THIS Is What Happens When I’m Bored…

Last Saturday I wasn’t feeling that well (some sort of cold/flu thing I think).

So, just to get out the house (I was bored), I went to the workshop and made this:



Yes, these letters are made from titanium.

If you want to see the “behind the scenes”, then here’s the video:


Right, enough of that shenanigans, let’s be serious for a minute:


Titanium Wallet…

Progress is going slower than expected – but getting there for sure.

I had the concept in my head. But it takes a while to figure out if and how it can be machined.

Finally, after a lot of work and discussion and back-and-forth with my machinist – we reckon it’s possible to make the wallet out of a solid slab of titanium.

I wasn’t 100% sure it could be done (and still not sure to be honest as I won’t know until we actually try to machine it).

In my last blog post I showed a couple of cool photos of the “slab” of titanium the wallet it going to be made from.



Knife Stuff…

A few weeks ago I started mentioning (on this blog, on my Instagram page and on my YouTube videos) that I was starting to design and make a key-chain knife.

Well, I must confess to you:

Things have taken a slightly different turn.

I very quickly realised I knew absolutely nothing about knives. And so I started reading, studying, watching and learning all about knives (yeah, I know, I was only planning on making a simple little key-chain knife …but my extremism and obsessive-compulsive traits took over as usual …*sigh*).

Not only that, but…

I bought a couple of knives (nothing fancy …just a couple of hundred dollars each) to get a feel for them. To see how they are made. That kind of thing.

Then a strange thing happened:

While carrying these knives with me to test how they functioned and how they felt …I discovered I actually used them loads of times each day!

I only carried one with me at a time – but I found I would use it multiple times per day. To the point where I wonder how the hell I did without it.

So, yeah, I am no longer interested in a key-chain knife for myself (right now at least). I want a proper, full-size folding knife.

And so for the last week or so I have been in full-on, Magnus-what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you obsession mode.

I’ve even started doing some designing (just for fun as I am a long way from actually prototyping anything):

how to make-a-knife-1


Ah hell, I’ve even started learning a new piece of CAD software from scratch (Solid Edge if you’re interested to know what software it is) JUST for the purpose of this whole knife obsession.

And, further still, I’ve even started doing some designs (only to figure out how to use this software – definitely not the knife I’m making) in CAD too:

how to make-a-knife-2


Why can’t I just be “normal”?

Like… it would be good if I was maybe just a little bit obsessed with making a knife. Or if I could approach is strategically. Or, better yet, just say to myself, “Magnus, knives are something you know nothing about …just stick to other stuff.”

But, alas, my brain does not seem to be wired that way.

Still, look on the bright side, the result is probably going to be a horribly and disgustingly good knife. 😀

  • Karen says:

    Hi, the PillPot arrived safely (and speedily!) in Austria today – it’s everything I hoped it would be, and even daintier in reality than I had dared to imagine. Great stuff!!

  • Sebastian O. says:

    That knife looks good-i´ll still take your proto! 😉 btw, i need to send you a picture-which address? It´s not for ‘all-eyes’!

  • Michael says:

    The knife obsession is really common, as with other gadgets when you find a use for them. I’d be interested to know which ones you bought to examine.

  • Aaron says:

    First off, I have received my “The One Pen” and my Pocket Clip “The Hang Key”, both are wonderful and only add to my excitement in waiting for the Tweezers project to come to fruition so that I can receive my rewards for that.
    Secondly, I can’t help but wonder if you have thought much about anodizing your products? Sure they wouldn’t necessarily still have the truest of titanium colored finishes, but some of the hues that can be achieved are really quit brilliant. There is a great instructional article on a web site that I frequent, that you might enjoy checking out, and no its not a shameless plug for me or anyone I know. It’s just something that I thought you might appreciate.

  • Lawrie says:

    Hi Magnus,
    Is Solid edge better for knife making then say Solidworks??


