NEW Titanium Multi-Tool (you choose!)

It’s shocking really…

The last five products I’ve design and made have been:


Mechanical Pencil





Not a pocket-sized multi-tool in sight!

This normally would not be an issue – but I keep getting asked all the time for a multi-tool.

Let’s not forget…

Making titanium pocket-tools is where I started out. 🙂

Remember the ViperFish?



Or the TiHawk?



Here’s some concepts I started – but never finished…



The thing is, personally, I’m not in the market for a pocket-sized, titanium multi-tool. But many of you are (the amount of emails in my inbox tells me so!).

So, here’s a fun thing (might work out or might be a disaster)…

I’ll throw up a list of multi-tool functions for you …and you can tell me in the comments below if “it MUST have that” or “it would be NICE to have that” or “it must NOT have that”.


Okay, so, functions:

Bottle Opener

Imperial Wrench

Metric Wrench

Prybar function

Nail-Puller function

Hex-Bit Holder (for holding those little hexagonal 1/4″ screwdriver bits)

Pocket-Clip (for clipping onto pocket/bag)

Flat-Head Screwdriver

Philips-Head Screwdriver

Gear-Tie function (for going camping and hiking I suppose)

Carabiner clipping function (to clip on to belt-loop or bag)

Blade (this would be a dull blade …nothing sharp)


Oh, and let us not forget, what SIZE should it be?

2″ long

3″ long

4″ long

— (I think any bigger than 4″ and it’s probably a tool …not a pocket tool …right? :-D)


A few assumptions:

It will have a hole somewhere so you can attached to your key-chain or lanyard

It won’t have any non-effective functions (like a saw-blade for example)

It’s going to be made from Grade 5 Titanium



The funny thing is…

I’m certain I’m setting myself up to get a bunch of different answers from a bunch of different people. That’s fine.

It’s either that or I make the tool that I would personally use (which, in my not-at-all-humble opinion, would likely be a very clean and simple and practical solution :-).


If I have missed anything or you want something else – then let me know below!

Oh, and we can make more than one tool. Why limit ourselves, right? 🙂

  • David Wilson says:

    jigsaw blade holder so you can add any blade you would like.

  • Jon Famous says:

    Bottle opener, screwdriver, carabiner, nail file.

  • James says:

    Lots of options… How about making it customizable? Have a bunch of modules that people can choose between, the software shows them the final product then it is produced. Probably easier said than done but worth a think. We all want different things so give the public what we want! ??

    • Andy says:

      Now THAT is a challenge to stimulate Magnus!

      To start a discussion:
      A hole at one end for the (Ti) split ring, a prying function & bottle opener at the other.
      A “chassis” strong enough for the prying uses & then modular (Ti) inserts for the different tools people want.
      (Retained by a screw fitting, or possible a quick release mechanism.)

      Make it in 3 lengths (2″,3″,4″), to take 1-3 inserts
      Hell, you could even have a small pill storage module or a module with a pocket clip.
      Additional modules can then be crowd designed, sanity tested & released once economics/demand/wow factor allow.

    • Ha, that’s a pretty cool idea – I started thinking about that this morning… got messing quickly!

  • Adam says:

    Metric wrench; hex bit driver and lanyard cutout at one end; nail puller/pry bar at the other but make the tips unequal as a medium and narrow flat screwdriver. Fingers crossed!

  • Branden says:

    How about a REAL multi-tool instead of just these multi-functional prybar/bottle opener/key chains.. You know a real multi-tool like a Leatherman Wave for example. Otherwise I have no real interest.

    • Miroslav says:

      I would discourage this. I do not think it is feasible for one man shop to design and manufacture something to match Leatherman in quality at reasonable price (by reasonable, I mean something that would justify the difference in quality). Leatherman does not suffer from quality issues, 25 years of guarantee is backed by a company, not one guy (nothing personal, just saying he obvious) and it is not already exactly cheap stuff. I wonder what it would take for Magnus to come up with something like Charge TTI [my multitool of choice] that would not cost more by order of magnitude.

      • Adam says:

        With respect, I completely disagree. There are a number of high-end, small scale producers of tools, gadgets and knives out there, of equal quality to anything mass produced and of infinite better design. Cogent is one of them (or frankly why are you commenting here?).

    • I like the idea of this …and something I have toyed with on and off.

      I agree completely. Leatherman produce something like 15,000 pieces per day from what I understand – so there is no way to compete with them on price.

  • TRT says:

    Something with gauges might be useful. Like a screw gauge, wire gauge or a feeler gauge. I’d be afraid of using my expensive titanium tool for anything torquey.

  • Brad says:

    Wrenches in both imperial and metric. A pry bar, flat head screwdriver and nail puller could all be rolled into 1 part of the tool. Phillips would be nice, and maybe a pocket clip, if it can be integrated well.

