*NEW* Videos (and they’re UGLY!)

I have two things for you today…


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It’s about videos.

Maybe you’re not aware of this, but…

I’ve been recording and uploading a lot of videos recently (pretty much one a day for the last few weeks).

Now, truthfully, they’re not very good.

Actually, if I’m honest ….most of them I think are awful (compared to what I’d like them to be). But that’s okay – because I’m just starting out making these videos.

Eventually I’ll start figuring out what YOU want in a video from me (hopefully from no-holds-barred, open and honest feedback :-D).

In the meantime – here are some of the “less bad” videos I’ve done recently…


A fun video showing what goes on “behind closed doors” here (no talking in this video – just music):


The problems I’m currently having prototyping a knife (oh, and I find a random dog too!)


What I do on the weekend… (and some deep analysis of my childhood!):


Doing the “impossible” (titanium wallet and a new workshop!):



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  • Adam says:


    You are doing so well (#35!), you will find your formula and your perfect knife (it may be that one eternally stuck in as a ‘someday soon idea’ your head) It will work out fine, it always does.

    New Zealand is a beautiful land and makes a great backdrop for each video slice of Magnus’s life.

    Stay Motivated!

  • William Schinella says:

    I am waiting to see the knife finished, I think I will want one!

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