famous "Matte" finish for sure.

Actually, we did some all black recently and they were hugely popular.

‚Äč"Flixx" Knife Progress...

‚ÄčIn my last blog post I show you part of the process of what goes into making the Flixx Friction Folder Knife.

‚ÄčWhat's interesting was that a flurry of sales for the Flixx came in from that - which was kind of cool if I'm being honest with you! ūüôā

Some people are obviously interested in the progress of that knife - and ‚Äčso here are a couple more photos of the Flixx being made.

The "blanks" for the scales being water-jet cut:

‚ÄčThe 3D CAD/CAM modelling for maching of the parts on the cnc machine:

‚ÄčBlade "blanks" (Nitro-V stainless steel used for these) setup and ready for machining - this will run for 5.5 hours without requiring anyone to be there:

‚ÄčHere is the CAM (that's Computer Aided Machining) for the inside of the scales:

‚ÄčAnd here's what the insides of the scales look like once they have been machined:

‚ÄčThat's it for today's blog - any comments or questions then fire away!

P.S. If you want to check out the Flixx knife, then you can do so by clicking here‚Äč.

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    Questions or Comments?

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    Magnus, any update on the wallets that were ordered late Nov.

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    Hi Magnus, what happened to the “Man Tray”? Looking forward to any answer or ofc the finished product… Keep up the good work! Cheers Meik

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