The Scale Of Things…

I’ve finally done it…

After loads of people asking – here’s some photos of my various products next to something that everyone knows the size of (an ‘AA’ battery).

The photos are not too great – but it’s the content, right? 🙂

Hope this helps you understand the “scale” of things…


TiTweezers™… (Click Here)



Mini-TiTweezers™… (Click Here)


PryMal™… (Click Here)


TiClaw™… (Click Here)


TiWrench™… (Click Here)


ViperFish™… (Click Here)


HangKey™… (Click Here)


HookUp™… (Click Here)


  • Ben says:

    Unrelated but have ever experimented with flame anodizing titanium

    • I’ve not done anything like that yet Ben.

      Hopefully I will down the line – but, for now, I’ve got so many new ideas and such …I’m trying to get these out to people as soon as I can.

      I maybe should try the flame thing…

  • Mike Gallwey says:

    That’s great Magnus.. When ever I order something from you and it arrives here its always half the size I was expecting… Or smaller! Lol

  • William says:

    Much better idea of scale

  • Bob Lukach says:

    Using AA battery is a good point of reference Magnus. Then again, I would buy any of your products, no matter how big or small. They’re all great!

  • Robbie Gorman says:

    Love the pics – keep it up!

  • Jonathan says:

    That’s awesome, I’m glad I got both sizes. Only wish I didn’t have to wait so long to receive them :'(

    • I should be getting the tweezers out to Kickstarter Backers a lot sooner than the Reward fulfillment date says.

      Doing everything I can (…which includes ordering another tumbler and paying an obscene amount on shipping to get it here from the USA in a matter of days …and it’s arrived – woohoo!)

  • Spencer says:

    The pictures are nice Mag please dont get me wrong. But honestly when you say that one of your
    creations is 60mm or 2 1/4″long. Believe it or not that creation is still 2 1/4″ long when it arrives in the mail. Some folks need to do a better job at visualizing size when you tell us the precise measurement along with a photo. I think many people see it but for some reason it dont register. I rather you spend the time you have grinding or polishing or working on getting the item to me rather than taking photos, then more photos to scale. It takes a good amount of time to get that nice photo…….. then to upload…….
    Ok have a great day! Now get to work! 🙂

    • Ha-haa…

      Yeah, I guess it can be tough to visualize some things.

      It’s funnny…

      I’ve had quite a lot of emails from customers who received the HookUp Clips – and they are surprised at how compact they were (which, from what they imply, is a GOOD thing). I think I just didn’t do a good enough job of demonstrating how compact they were!

  • Fischlustig says:

    so today I learned the hard way, 3 lessons in one product. I just received a key organizer (also a kickstarter project). In fact the discontinued rabbit thing from Magnus, only with no additional uses. Lessons I learned:
    1: Only titanium! Thing is so heavy…
    2: Only titanium! Fixation Screw broke.
    3: in germay there are two differnent words that are.often used to describe that something “doesn’t cost much”. “Billig”has to be translated as cheap, and “Preiswert”, which in fact means “worth it’s price”. So in fact this thing was cheap, while Magnus’ products do cost quite a bit of money, but still are worth their price.

    In order to not sound too much of a fanboy I do have something to criticise: even though I wrote 3 or 4 Emails/Messages, I never got any answer from Magnus :-\
    I did get all ordered articles though, all in the best possible quality and design!

    • Thank you for your comments!

      Man, I’m just looking through emails …you’re right! I have
      a couple of yours market to reply to (only two though) – but I obviously must have not replied.

      Really sorry about this! I will reply later today.

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