The Terrible Truth…

Yes, I know, this is the first blog post in a very long time. SHAME ON ME!

I have no excuses for not posting – I simply kept saying to myself, “I’ll do it next week…”. And, well, I’ve said that for months now. Disgraceful.

So, here’s what I’m going to do for you…

As of right now I’m going to start writing a blog post EVERY WEEK. And to kick things of I’m going to do a bit of a run-down of some of the things I’ve been doing over the last few months…


Moving In (to the new workshop)

It’s been a long time coming – but I’m getting very close to moving into the NEW workshop.

It was over a year ago I started renting this new workshop …and only now am I ready to “bite the bullet” and move the remaining equipment over.

I’m not moving right now because there is a lot of tumbling to be done with the vibratory tumbler at the old workshop. I want to get that out the way so I’m not in a mad rush (because I’ve got to find a new house to rent at the same time!)

I don’t have any photos right now (but in the videos below you will see what the new workshop is looking like).


New Machine (It’s CNC!)

Yes, it finally happened…

I bought a cnc milling machine. Woohoo!


This is something I’ve wanted for a very long time (I’m talking 20+ years here).

I’ve been learning it slowly (as time has allowed) and made a few cool things:

Titanium Fidget Spinner

Random Titanium Object

Titanium Play Button

Titanium Playing Card Case


Fidget Spinners (and my take on them)

You know that “Fidget Spinner” trend that’s been gaining massive momentum over the last few weeks and months? (well, if you don’t, ask the nearest teenager and they’ll tell you)

Well, around the beginning of this year — before fidget spinners REALLY took off — I started prototype some titanium fidget spinners (of course titanium!).

For the last 2 months I’ve been saying I’m going to have one or two designs ready “in 2 or 3 weeks” …and, truthfully, for various reasons I’ve not prioritized it enough. I do hope to have two designs ready soon though (I’m not making any predictions in terms of when anymore though).

If you’re not familiar with fidget spinners – then watch this video:


Also, if you’re familiar with how I design and make things …you’ll already KNOW my intention is to make THE BEST spinners available. Currently I’m waiting for some full-ceramic bearings to arrive from the USA to me here in New Zealand (yes, I paid $80 for ONE little bearing… but, like I said, aiming for the best here).



Daily YouTube Videos

I’m still making daily YouTube videos.

And, in fact, just celebrated 365 days of filming and uplodaing a video every day without missing a day (which may have you thinking: “Magnus, you have been uploading a video every day …yet you don’t write a blog post for months?!!!”. Yes, like I said, shame on me)

Here’s the video of what I did to celebrate the 365 days of videos…


I have a few more things to share with you – but I will share those for the next blog post I think.

Oh, and one last thing:

I will be increasing the price of every product on my website. It’s something I am honestly reluctant to do …but it’s unavoidable unfortunately. When I crunch the numbers on my business (the sales coming in and the expenses going out) I must increase prices to make this business viable and sustainable.

Basically this is a little nudge if you’re “sitting on the fence” thinking of ordering anything from my website. Now is probably the time because I’m about to bump up prices across the board.


Right, it is 11:44pm as I write this and I need to head back into the workshop to check the tumbling process on some titanium ūüôā

To impossible high standards,



  • Willy says:

    Besides, you can also focus on some new titanium alloy such as BT22, SP700 or Ti-45Al-(x)Nb.

  • R.B. Love says:

    I still want to encourage you to make a letter opener. Something practical. A fidget spinner? Who needs that?

  • Nathan says:

    Magnus, and when you’re done with the letter opener perhaps you can make tiny little titanium scroll containers to attach to carrier pigeons!
    A fidget spinner would be awesome, besides, they’re selling like hot-cakes at the moment.

  • Norman Miyamoto says:

    Love the new spinner design. Keep me in touch so I may purchase one in the making. Thanks, Norman

  • Jacob says:

    Love it so far man. Can’t wait to see what all you create. Love watching your videos you really put a lot of work into your projects

  • Josh says:

    When will you have more pens available?

  • blueumbrella says:

    What’s going on with the hand spinner? Hope you are continuing to develop this.

  • Jeremy says:

    I just want to reach out and wish you luck Magnus, I have such a massive amount of respect for the way you do business, and just want to let you know I appreciate you opening up, and letting us in your life via your vlog. I feel like someone chopped off my right hand at the shoulder losing my acess via your vlog to your life. Regardless I want the a best for you, so you do you. Now if I could just find you email address… WHOIS time? Much love brotha.

  • Rezahossein Mirzaei says:

    how should i purchase your goods?
    is there any online shop?

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