The “making of” the Titanium Utility Knife

First up today, let's talk about the Titanium Utility Blade Knife...

I showed you a prototype for this around a month or so ago. I did a ton of work on it back then ...and then dropped it for a while because it was proving tricky (and, in addition, I had other projects that needed attention).

​Have just recently started working on the knife again - and, man, has it been just as tricky as when I left it.

​I've started filming the process. Here's the first video​ of the "making of" the Titanium Utility Blade Knife (although, its not just the making of's the concept, development, testing, etc.):

​Like I mentioned above...

This utility blade knife is proving fairly tricky to make - but is coming along (the video above is a few days old).

Spinners (found a few while tidying up!)

​We did a little tidy-up in the product area and found a few titanium spinners.

​The top two are the Hubris™ spinner ...and the bottom two are the Ego™ spinner.

​These will sell in the blink-of-an-eye (I get asked to re-make spinners  a lot but don't really have any plans to make any more) and so when they are gone ...they are gone. Sorry.

Black Titanium Pens

​Just as with the spinners above ...we found a handful of Black Titanium Capped Pens during the same tidy up...

​I honestly don't know why or how we have these - they were part of a Kickstarter project from last year. Perhaps we made extra and just forgot about them - not sure.

​I don't have a long sales-page with all the details - but you can order directly below (and, if you want to see more about them, then you can view the Kickstarter project here).

​Oh... and there are ​just six available.

HookUp Clips

​We've been making some more HookUp Clips recently and though you might like to see how the titanium sheet looks after it's been water-jet cut... (these are the double-ended version)

We have to "pop" these out by hand ...and the remaining sheet gets scrapped.

​You can order Titanium HookUp Clips here (they are in stock if you can buy them, then they will shipped the next working day)

​Some "Knife Fun" (Not For Sale)

​We were doing some Cerakote® colour coating on some titanium parts recently and we decided to experiment with some reject knife parts...

​The blade looks silver in the above photos - but it is actually white.

Not sure how this would hold up with intense use (inevitably it will get scratched) - but it could be a very cool "office knife".

And that's all I have for you today. 🙂

  • Emanuel Robins says:

    Hi Magnus

    I like the blackout pen can this be done with the click pen?



  • Branden L says:

    Can we talk about why you’re not keeping your best selling product in stock? Of course I mean the click pen.. I can finally afford one.. lol.. have wanted one since the kickstarter. Would love a blackout version click pen btw.

    I like the capped pen but it is not practical in any environment outside of your own home.. As stated before.. there’s nowhere to put the cap when you’re writing.. its just asking to get lost.. I tried to use it when I was in the Academy and it was a pain capping and having to put the top in a pocket or something while writing that I reverted to other pens with more practical design (TiBolt pen)

  • Mark Gamble says:

    Looking forward to part 2!

  • Jim says:

    Your Stanley blade knife… recommend you include a small, 3mm hole at the back end the would hold a keychain clip or, in my case, one of those 1.25mm looped camera tethers (like, but much stronger than parachute cord). I could then hook it to other pocket items, hang out of a clip, put a nibble on it so it’s easier to find in a purse, etc. Even if you have to increase the length of the knife scales I think it would be worth it. As for your spring-like clip from the side… well done, but a little surprised you didn’t go with a top lever/spring. Undoubtedly a good reason for it but I don’t see the problem. Love your work.

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