  • Ed says:

    A bottle opener is most important. Add a pry bar and/or flat screw driver. Must be small, pocketable without a sharp point to tear pants. Of the sketches above, 2nd and 3rd are best, 1st is a non-starter. Keep it simple. I like the “doohickey” and a titanium better version would be a worthwhile upgrade.

  • Marina says:

    — Flat-Head Screwdriver
    — Philips-Head Screwdriver
    — Scissors
    — Carabiner clipping function
    — Blade
    2 inches

  • Scott says:

    Focus on anything else. Multitools do nothing well, are too bulky to carry and end up in junk drawers.

  • Steve says:

    Does the world really need another bottle opener? Beer has been twist-capped for decades. What nobody has done is a combination fly swat, back scratcher, shoe horn, comb, espresso spoon, nostril hair trimmer and a little pointy thing to get sim cards out of iPhones. NOW we’re talkin’

    Sorry. You asked this question on Friday night.

    • ha-haa… I scared to think of the cost to produce a flyswat-backscratcher-shoehorn-comb-spoon-hairtrimmer in titanium. 🙂

      Also, out of interest, most beer bottles here in New Zealand are non-twist.

      • Kienan says:

        I rarely run across a twist cap bottle and I wouldn’t mind if a bottle opener were incorporated into everything I owned. Not that it would make or break any deals but once in awhile it might.

  • Dixon J Johnson says:

    — Flat-Head Screwdriver
    — Philips-Head Screwdriver
    — Scissors
    — Carabiner clipping function
    — Blade
    3 inches

  • Lucas Hipkins says:


    — Blade To open boxes (this would be a dull blade …nothing sharp)

    — Bottle Opener

    — Metric Wrench

    — Prybar function

    — Flat-Head Screwdriver

    — Philips-Head Screwdriver

    Thanks so much, I’m so excited to finally see this happen.

  • Lucas Hipkins says:

    Oh, and a finger hole like on the Scalper. That is also a MUST!

  • Kevin says:

    I would really like to see you make a tool with a retracting Stanley-type razor blade. (Maybe even magnet-retracting to simplify manufacture.) Phillips and flathead-prybar are 100% necessary as well. Flat pocket clip to keep it located. Available in lefty might be nice too.

  • Chris says:

    I think you are on the right track. Instead of screwdriver, make it a bitholder and we can get our own bits. Knife, bottle opener, punch, ti tweezer ( you could make the just released fit , right?) pliers needlenose or other, ti mini removable toothpick, I like the jigsaw blade idea, belt/ strap cutter. I personally don’t use ,ore than these items and would like a tool with the above in it. This is one product I am excited to see get Made. Now, if it gets over 300 us, this light be a non starter……

  • Srin says:

    I like the idea James mentioned above. Give people 6-8 options to choose from, and a max of 3-4 tools to be chosen. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t work here. Some need a bottle opener every waking hour, some don’t. The people get what they want, and they can always buy extra tools to swap out their earlier choices with. Then, everyone’s in the Goldilocks zone; everything’s just right.

  • William says:

    Bottle openers are a dime a dozen.

    A can opener would be much more interesting. It doesn’t even have to be a multitool, just something better than a P-38 or P-51 (although that’s a pretty high standard).

  • Paul says:

    I see your points Miroslav, but Magnus has a track record for meeting demand and producing increasingly complex devices. I think he now has the resources to leverage out production. Also, the multi tool, broken down to individual parts, is fairly simple with water jet cutting and computerized production. Eliminating manually prepared parts greatly simplifies things I suspect. The locking features, etc… might be a problem, but I’m sure Magnus could handle it.

    And let’s not forget that leatherman started with one man and a dream, and a frustration with the victorinox Swiss Army knife. Anyway if there were a titanium charge tti made to Cogent standards it’s probably better than the tti in my pocket right now and if I can I’d buy it!



  • Paul says:

    +1 on bit holder concept above. Also, leatherman already has a great bit set so if you can make a holder for their bits (intellectual property issue?) that would be great and would fit in your knife/multi tool better. Also, I would recommend the smaller side for the tool – 2-3″ if possible. Comfortable on a keychain.

  • Enrique says:

    I would really like to get an improved version of your Swiss-Army-Knife-like multi-tool.
    Around 4” is fine (like most SAKs) for pockets.
    Make it configurable/modular. User chooses from a tool bank.
    I would add screwdrivers/prybar/nail-puller function at the tips of the wrenches.
    Holes in the scales in order to fit hex-bits and the like (separate hex-bit holder as it gives you flexibility of where/how to carry holder and multi-tool).
    Keychain capability (or add a small carabiner to the scales).
    A decent blade and a duller one (i.e., blade ready; depending on where you are you may or may not be able to carry the sharp one but still may need the duller one to help open boxes).
    Bottle/can opener with other functions is always good.

