NEW Titanium Tweezers Prototype…

I’m feeling guilty!

I can’t even remember the last time I did a blog post for you.

So, to make up for it, I’m going to reveal to you a prototype I’m knee-deep with right now. Preferably don’t share this page with anyone just now (keep it between you and me).

I’d love your input (comments below if you like) on this design and perhaps anything you’d like to see changed or added or taken away.

Disclaimer: This is still a reasonably early prototype – but you should get the idea of what I’m doing.

The prototype is for fully-titanium fold-out tweezers. The “tweezer” part is not in the screenshot below – just the “case” for them. But it should give you an idea of what I’m aiming for.

Oh, and one last thing…

These are extremely compact at around 50mm (less than 2″). And, well, I have a sneaky suspicion they are going to be pretty damn popular.





  • Grant wray says:

    My main reason for purchasing your tweezers is to go in a new light weight wash kit for backpackers. I’d like to keep the tweezers in a screw top test tube so they don’t snag the mesh in the roll I’m making. I’ve also ordered a titanium comb for the kit. For your CAD I would say perforations should leave a smooth edge not crenelated as shown. Hope that helps. Oh, and what about say part filling the test tube with alcohol? Ready sterilised for splinter or sting removal. Would that affect the metal to be stored that way?

    • Yeah, the edges would be beveled (I’m not that great at 3D design and still figuring out how to do beveling on there :-D).

      Hmmm, I had not thought as far as creating a container to hold alcohol. That is a great idea. Perhaps a small version of a PillPot would work for that!

  • Reiner says:

    The sheath with the grip drilled into the outer surface would be the pick. You last set of tweezers are great but do tend to roll in my fingers while trying to use them, they need to be a bit wider or deeper indented at the pinch point so the don’t roll will digging out thorns… And I do frequently. If these tweezers had a digging spike or fine spear blade as found in a surgical tweezers set, they would be ideal… Though it might limit portability on airlines and what not.

  • Hmm, intriguing. I have some of your tweezers, and while they work great, they have a tendency to suddenly twist 90 degrees in my fingers when I close them. Even though you haven’t shown us the tweezer part yet, I imagine this design won’t have that problem.

    Also, I have one of your small tweezers on my keychain. It’s an awfully sharp object for a keychain though, and I do worry sometimes about the possiblity of stabbing myself on it.

    • Keith Day says:

      “…they have a tendency to suddenly twist 90 degrees in my fingers when I close them.”

      So, I’m not the only one this happens to. I thought it was just me.

      • Mark says:

        Me too. Got them yesterday and they weren’t as thick or substantial as the picture showed. The ends are great but if they’d been just a bit thicker, I’d be much happier.

    • Mauricio Sgurrra says:

      To avoid twisting, press the tweezers using the tip of your thumb and the first joint of your index finger, and not its tip.

      • Chohye says:

        The twisting happens to me too. Would be great if the new design solved that problem without requiring a grip that’s hard to use in certain situations.

    • Yeah, the potential for stabbing yourself is part of the reason for these new tweezers. But, to be fair, I have never done this while carrying the MiniTweezers around.

      Will reply to the “rolling” of the tweezers below…

  • Michiel says:

    Oh, yes!

  • Tina_G says:

    LOVE the “holes” version!

  • Robert says:

    Would they stay open / closed by friction or some type of locking mechanism?

    • I’m still at the prototype stage and so the aim is for just friction to hold them in. I’m confident this will work well.

      But, should it not, then I’ll create some sort of locking mechanism (this is a very easy thing to solve).

  • Robert says:

    It would be great if it could also incorporate a cutter similar to fingernail clippers. It would be HUGE for us fly fisherman who always have fingernail clippers (aka nippers) on a chain around our neck. I go through 6 pairs a year because they rust and break but a nice set of titanium ones would be something to hold onto forever.

  • Josh says:

    I’m very interested in this! Put me on the list for this (and for the titanium GoPro Tripod that you know you want to make!).

  • Nathan says:

    It looks great! I will definitely get one when they come out. However, I’m not a big fan of the mesh look.

  • Joe w says:

    Looking forward to the prototype, these could be quite useful and not to “samey” as the others

  • Curby says:

    Two things: is this a hinged design where the tweezers themselves pivot out from a shell? I’ve been looking for a titanium version of for a long time (I’m not affiliated with them … but their design is neat).

    Also, as others have said the existing designs are great, but a little too fiddly. They have to be gripped just right in order to maintain their orientation between your fingers. I’d actually be quite happy with something like the existing design, but with wider finger grip regions to prevent the twisting that myself and others are seeing. Anything you can do in this new version to avoid that would be great.

    • Thank you for your comment Curby. Yeah, have seen these tweezers before. They are cool – but not something I would personally carry (this is why I feel the need to make my own ones. The “perfect” tweezers).

  • inacio says:

    I am agreeable to having a housing for your well designed tweezers. Keep the housing with flats sides (maybe with some grooves as with your current tweezers to give a grip as well as having some aesthetic appeal) – no holes please which can accumulate dust and dirt. Put you mark on this with a simple laser design etched on the sides such as your signature, Māori artwork, outline of New Zealand famous sights/icons, etc..

  • Stan Teate says:

    The fold out tweezers are a great idea and addition to your already impressive list of products. Grooves or stipling, anything to increase grip would be a plus. I’m in.

  • Dave A says:

    Looks good but seems like a lot of extra metal to carry around.

  • Regarding the “rolling” of the Mini-Tweezers…

    Man, I had no idea. I had done tons of testing and I still use these tweezers (as well as the larger ones) whenever I get a splinter (usually titanium!) or such.

    I had never felt any sort of “rolling” or twisting when using them.

    But for sure it’s happening and it’s quite bothersome to hear that they’re not working well for some people. I am very sorry about that.

    If they are bad enough (I’m assuming the issue is perhaps not that bad as I have not had anyone ask for a refund) then please get in contact with me and I’ll do what I can to sort it out for you.

    I will add…

    These new Titanium Tweezers (which should hopefully be ready in the next two to three weeks) will definitely not have this problem!

  • Bob Lukach says:

    I think your tweezers case design is great, especially with the holes. I assume the tweezers will pivot in/out of the case on the hole at end of tweezers? Some type of friction fit or a mechanism like a Swiss Army knife would be fine. Maybe even incorporate a tool of two on the case itself, as in said SW knife? I thing you have opened another titanium can of worms with this newest project Magnus! That’s the fun of it. Whatever you decide, I’m all in.

  • Robert says:

    Probably too late to get in on this discussion, but wanted to weigh in anyway. I recently purchased both of your titanium sweezers and also experienced the rolling effect, when I hold them in a certain way.
    I worked in the medical field for 36 years, including 25 years in the operating room and I am always very interested in these types of instruments. Based on my experience, I suggest you consider designing the tip to be more narrow, make the body wider, for better gripping, and get away from the slanted tip end. The business end could even be a little round. This allows for a clearer view of the tweezer end and what it is trying to grasp, which is very important. The other thing, which separates good from great, is attaching very thin inserts onto the interior tweezer tips, which provide a much better gripping surface. The best are designed, so the insert grooves seat into the tiny grooves of the other, when they are closed, especially at the very distal tip. This creates an excellent grasping and gripping surface which greatly exceeds that of smooth tweeters. It is also a much more difficult build, because of the precision needed. Small does matter. It you could pull this off with titanium, that would be great.

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