New Designs and Bargains

​A few interesting things for you today...

First up, we've finished shipping the TiCut™ Titanium Utility Blade Knife (a bit of a delay - but they are all done and shipped now) - and we have a few left over so they are in stock as I type this.

We did a little experimenting over the last couple of days and did a short run of a different version of the TiCut™. While the original TiCut™ is clean and minimalist (which is my typical design style) ...this other version is more "aggressive" looking.

Here what it looks like:

​The slider works like a dream. However, if I'm honest, it's perhaps a bit too aggressive with regards to the finger "grooves".

Here's what we have available right now (CLICK HERE to check it out):

Titanium Pencils (FINALLY In Stock!)

We've been asked a lot for Titanium Pencils recently. They've been out of stock for many, MANY months.

The good news:

We've got some in stock right now.

The bad news:

We only have 18 of them.

The great news:

​I'm going to discount them and make them just $199 right now.​ Click here to grab yours.

NEW Titanium "Mini" Trinity CandyCan™

​A few months ago we did a small run if Trinity CandyCans™ (these were triangle-ish shaped titanium containers).

​We just designed and made new, more compact version. We've made a few that are ready right now (I think we only have 6 as I type this ...but should have some more tomorrow).

​They are slim and compact (so I know these are not for everyone as most people seem to prefer the "chunkier" versions of these CandyCans™).

​Here are the dimensions...

Diameter: 50mm (around 2")
External Height: 9.5mm (0.37")
Internal Height: 7.5mm (0.30")

Click ​here (and then scroll down to near the bottom) to get your NEW CandyCan™ Trinity "Mini".

OOPS! (Screwed up in previous Blog Post...)

Last week I posted that we had some Flixx™ - Titanium Friction Folder Knives available again.

​I totally screwed-up and forgot to mark them "in stock" on the website for the first 14 hours or so. My apologies!

You would have seen "SOLD OUT" ....when, in fact, I just handn't yet made them available (it's not often I make mistakes with the website side of things - so when I do it's frustrating for both of us!).

If you thought you missed the Flixx™ Knife ...then click here to (hopefully) grabs yours this time.

​Another Random Design...

​If you recall in yesterday's blog post...

I revealed to you a new project I've been working on (a "contruction set" of sorts I made for my son). I showed a handful of designs I had made with it.

Today I was just playing around and made this:

​Now, honestly, I don't quite know what it is - it's just a "thing". Perhaps a table for a hamster or something.

Anyway, that's all I have for you today!

  • Jack says:

    Looks like a motorcycle lift.

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