    I think you could leave out the cheese slicer and the salt shaker on this one! 😉

  • CC says:

    What are the shapes & sizes of items needed to get one out of a jam…? Something simple but elegant and real-world functional. 4″ is likely the minimum, because without leverage, a ‘multi-tool’ becomes essentially a fancy trinket.

    This project will take thought, but ~could~ be worth it in the end if executed wisely.

  • Sylvia Farrat says:

    Still waiting on a titanium chap stick holder….

  • Eric says:

    I find most of these so-called multi-tools too small and often too thin. Too small and it is difficult to get enough torque, too thin and they are uncomfortable to hold.

    I have a couple, the only thing they get used for are opening beer bottles. They work quite well for that.

    Make a real tool like the Leatherman’s or Gerber’s multi-tool.

    Good luck in whatever you do!

  • Robert Ferguson says:


    I would like to have a 2″ – 3″ diamond file/pry bar/box opener/flat-head screwdriver combination. It should be easy for you to produce. Beveled edges also, please.

  • ApePex says:

    Interchangable tools but the base is pliers with removable wire cutters. I don’t like the many basic tools incorporated in all multitools, I like to have the option of adding tools I can use. TSA friendly with removable razor blade as my main blade, file (heavy duty), saw, knife sharpener, magnet, fire starter, pry bar, basic screw drivers, razor blade holder, and marlin spike. The list goes on but having the option (s) of switching tools is important. I love my wave but not TSA friendly.

  • Kevin says:

    Micro screwdriver(s), razor blade

  • AZBobSteele says:

    Best multi tool on the market right now is the Leatherman Skeletool CX. Make a Titanium version of that.

    • ERIC says:

      My main beef with Leatherman is that they cannot be opened one-handed.

      I’d like to see a multi-tool designed specifically for fishers.

      It would need:
      Serrated knife blade
      File – for all those hooks
      Scissors (serrated) would be handy
      Small flat and phillps
      Fish hook remover
      Most of the available ones are cumbersome. One that could break down into one or more pieces would be great.
      Scale, imperial and metric
      Hook remover for people.
      Awl or punch to clean our hooks eyes
      Knot tying aid
      Combination pliers and wire cutters

      Best wishes,

  • Kienan Maxfield says:

    If you make a wrench then how about two versions, a metric and an Imperial? Or is it possible to make one that is a hybrid that’ll do both?

  • Michael says:

    Personally, I’ve never been a fan of multi tools. I don’t own one and yours would have to be truly exceptional for me to buy it. The reason is that it’s nothing more than a series of compromises. A multi tool is a jack of all trades but master of none. It is a good “last resort” tool and, I suppose, adequate for those individuals who perhaps don’t have quality and specific stand alone tools. In a pinch, it will do, but nothing more.

    For these reasons, I’m surprised you’re even considering it, given your mantra of simple, elegant, functional, “to impossibly high standards” raison d’etre.

  • menj says:

    Bottle Opener, Imperial/Metric Wrench, Prybar, Flat-Head / Philips-Head Screwdriver and Hex-Bit Holder

  • Nathan says:

    I wouldn’t use a pocket tool like what you’ve discribed. But something like a leatherman I carry and use daily… Just my thoughts…

  • AdManTheLabRat says:

    1. Ti – Nail File
    2. Ti/CF – Nail File
    3. Ti/CF – Retractable Shoe Horn
    4. Ti/CF – COMBO: Nail File / Retractable Shoe Horn

    I have two TItanium Multi Tool key chains already collecting dust (Boker & EDC Pocket Tool) and after 5 years have yet to ever use either one, I stopped carrying them after about two years.

    I just Googled images of Ti Multi tools and there are a variety of flavors to pick and choose from.

    I will support you when I can, how I can…
    (This will have to be Morale Support >>-> Go Magnus Go!)

    With the exception of an improved P-38, I am out and will defer to the group, right after one last plea for:

    1. Ti – Nail File
    2. Ti/CF – Nail File
    3. Ti/CF – Retractable Shoe Horn
    4. Ti/CF – COMBO: Nail File / Retractable Shoe Horn
    5. Ti P-38 (New & Improved by Magnus)

    GO MAGNUS !!! >>-> GO MAGNUS !!! >>-> GO MAGNUS !!!

  • Tully says:

    I’d like a Mr Pry with a bottle opener.

  • William Schinella says:

    I think 4″ is just right and making it simple to figure out the uses on what ever you decide to include. go for it!

  • Michael says:

    It absolutely needs to have a philips head #2 is the most common and useful

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