NEW Titanium Storage Cache And CNC Knifemaking

​A couple of topics to cover today...

​First up is some shameless promotion of the NEW TiVault Titanium Storage Cache (actually, it's not that shameless ...because they've been selling REALLY well - which is kinda cool).

NEW TiVault (Just 36 Hours LEFT!)

​If you've not grabbed your TiVault yet, then THIS is the time to do it (I'll likely only send out one more reminder after this ...and then it won't be available until next year sometime - if at all!).

Here's what I'm talking about:

​I won't go into details here because I've written a whole ton of stuff about it here.

​CNC Knifemaking

We've got some pretty cool knife stuff coming up over the next few weeks.

​Kicking it off is some CNC hard-milling of blades (I'll warn you now... it's not pretty to look at right now - but we're figuring the process out :-D).

First we start off with water-jet cut blanks:

​Next we heat-treated it (I never took the time to seal the foil bags properly that's why they look so heat-affected):

​Here's some of the milling progress on the Horizontal CNC Machine:

​Here's an example of the finish (purposely leaving lines in there to then take them out later):

So, yeah, this is the "ugly work" behind making a high-end flipper knife. 🙂

...and I think that's all I have for you today.

  • Vincent says:

    Hey Magnus, any progress update on the folding tweezers?

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