Polished Titanium After 13 Months…

Around 13 months ago

I polished a titanium prototype.

And then I tied it to a bit of cord outside my house to see how the sun, rain and salt air (I live next to the beach) would affect it.

You want to know what happened to it?

Okay – I’ll tell you… … …nothing!

That’s right… Nowt. Nada. Diddly-squat.

A few minutes ago I took this photo:




The photo isn’t great – but, trust me, this titanium piece looks exactly the same as it did 13 months ago when I gave it the initial polish.

I find this incredible.

In fact, take a look at the purple cord in the photo… it’s faded with being outside in the sun.

A long time ago I anticipated that I might offer you polished titanium products.

Unfortunately I still haven’t figured out a way to feasibly do it.

But, the great news is…

When I DO find a way to do it …then you know it’s going to keep the polish …and I find this pretty darn cool. ūüôā

  • Bob Lukach says:

    Titanium–the miracle metal! Way cool Magnus!

  • Joe w says:

    Just shows you the special qualities titanium has. Nice test Magnus.

  • British says:

    Actually, I like it raw.

    Er… I mean, *not* polished.
    Tumbled is nice.

  • John says:

    so Magnus,

    What is the name of this cool tool? it looks like a multifunction tool with built in edc hanger….

    polishing Ti seems more durable than anodizing Ti….I hope you offer some of your creations with
    the polished Ti option…

    thank you


  • Nate says:

    Get a bench grinder with a polishing wheel on one side and a dremel to finish up the the hard to reach areas.

  • William says:

    Amazing! I just don’t understand how it does not oxidise hence retaining its polish?

    Hope you can find a viable method of polishing as I’m very interested in polished Ti products especially with some of your existing products on your website?

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