Secret Titanium Project

Okay, here’s the dealio…

I have a request of you today (yes, a big old shameless favour!)

I’m helping my friend Warren put together his second Kickstarter project right now (his first was the Titanium Cheese Slicer which I’m sure you remember :-D). It’s going to be launching around 24 hours from now.

How to structure the Rewards for this Kickstarter project is proving tricky indeed.

Here’s what I’m going to do:

I’m going to show you what the project is …and then I’ll ask you what YOUR ideal Reward would be. Cool?

Okay, so the project is for some damn cool Titanium Beads. Warren made two (yes, just two) of these beads just over a year ago. One for each of his daughters who were leaving to go to university.

These beads were a real hit (with his daughters and their friends). And so it’s sort of inevitable (with me whispering in his ear about the wonders of Kickstarter :-P) that he would offer them to a wider audience.

This project is now *LIVE* – Click Here

Here’s some “sneak preview” photos…





The titanium beads are spherical with a 5mm hole through the center and the surface finish is done my your truly (of course it is! :-D). The finish on these is a mind-boggling mirror-like luster. We put so much time and energy into getting this finish it isn’t even funny.


The other part of this project is the titanium “spacer” beads (you can see these on either side of the bead in the last photo above). These are like a “cup” to the round beads and look great when you have a “spacer” in between every bead.

The titanium beads will be made for the project and the following designs will be available:

Individual Characters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Individual Numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Four Different Symbols: “Flower”, “Heart”, “Infinity”, “Star”

The project is just for the beads and spacers (no bracelets or necklaces or such).

Let’s get down to business…

My question to you is: If you were going to pledge for these, what would you pledge for? (i.e. just round beads… or round beads and spacers …how many …etc.)

Thank you, in advance, from the very bottom of my heart. 🙂


  • Mike McArthur says:

    4 beads three spacers. Do they have end pieces?

  • David A Katz says:

    Definitely beads and spacers. I would offer the beads with spacers in between each or no spacers in between and one on each end. I would consider an end spacer that is more conical in shape (getting narrower as it moves away from the bead). I would also consider offering some type of leather rawhide strap (at least as an add-on).

  • Erik says:

    4 beads 3 spacers, or 5 beads 4 spacers

    Create some flexibility, since it is new.

  • Jonathan King says:

    Round beads and spacers. They look great. If you want to take it a step further the spacers should be bi-concave. Superb!

  • Bent says:

    3 beads and 2 spacers
    Looks very cool
    I would probably use a leather cord

  • Tammy says:

    3 beads 2 spacers
    4 beads 3 spacers
    6 beads 5 spacers
    8 beads 7 spacers
    14 beads 14 spacers
    2 beads or 4 spacers

  • Eric Puleo says:

    Likely 6 beads and 4 spacers, but it would be combinations of beads from each of the groups/types indicated.

  • Bud says:

    4 beads 3 spacers
    3 beads 2 spacers
    6 beads 5 spacers
    8 beads 7 spacers

  • rafael says:

    1 bead

    2 beads

    5 beads

    10 beads

    20 beads

    2 spacers

    3 spacers

    6 spacers

    11 spacers

    21 spacers

    With price per bead decreasing with total order size.

  • Rick Herald says:

    10 beads and 5 spacers.

  • nargalzius says:

    Jesus, Magnus; you’re going to make me spend again! 😛

    I’d go for 6 beads (3 for initials, another 3 for symbols in case I want to mix/match. And 3 spacers probably.

    But either way I suggest you go via Backerkit at the end of the campaign so people can just add more of any and pay accordingly 🙂

  • Florian Ladwig says:

    Probably 3-4 beads, obviously depends on the price, if it is right maybe more.

  • Amro says:

    I’d like to make a rosary with them.

  • Doug says:

    Have to agree with the above 4 beads and 3 spacers.

  • Ollie (Enemy) says:

    Not sure if the amount of Kickstarter rewards are limited but it would be nice to see;

    3 beads
    3 beads, 2 spacers
    4 beads
    4 beads, 3 spacers
    5 beads
    5 beads, 4 spacers

    To cater for people who want/don’t want spacers.

  • Rick says:

    I would make gift(s).
    Buy beads that make something personal for friends.
    Maybe names, Zodiac, Dates…

  • Dan says:

    10 beads
    10 soacers


  • Ruin says:

    4 beads, 5 spacers

  • Bent says:

    3beads and 2 spacers

  • Anthony says:

    4 beads 3 spacers
    5 beads 4 spacers
    6 beads 5 spacers

  • Jacob says:

    I agree with Doug, 4 beads and 3 spacers. You throw in a skull symbol for engraving and I’m there.

  • Tatiana says:

    I will go with 4 beads and 2-3 spacers like most.