  • Aaron says:

    Now I’m wondering what knives you bought for a couple hundred dollars! Beware – knife making is a slippery slope. Knifes might end up being the only things you make if you go down that path!

  • Klyph says:

    Ok disclaimer this is a longer comment and possibly irrelevant to anyone but Magnus. Read on at your own risk of bordome!


    I have carried a folding pocket blade since I was a pretty teen. As such I have over the years amassed a number of these tools looking g for just the right one. I want to give you a little review of the three that have stood out the most so you can perhaps garner some wisdom for your design.

    My second knife purchase as a young adult was as Barretta airlight.
    It was and still is one of my favorite carries. Cost at the time nearly 20 years ago 85$ cad

    It had a titanium handle…..
    And it was the most pocket friendly 5.5 inch blade I have ever owned. Light, flat, and easy to sharpen, kind of. .. it was a combination blade. This means that the tip half was a beveled grind and the hilt half was a cerated edge that was almost chisel ground. This was fantastic though unless you know stuff about stuff can be problematic to sharpen. Additionally though it definitely added to its lightNess the skeletonized blade tended to be a real pain to clean if you tried to cut anything food like with it. It was awful at spreading butter…..
    Also because of its flatness it tended to create hotpoints in the hand during usage.
    And because it was a ridge locking mechanism it was a challenge to open with one hand and impossible to close with one hand.
    And it’s blade steel is kind of unknown. .it just says Japanese steel on it. It holds an edge well but it would be a stretch to say it holds it edge really well. Finally it had a lanyard hole but no pocket clip.

    Moving on my first (for me) rediculiosly expensive knife purchase a Masters of defence mark I cost around 650$ usd at the time

    I believed this knife had everything I wanted in a knife. Good grip, a window break, a secondary safe edge for belts strap and rope cutting, a bolt locking mechanism that aided in single hand closing and opening and even has a secondary lock to make the blade nearly a non folder. And a blade made out of one of the best steels availible for knife making. 154cm cryogenically heat treated steel. It held an edge like nobody’s business. Problem was it was awful.

    It did not sit well in the pocket, was a tip down carry which made it both uncomfortable and super difficult to deploy. I by this point had very nimble hands and was training in arts that used such impliments. And I still found this thing to be a brick to handle. It was a night mare to keep its super grippy handle looking good because it held dirt in its sand paper grips. And being a beveled edge it was still problematic to sharpen..though it rarely needed it.

    Ok finally my curency EDC. Now this is a bit of a specialised carry and many people in the west look at this thing and say woah. However every day I use it more and more. It’s an Emerson Karambit.

    It’s super pointy tip is great at cuting boxes, peeling oranges, exposing and extracting slivers. It is chisel ground which would make it easy to sharpen if it were not curved concavely. It deploys one handed with ease, closing easily aswell. It’s liner lock is titanium… it is nearly impossible to drop because of it ring. And I never have to work about my hand slipping onto the blade for the same reason. It’s fast to find in my pocket. It’s a tip up carry. Cuting rope and steak is awesome I mean you have to cut steak or a spectra line with it to really understand. It is amazing.

    Negatives it’s still a bit big on the comfort side in my pocket and it protrudes from my pocket allot so everyone sees it. It is kind of uncomfortable to operate closed though it has its merits.
    It is a poor wood chopper. It cost about 300$ cad.

    I am still searching for the perfect carry I belI’ve it is a hybrid of theservice three examples. Simplistic but flexible in its duties. If you get this one right Magnus you will have my life long gratitude. And I belive a whole new world of customers as EDC knife collectors and tacticool nerds will flock to your doors.

    Good luck.

    • Hey Cliff, sorry for the late reply to this! This is excellent information. I would never have thought that a curved blade would be any use …it just LOOKS so impractical (and as if it’s just for show). Shows how ignorant I am!

      I have a rough idea of the concept for a knife …but I have to put it on hold right now as I need to get access to a milling machine (which I don’t have) to take my prototyping to the next stage.

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