Pens, Machines, Knives and Carabiners…

So, what's been happening here at Magnus "HQ"?


In the last blog post you may remember I showed you photos of the NEW cnc machine arriving. Well, I've been running the machine every day and it's going really well (which is somewhat surprising because it's a big step up from the previous machine).

I've been working on the CandyCans™ for fulfilling the Kickstarter project (over 900+ of them!).

Here's the 12mm (1/2") Titanium sheet straight from the heat treating and water-jet cutting process:

And here are the individual parts sanded and ready to be put on the fixtures for milling:

​Here's the new fixture I made for the ​CandyCans™​ (with some freshly milled parts on them):

​Finally the first parts coming off the new machine...

​This machine is not only is faster than the old one ...but the quality of the parts coming off is a massive step-up as well!

15 Titanium "Click" Pens (That's All I Have Left!)

​We're not going to be able to make any Titanium "Click" Pens for a few months (perhaps even until October) - ​we've literally only got 15 of them available right now.

We've been out of stock for a few weeks and had lots of requests to make more. Sorry that there is only 15 available - they will sell out fast. Click here to grab yours right now.

CRAZY Carabiners!

​I launched these McDangle "Mini" Carabiners last week...

They have been incredibly popular if I'm honest with you (which makes sense as I received many, MANY requests for these smaller versions).

​Actually, the other reason they are popular is because there is a special "Double Down" deal on the order page - CLICK HERE to check it out.

​Flixx™ Knife Progress

​It's been a while since I talked about the Flixx™ Friction-Folder Knife...

Progress has been slow and frustrating - but we have finally cracked it!

There have been many problems over the months ...but the most recent problem was ​trying to get good result on the surface of the blade (the main bevel).

In a recent post (around 5 weeks ago) I showed a knife-grinding jig I made. That jig has worked out VERY well and we (and by "we" I actually mean Nathan) have been using that jig to finish the blades.

​With the grinding working ...the next "issue" was the sharpening process. We had a process but it took a long time (up to half an hour in some cases) ...and some of the blades did not come out as razor-sharp as we wanted.

​We finally figured out a process -- which I may go into in another post -- that is reliable and results in every knife being wicked sharp!

We actually ​bought a NEW knife grinder from Bulgaria (yeah, Bulgaria right?) - this one here:

​This grinder seemed to be the best one I could find (we looked at pretty much every one on the market). It is very good for sure.

​I would have liked for it to come with a reverse so I could have the belt going in the opposite direction - so I had to have my electrician install that later.

​There were a few other little design things that could be better - but, overall, this still seems like the best out there (the customer service from Simeon at Claryx was great ...very prompt in answering emails).

So, yeah, this has been a huge help in getting these knives shipped:

​And I think that's all I have for you today 🙂

  • Sebastian O says:


    Interesting is, recently you sold a Flixx, although your KS Backers haven’t been delivered yet!

    Amazing is, I am Backer no. 7 and have received nothing so far! So it doesn’t matter if i support your KS projects from the beginning or at the end. I find it sad that I have already left so much money with you and no project was even close to the time frame. This is also 5 months ahead of schedule. You start too many new projects before you finish the old ones. I’m sorry that I was so honest now, but it just annoys me.

    A not so happy customer anymore,

    • Magnus says:

      I am sorry Sebastian for your terrible experience. I honestly have no excuses – you are absolutely on point.

      The Flixx project is late and communication has not been great from me. You are also correct with starting projects without finishing others (I am starting to see the downsides to this).

      We have sold some Flixx on the website – but they are pre-order for people who missed the Kickstarter project (and won’t ship until the Kickstarter Rewards have been shipped).

      Also, with regards to shipping, in the past we have shipped all Rewards at once (almost on the same day) – but this is the first time we have “drip-fed” the shipping as knives comes out of production. I’ve not done the shipping so I’m not sure how they are being shipped – but by the sounds of it it’s not in the order pledges were made (I think it may be one Reward level at a time).

      In saying that… I spoke to Sky (who does shipping) and she said your Flixx will be shipping out tomorrow morning. So you should received it at the start of this coming week.

      To paraphrase my own phrase …I’m sorry for your impossibly bad experience with this Flixx project Sebastian. I do appreciate you taking the time to provide your thoughts and your experience – I will (hopefully) learn from this! Thank you Sebastian.

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