  • Karl Yurko says:

    5 beads and 6 spacers

  • theodore navaretnam says:

    8 beads + 2 spacers
    8 beads + 2 spacers
    4 star beads +8 spacers
    2 beads + 2 spacers (4 sets)

    *consider making letters horizontal and vertical

  • Jason says:

    3 beads, 2 spacers

  • Jason says:

    …and my spacers would be used at each end, not between

  • Jerry Welch says:

    3 beads, 2 spacers

  • Robert says:

    5 beads and 4 spacers

  • Jose says:

    I’d also include pledge levels without spacers.
    3 beads
    5 beads
    10 beads
    20 beads

    3 beads and 2 spacers
    5 beads and 4 spacers
    10 beads and 9 spacers
    20 beads and 19 spacers

  • Phil says:

    I would probably buy a lot of these. You could do a “promo” for the spacers. Buy “x” amount of beads = get “x” amount of spacers “free”.

    Of course they’re not free…jack up the price of the bead to cover the cost, and people feel like they’ve gotten a deal.

  • John Luker says:

    14B 13S

    What is the diameter of the bead?

  • Din says:

    Not sure this would help. But do you plan to anodize the bead? I think it’d gain more attention, especially from the knife enthusiasts if you could somehow make the bead look awesome with a knife.

  • Scotty Henderson says:

    I would pledge for 5 beads and 2 spacers.
    I would recommend that if you purchase x amount of beads you get a free spacer as a promo.

  • Neale Fetterly says:

    1 bead, no spacers, $dd, additional beads…

    1 bead, 2 spacers $xx price,
    Additional $xy for 1 bead / 1 spacer

  • Stan Teate says:

    Used as a noose for coat zipper pull.

  • Myk says:

    Mmmmmmm, that is a conundrum – I’d therefore try and keep the solution simple

    Depends on how you like your beads/spacers! Do you like your beads to enclose the spacers or your beads to be enclosed by the spacers – ultimately that is personal preference so I’d tend towards formulaic as opposed to prescriptive

    e.g. Rewards for beads only ($x/bead) with number off spacers required as add-ons ($y/spacer)

    As opposed to the tables above

  • Magnus says:

    4 beads 3 spacers
    6 beads 5 spacers

  • Balder Lingegård says:

    Why not a voucher system? Set up a webshop (or use backerkit) and be non-specific about each reward. That way, it’s only interesting how much people back for.

  • Rigel says:

    If you could perform some sort of analysis of the most popular inspirational words like:

    Live, Laugh, Love, Smile, Believe, etc…

    Then perhaps you could get a good idea where the sweet spot is. The sweet spot should include beads of those letters and spacers (and consequently give an idea of what letters might be most popular, as well).

    I suppose the same could be done for names as well (this type of analysis may already be available somewhere considering how many personal named items you can find at a gift store).

    At any rate, personally, my daughter’s names are 5 and 7 letters, my wife loves the word “BELIEVE”, also 7 letters. Based on that, maybe 6 beads with 5 spacers is a good option, with singles of each also an option.

    Hope that helps!

  • Murad Al sadah says:

    I’d take 4 or 6 beads and 2 spacers.
    I might double this pledge 🙂

  • Rockgranite says:

    5 beads and spacer

  • Howard says:

    I don’t have a formula but I would buy B is to make name bracelets. I would use spacers between the beads and on each end. I guess that means amount of letters for spacers plus one. I guess the average name is around six letters, I would try to keep the cost reasonable understanding that this is titanium and is expensive to begin with.
    I love The idea of making a baby bracelet for my grandson.

  • Vincent Goudreault says:

    Not wanting to sound like a grinch, but unless I can find a practical use for them — and I cannot at the moment; I do not count jewelry as a practical utilisation for a high performance engineering material — I would not get any. Other projets had in common the fact that titanium brought additional functional value and effectiveness (lightness, mechanical stiffness) to those devices. I cannot see a proper justification for those being made out of titanium.

  • Andy Jones says:

    Probably 5 beads and 4 spaers

  • Andy Jones says:

    Also just thought 13 beads and 12 spacers

  • Enrique says:

    Hi Magnus,
    I guess the answer would be price dependent.
    If they are $5 to $10 each, maybe some 20 beads and 8 spacers. Assuming (probably wrongly!) They were going for a few $/bead, maybe a pack of 100 beads and 30 spacers (1 of each of the 50 symbols, and the other 50 well chosen). I would like to see what a pack of, say 150 beads, 50 spacers costs.
    As for the use, from the inner diameter it looks like they could be used for many edc/paracord projects, Vincent.

  • Mike says:

    Price is conspicuously missing here, which is especially worrisome because titanium products often come at a price premium, and price premiums on high-end products are often only loosely related to competing/previous products. I mean I’d love something that says [I] [heart] [T] [I], but not if it’s $20/bead.

