SeaHorse™ Polished Titanium Carabiner *Only 8 Made*

You’ll probably remember the SeaHorse™ prototype I talked about here

Well, after a ton of grinding and an unreal amount of polishing – I’ve managed to finally get some made for you.

Disclaimer: I almost certainly am not going to be making these polished versions again (the amount of work required is obscene!)

Laying them out for the photos and looking at them — and the amount of work that went into them — I’m so tempted to just keep them.

But, hey, you gave me a ton of great feedback when I introduced the SeaHorse™ …so I feel somewhat obliged to let you have access to them.

Let’s take a look:


SeaHorse Titanium Carabiner

SeaHorse Titanium Carabiner

SeaHorse Titanium Carabiner

SeaHorse Titanium Carabiner

SeaHorse Titanium Carabiner


Here’s the deal:

There are only eight and, like I said, it’s highly unlikely I’m ever going to produce this polished version again.

I think you’re getting the most unique product I’ve made yet – well, it’s certainly the most exclusive that’s for damn sure!

The crazy thing is – I probably need to be selling these up in the $150 to $200 area for the work that’s gone in to them.. But hey, I’m a nice guy, so these 8 pieces are not going to be anywhere near that.

Not only that, but…

You’re also going to get FREE shipping anywhere in the world.

These will sell out very fast – so you’re probably going to see the “SOLD OUT” link below by the time you get to it.

I’m really sorry if this is the case – I just don’t have the time to make any more right now.

If you want access to this unique, one-of-a-kind SeaHorse™ – then order by clicking the link below right now:



Now, if you miss this polished version, I have some good news…

I will be offering a Matte finish version of the SeaHorse™ very soon (maybe even tomorrow as I still have some work to do on them).

Again, there are fairly limited numbers on the Matte finish SeaHorse™, as they require a decent amount of hand-grinding and finishing.

So, as usual, keep an eye out for emails from me for the Matte finish SeaHorse™.

  • Thom says:

    Feeling pretty lucky, I managed to snag two! Thanks for making them available.

  • Andrew says:

    Just bought one of the 8 🙂

    Looking forward to receiving it and if it’s as good as the ViperFish2 i’ll be very happy.

    Keep up the good work!

  • David Smith says:

    I’m going to pass and hopefully you will do a stone wash finish. Polish isn’t my thing I’m afraid. But I’ll buy at least 2 if you do then not polished

  • Don says:

    another version , but larger ??

  • B Alan Eisen says:

    Once again, I missed out. I am getting used to this.

  • Joe w says:

    Bah humbug! Please sir can I have some more? I too would like a non-polished version

  • Shaun Cruz says:

    Missed out :(. I have to check all my emails more regularly.

  • David says:

    I second a larger version but not polished. Around twice the size. Also you have to start selling those split rings they are awesome.

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