NEW Titanium Clip (plus …what should we make next?)

​Before I get into stuff that's been happening...

I'd like to do some totally shameless promotion of some clips I just made (they are ​shipping right away - so, yeah, no pre-order this time).

​There are based on my somewhat famous HookUp™ clips - but are a double-ended version of them:

​The original HookUp™ clips were launched way back in 2014 ...and I did a double-ended prototype version back then - but never released it. I kind of just forgot about ​making that double-ended version - and so I've just spent a little time re-developing and making some over the last day or so.

​The original HookUp™ clips are also in stock right now along with the NEW "Double" version - click here to check them out.

NOTE: Just out of interest ...this is the cheapest product I've ​been able to make in quite some time (they are a little easier to make than most of the products we make)

Shipping Flixx™ Knives

​Last week we offered a few limited Flixx™ knives - and we've been shipping those out (here are three that went out today):

​These knives have been tough!

If you've followed-along with the blog posts since the beginning of the year, then you'll know the never-ending struggles we've had with them.

We're finally starting to figure it out - but, honestly, it's been a bit of a "learning experience".

On the plus side has furnished us with a boat-load of experience for the Project ZERO Custom "flipper" Knife we're working on.

​​Future Projects?

​A quick recap for this year so far...

This year we have produced (or are currently working on):

​-- ​​Friction Folder Knife (Flixx™)

-- "Flipper" knife (Project ZERO)

-- New Titanium Carabiners (McDangle "Mini")

-- Three different Titanium Pocket-Size Containers (CandyCan™, CandyCan™ XL, CandyCan™ Trinity)

-- Slim Wallet (TiWallet™)

...and we're only halfway through the year!

​We plan to keep developing and prototyping - that's not going to stop for sure.

We're wondering where to go next ...and I'm wondering if you have any thoughts?

What should we make? (comment below and I WILL reply to every comment!)

​Knives are something we would like to push a little further into.

Also, we'd like to try a flashlight (I have a very cool and fairly original design for this) - but that's going to take a little time as we have a lot of R&D to do (battery, electronics, etc.)

One thing I'd like to make is a compact set of fold-out pliers (with perhaps one or two other features on there). We now have a bit of experience working with blade steels and hardening in our knife oven ...and so making pliers is something I reckon we can do at this point in time.

Would love to hear if you have any thoughts (by the way... the PillPots™ were a product that was born directly from comments from you on this blog a few years ago!)

  • Linwood says:

    Keep working on the utility knife holder!

    Love my TiWallet btw, its basically turned into a fidget toy for me it feels so good!

    • Magnus says:

      That’s great to hear Linwood.

      Also, yes, have been working on the Utility Knife this weekend (one of the most difficult products I’ve worked on for sure).

  • Prash says:

    Glad to hear that you’re on the lookout for new ideas. Here are my personal thoughts on this:

    1. As always, I would really love to see a fountain pen designed by you. I’ve been on the lookout for a good one for a long time now and was really hoping you had something in the pipeline.

    2. It would be kickass if the pillpots (36mm diameter version) were back on sale.

    3. Any sort of fidgety thingamabobs you might think of 😀


    • Magnus says:

      Thank you for the feedback Prash!

      Here are some answer…

      #1 – Yes, will be launching one of these for sure – just not sure when.

      #2 – Again, as above, we will do these again in the future.

      #3 – Hmmm, will see if there is something I can do here…

  • Joe Zhang Hougaard says:

    The Utility Knife holder is something I’m really looking forward to!

    And the belt buckle looks really nice too!!

  • Vincent says:


    Take my money!!

  • JonFW says:

    Yes! The utility knife holder! There are so many out there but for some reason they’re all super bulky or have a pry-bar/bottle opener attached (why is this such a trend?). A small, well-designed utility knife is exactly what the EDC world needs.

    • Magnus says:

      For sure Jon. I have a couple of them I think (and I’ve seen loads of others online) …but they none of them seem to have that “Holy Grail” of…

      — One handed operation

      — Easy Blade changing

      — Super-slim/compact

      — No other functions

      — 100% Titanium

  • Bert says:

    Key holder for sure. Make tools for it like a Swiss Army Knife, and modular for expansion.

  • sig says:

    Airline Screening Compliant tool – pliers/corkscrew/flathead

  • B says:

    Always fantastic stuff Magnus!
    It sounds small but I think a titanium toothpick, with your amazing design brought to bear, would be awesome!
    I saw some plastic ones the other day with a triangular cross section, maybe something like that?

  • Anders says:

    How about yet another prybar, but a sleek version with a holes for lanyard wrap?

    • Magnus says:

      Have been thinking about a particular design recently (it did have a number of holes in it …but I’m not sure if it would accept lanyard though).

  • Anders says:

    …and I have an idea on a wire key ring where you would attach the ends with an umbraco system so that the wire simply won’t open! I have tried so many wire systems that always seem to open by itself. The part where you tighten the ends could be a little lanyard bead or something.

  • Robert Ferguson says:

    Magnus, I’d like to have you make a titanium belt buckle for the Mission Belt, both in 35mm + 40mm sizes.

  • markus says:

    Are there any chances for a second try with the twist pen?
    I am still interested … even for a higher price

    • Magnus says:

      Hey Markus, there is a chance …but I would need to redesign it first …I think the original design was missing the “X” factor (or should that be “M” factor? :-P)

  • Jpujals says:

    More ceramic coated click pens + more color options, they sold out too quick!!!

    • Magnus says:

      Hmmm. Interesting Jpujals… we’ve not had a lot of interest in these …so we’re unlikely to offer them again. But, in saying that, there are a handful of people who are really keen. Any particular colour/combination?

  • Richard Banham says:

    Titanium Sciccors perhaps?
    How your dreaming of new projects aren’t keeping you from a speedy completion of overdue projects such as the candycan. I would prefer more feedback on current projects and less promotion of new ones. It feels like you are forgotten when you get a lot of new promotions and the project you are waiting for is late and you get only irregular updates.
    Love the results though. My favourite is the click pen which is simply fantastic and a delight to use.

    • Magnus says:

      Appreciate your honesty Richard …and, yes, you’re right. Definitely need to focus on current project (which we are doing).

      In saying that…

      If I don’t continue developing at the same time …then I get into a position where the machines are sitting idle and everyone is waiting for me to come up with something).

      Glad you like the click pen Richard.

      Would love to do scissors. Have not seriously considered it yet – but I reckon we can do it now with out experience in making knives.

  • James says:

    I would be very interested in a memorial urn / capsule / container that could hold a decent sized quantity of deceased pets ashes that could then be worn from a neck chain.

    • Magnus says:

      Not quite the same thing …but I was talking with a friend recently about making small containers for dogs/cats for around their collars so owners can put a note with “If Found Please Contact…” information in it.

  • Jonas says:

    A four card version of the TiWallet.

  • Zach says:

    I’d love to see a titanium USB 3.1 flash drive. Maybe you could partner with Samsung (who already makes an awesome waterproof/shockproof/etc.. version) to make an external titanium housing.

  • Emanuel Robins says:

    Hi Magnus

    A multi tool would be great either key ring or pocket size has to have a sharp edge to help open boxes thank you Magnus


  • Justin says:

    I would love to see a Magnus designed titanium hip flask. Titanium flasks are already a thing, but there is nothing really new or modern to their designs. If not a flask as its own full fledged product, how about a flask topper for the PillPots? The ability to unscrew the entire top would forego a dinky refilling funnel.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  • Vince says:

    Make a whistle! (without ball)

  • Frank says:

    A money clip that can handle
    7 bills
    1 credit card
    drivers license

  • >