  • Michelle says:

    My first thought was, “What do I need titanium beads for?” and after seeing the photos, “Ooh, they look kinda neat.” But my personal attitude is more like Vincent’s and I doubt I’d buy any myself. Might appeal to a less tech-y, more “artsy” crowd that might be a different audience from the one you have at present. Either way, it’s hard to suggest how many beads/spacers without knowing approximate prices!
    I agree with Myk and suggest the option of $x/bead, with spacers as add-ons. That kind of flexibility is great: the ForeverSpin campaign that just closed on Kickstarter started letting people add on basically anything during the last phase, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who ended up paying more than I originally pledged as a result 🙂

  • Marina says:

    Infinity star and 3 spacers

  • Robert Ferguson says:

    I bought eight of Magnus’ TiBeads because of the designs. These Secret Titanium Beads pale in comparison to Magnus’ beads. I wouldn’t order any.

  • Darrell says:

    A possible addition to the mix, is an end “cap” (already mentioned above as an end spacer?).

    The cap would be a spacer that is curved on one side and flat on the other. This would be a visual thing, a feel thing by not having an exposed curved edge on the outside w/ no bead, and possibly to reduce crud building in the exposed concave area.

    Since the cap would be a separate thing, an email/survey would ask:
    1) What beads (letters, symbols) ($xx.00) – Many variations
    2) Number of spacers ($yy.00) – A simple count
    3) Number of caps. ($zz.01) – A simple count

    Adding a penny to the cost of the end caps would help track how many caps were ordered compared to the other parts, especially if the beads and spacers were sold in sets, and caps being ordered more a individual parts.

  • William B Schinella says:

    Yes I think that you would need spacer rings that you showed to kind of finish the line and the end cap idea could take these to a different level!
    I would like to see what the costs of them would be, but I am interested!

  • KarateMike says:

    Maybe have different levels of pledge
    *2 beads one spacer
    *3beads 2 spacers
    *just a bead or however many

  • CouchFunded says:

    Might be easiest to just put up 2 rewards, one bead, one bead and one spacer. Then people can multiply the amount of the pieces they want from there and add to the original pledge. Would be good to see a string of beads with spacers, as the above does not show that at all.

  • David says:

    3 beads 2 spacers
    4 beads 3 spacers
    6 beads 5 spacers
    8 beads 7 spacers
    14 beads 14 spacers
    2 beads or 4 spacers

    Agree with others on some of the more popular words and maybe a leather strip for a bracelet

  • DanielS says:

    Some more “masculine” options for design beads would be encouraged as well, something like lightning bolts or skull’s etc. Mabye even just a simple knurled design.

    As for the tier’s the above comments sound justified.

  • Raul Cabrera says:

    Considering that these seem to be more jewelry-oriented, definitively that cost of the beads/spacers will be the main factor on deciding whether to buy them or not.

  • Joe says:

    They look great, but I’m not interested.

  • Marc says:

    The only thing I use beads for is on lanyards to pimp out my knives, or for zipper pulls. The opening on these would need to be 3/16″ or 1/8″ to accommodate 350-550 paracord. Good luck.

  • Daniel McGill says:

    I think 3 beads + 2 spacers; I’d possibly go with the infinity bead and star

  • Jay Newburgh says:

    3 beads
    2 spacers

  • Robert says:

    2 Zodiac?
    3 alpha with no spacers

  • Chimera says:

    (x) beads and (x-1) spacers, plus two end-caps if those were a thing different from the basic spacers. I could see 3-bead-2-spacer and/or 4-bead-3-spacer packs being popular for monogram and monogram+symbol sets, respectively.

    Personally I would want to spell out my name (7 letters) with them, frivolous as some may find that to be, but being Scandinavian my name contains letters that don’t exist in the English alphabet, thus the current offerings don’t really work for me (no love for the ø? Or the å or æ?), though I could still do my nickname.

    Without knowing a rough price range for these, I can’t yet say if I would end up purchasing any. They are super pretty and I like them, but if it ends up being $15+ per bead, I would not be able to justify it.

  • Paul Rogers says:

    Yes please!!!

  • Steve Thompson says:

    As above comments I’m wondering if I would have a use for them. A nurled design option would be good. Depending on price I would consider
    4 beads
    3 spacers
    Good luck with the project

  • Toshi says:

    Personally, I love choices. Maybe have a reward where you can customize the amount of beads and spacer someone would want? For example; If there was a reward tier where I could choose 10 beads and 10 spacers or 10 beads and 9 spacers or 20 beads and 11 spacers I would much more tempted to become a backer. I know this creates more work for you, having to price every single bead and spacer individually for every order, but I am more inclined to invest in something if I can get exactly what I want in a single reward.

  • Lyndon says:

    Nice work but its jewellery. Knife lanyard beads need to be bigger, so no thanks. Good luck 🙂

  • Boris says:

    These are compatible with the popular Pandora beads so I’m sure it will be successful. I would say the 4beads and 3 spacers or 5beads and 4 spacers will be popular. Male customers would definitely go for the braided leather strap as the first choice as a form of Jewellery.
    The braided leather strap could be an added pledge if possible. Definitely worth considering.

  • Laurie Smith says:

    5 beads
    4 spacers at first

  • james says:

    I’d like to order some beads, 27 total, all w/ infinity design. how much will this cost? Thank you!~

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