New Sliders And Designs

Let's talk about Sliders today!

I'll be honest here - this is not going to be a long post. Just a bit of me talking about sliders ...and then I'll point you in the direction of some new sliders you can buy ...and then we can both get on with our day. 🙂

NEW Slider "Tech"

I've been using brass plates with "dimples" on sliders for the last couple of months. It's working really well. Smooth and quiet.

I've just ordered some Aluminium-Bronze ...which should be here in the next few days.

Since I started this slider journey a few months ago I've always wanted to try Aluminium-Bronze. The reason for not doing it so far is that it's been hard to get hold of this material!

Here's the three main reasons I want to try Aluminium-Bronze on the slider plates:

#1 - It's a bit harder than brass and so I think (but could be totally wrong here!) the plates should be even smoother. Just a theory of course.

#2 - As far as I know... Aluminium-Bronze does not make your fingers dirty or black like brass does (again, have not personally tried this yet).

#3 - There is no lead content. Typically there is 2% to 3% lead in brass. This puts some people off ...they don't like to touch anything with lead in it. Truthfully, it does not bother me at such a low percentage - but everyone has their comfort level. Still, it would be cool not to have any lead in the plates anyway.

So nothing to report yet ...but, hopfeully, next week I'll have made a few plates and tested them.

NEW Sliders

First up... the Toad slider in Brass and Copper. I've been asked for these a LOT recently (especially since the Titanium Toads started shipping and people started receiving them).

While not a new design ...they are a new material. 🙂

I don't have too many of each of the copper and brass - but they are ready now and will ship the next working day.

CLICK HERE to check out both the Copper and Brass Toad Sliders
(they are near the bottom of the page)

I made three prototype sliders recently. All somewhat similar in dimensions and overall shape ...but only have one of them available so far (the other two still need some tweaking).

This new Titanium Slider is called the Grid (CLICK HERE to check it out):

Now, I will confess:

This Slider is priced quite a bit higher than previous sliders. And the reason for this is that it takes around 50% long to make than the others.

How come it takes 50% longer you may ask ...considering it's such a simple design? The answer is the slight curve across the length and width of the slider body. Without going into the "nitty gritty" it's currently taking 30 minutes just to do this curve on one body -- that's not even to mention the machining of the grid pattern!

So, yeah, I'm not sure if I'm going to make any more of these to be honest (I would prefer to makes sliders that don't take as long to make so I can get more of them into more people hands!).

I have around 11 or so made and ready to ship - CLICK HERE to learn more about the Grid slider.

...and I think that's all I have for you today. 🙂

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