“REVEALED: The “Secret” To Creativity (…and some INSIDER designs)”

The following is from an update I made on my very first Kickstarter project (The ViperFish)… (so it’s a little “out of date” …but I thought you might find it interesting)


I don’t consider myself a creative person.

I failed English TWICE in school. Can’t draw. Don’t even know how to hold a guitar.

I’m more of a numbers-and-mechanical-stuff kinda guy.

Having created the ViperFish (and a few other designs I’m working on – things that will absolutely blow-you-away …but I’ll talk to you more about that another day) I can’t deny that there is some creativity there.

After creating various designs over the last few months – some I thought were pretty darn cool. It got me wondering about where creativity comes from (particularly since I don’t consider myself a creative person).

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks

In a revelation one night it suddenly came to me where this “creativity” comes from – and it’s not where you think.

It’s not about coming up with something from scratch.

It’s not about calm-surroundings, running-in-the-woods type stuff… or surrounding yourself with painting and art.

It’s far simpler than that

It’s about THINKING. Yep, that’s it.

Looking around – seeing what’s already there and thinking and thinking and thinking some more about how it can be improved, changed, modified and bettered.

But get this

The “creativity” almost always comes to you when you’re NOT thinking about it (…but ONLY after you’ve been thinking about it for a while previously).

You’ve definitely experienced this for sure.

Think about a time when you’ve been in conversation with someone …and you’re talking about a product, person or something like that …but you just can’t remember the name.

It’s on the tip of your tongue

You feel like it’s about to jump out your mouth any second. It’s stressful and frustrating. You rack your brain trying to remember it.

Then you give up!

Then, later on …without a word of warning …BANG! The word (or name or whatever it was you were trying to recall) is in your head.

Seemingly out of nowhere. You weren’t even thinking about it. And, even more likely, you were doing some mundane task.

Well, that’s your subconscious working its magic for you. And, as far as I can tell, it’s the same thing with creativity. You rack your brain trying to re-design …improve …and advance ideas that are already out there.

And here’s the kicker

There are generally never any results at the time you’re thinking – but then you go for a walk …or cut the grass (I don’t do that – I just pay someone else to do it) …or do the dishes (got a dishwasher for that) …or some other mundane, un-stimulating task and it’s like your brain is presented with a “solution”.

It’s usually not a “magic pill” solution. But it takes you a little step closer to what you’re trying to achieve. It’s quite incredible.

I thought I would share this with you as this process is an intrinsic part of the design and functionality of the ViperFish.

I feel the ViperFish will mean more to you if you understand that it was the result of a long, drawn-out, winding and evolving path (and that’s just getting the design right – before any sleeves were rolled-up to start the prototyping process!).

Thanks for listening and I’ll talk to you tomorrow,


P.S. – I’ve included screenshot of a few designs I’ve been “evolving” recently. Disclaimer: please do not share with anyone else – it’s for YOU only… thank you. 🙂





  • This is pretty much totally spot on. As an academic myself, I know full well that breakthroughs hardly ever happen while you work on a problem, but without the work, they never happen. Or in the words of Louis Pasteur:

    In the fields of observation chance favours only the prepared mind.

    On calm surroundings, whether it’s running in the woods, taking a walk on the beach, or whatever, those are good places for inspiration to strike. But again, without the work (“preparing the mind”), it’s not going to.

    • Yeah – it’s quite an amazing thing. Years ago I wouldn’t have believed it – I would have kept thinking and thinking and thinking.

      But, it’s so undeniable (in my personal experience) that, well, it’s a big part of my coming-up-with-new-designs-and-solving-problems approach.

      Helps explain why many people get good ideas when taking a shower…

  • Joe w says:

    I like what Harald wrote. It sums up everything you talk about on this post. I often have ideas on ways to improve something at work. Unfortunately I have an employer who is not open to suggestions which may save them time, money or resources *sigh* . its a sad state of affairs that bugs me, so I share some of what you experienced in coming up with ideas and them not working etc.

    I remember reading your first post way back when haha so nice seeing it again.

    • Man, that’s not good – but I understand your frustration (only a little though)…

      At my I.T. job then the people “higher up” would buy/plan/want particular I.T. related things that just made no sense – and you just had to kinda go with it.

      Yeah, I had forgotten about that post – was just “digging around” in my old updates… 🙂

  • Danny says:

    I need a special perfect fit carabiner for my TiClaw.

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