Totally Over-Engineered? (You Decide…)

Here’s a sneaky little preview for you of a top-secret project I’m working on…

I was going to keep this a secret until it was ready – but I have a genuine reason for sharing it with YOU right now (which I’ll get to in just a minute).

Before I continue – I have a confession:

I’m going to make something out of a material other than titanium — *the crowd gasps in horror*. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Say it ain’t so, Magnus! Have you abandoned your principles and all sense of producing nothing but the BEST?!!”

It’s okay. Don’t worry. Because this “other material” is going to be that fancy-pants, space-age stuff: Carbon Fiber. 🙂

Here’s the thing…

Remember the PillPots (click here if you’ve somehow missed them)? Of course you remember them – but here’s what they look like in case you’ve forgotten:

New Titanium+Carbon-Fiber Storage Design Is Based On Feedback From Die-Hard Customers About Their PilPots (They Wanted BIGGER!)

New Titanium+Carbon-Fiber Storage Design Is Based On Feedback From Die-Hard Customers About Their PilPots (They Wanted BIGGER!)

Now, here’s where it gets REALLY interesting…

Since I launched the PillPots I’ve had loads and loads of people asking me to make them… BIGGER! And, well, because I’m such a helluva nice guy I couldn’t stand to disappoint.

Oh, and because I’m such an obsessive-compulsive-hellbent-on-quality-and-overall-a-fairly-flawed individual – I’m predictably going to the absolute extreme in engineering these things.

Truthfully, what I’m creating here is not all that similar to the PillPots. They are a lot bigger and not really modular or stack-able like the PillPots.

To be brutally honest:

I’m really making these for me if I’m honest with myself here. I’m sorry (well, I’m not really sorry :-D), but, I just want a set of ultra-high-end storage cans/caches that are unlike anything available on planet earth!

Here’s a “quick and dirty” mock-up of the initial concept:

"Quick And Dirty" 3D Mock-Up Of Initial, Over-The-Top Concept... :-)

“Quick And Dirty” 3D Mock-Up Of Initial, Over-The-Top Concept… 🙂

So, as you can see, the “end caps” are going to be from Grade 5 Titanium.

The “body” is going to be from carbon fiber.

The plan is for only one end-cap to unscrew (I don’t think there is a need for both ends to unscrew — unless I’m missing something obvious – so please let me know!).

I’m currently working on the external design of the caps right now (the inside is 90% complete in terms of thread-choice and so on).



Now, here’s the thing:

I’m making one prototype initially just to get a feel for how they’re going to work. It’s going to be around 2″ (very roughly 50mm) in diameter.

After the first prototype is produced I’m going to make a range of diameters and lengths.

And here’s where YOU come in

After the first prototype is made I’m going to make some variations of it in terms of diameter and length. I’ve still not decided on the thickness of the carbon fiber tube at this stage because I’ve got to do some testing.

So, can I ask of you….

What kind of sizes and length would YOU use?


The diameters available will be roughly 1″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ (or roughly 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm) – but can go bigger if required.

In terms of length I can offer anything at all (but shipping could get problematic if it’s longer than 6-feet (or 2 metres). 🙂


  • Ryan says:

    I Think that 1.5 inch inside diameter by 6 inches long inside would be a good size to store a lot of different things. I also think that two ends should open so that you could push stuck contents though if need be.

  • Gary says:

    I was thinking what can add more functionality. If both end cap were removable there could be a small machined titanium joint piece that could connect 2, 3 or more of the tubes together. You add functionality, people can choose the size of storage they need by connecting more. Might make the tube body wider and shorter if the tubes get too long with others connected. Just a thought

    • That’s an awesome idea Gary (and, from what I can see below, a whole load of others agree with you!)

    • B Alan Eisen says:

      Both ends need to be removable. I would like about 2 inches inner diameter, 6 inches long interior. I was hoping that you would make the pill pots expandable by removing the bottom decks of the central tubes.

  • Looking pretty swank!

    I can see utility around 2″. Bigger might be nice for storage, but I doubt I’d travel with it…

  • Neale Fetterly says:

    CF is great stuff!

    I’ve got your larger (diameter) pillpots, the large single & the stack. For me that is a great size and covers what I wanted it for.

    From a utility perspective – I would suggest some way of attaching to the lid (or bottom, or side). I’m not sure how you would do it though and keep it “clean”. I say this even though the pill pot with the loop on the lid I have a caribiner on it, but haven’t clipped it to anything (but I could if I wanted to…)


  • William says:

    Looks great I think will be be very popular.
    Bring it on!

  • Mats Löfström says:

    50 mm diameter, both long and stacked, please.

  • Bob Gelb says:

    I agree with Jeremy…anything over 2″ would not be good for travel or compactness. Who needs titanium, carbon for home storage anyway, plenty of home strange pouches in leather. Not sure of the benefit of a titanium-carbon fiber tube..other than perhaps a VERY LOWER price point.? Why not just titanium?
    Not sure of the overall utility of such a product as you described

  • Seth Hayes says:

    Absolutely love it! I would like the 1″ and 2″ option for diameter and maybe a 4″, 5″ or 6″ length. It’d be nice to have either a raw or gloss carbon fiber finish option and maybe different anodized Ti top/bottom options (or tumbled, polished). I know that’s a lot of options, but we all love options! I’d like to order an early design if you make them available pre-production!

  • reiner says:

    mate… i have been waiting for this. could you machine an inverted lanyard loop into the cap or base? like intersecting 30 degree tunnels. that way while kayaking/riding or what have you… i dont loose it. A wise man once taught me “ive got one word for you… Lanyards, Men! Lanyards”. so many items have been broken or lost due to my lack of wisdom in heeding his grand advice.

    anywho, the only other way i see to improve the contrapion is yo have a hidden compartment in the lid (a second low profile lid on the underside of the lid) for stowage of a tracking chip for important documents or items/caching for later/emergency.

    lets face it, this thing is the ultimate cache case.

    • Eolake says:

      Lanyards!! Very good point. The number of times I’ve screamed at Harry Potter or Lupe Skystalker: “Will you get a wrist strap for that thing!??! It *always* gets knocked out of your hand. How many centuries have you guys been doing this now?

    • Man, Reiner, that “hidden compartment” in the lid is clever – and I think it’s something I’ll see can be done. The only issue would be on the narrower models… the compartment would be really small!

      Yeah, was planning to offer a attachment/loop option… or maybe even as standard.

  • reiner says:

    correction to my last…’contraption’ additions… The hidden lid chamber could also be used for money or data chips or valuables to be hidden to those looking inside at the decoy larger container. Anyways i think many are missing the potential of a larger container in more adventurous/creative endeavors.

  • Dale Carr says:

    I guess I’m odd. I’d like one that is smaller and unscrews from both ends. Something that would hold about six (6) ibuprofen or aspirin tablets. I’d like both ends to unscrew so that it could be cleaned or you could push out something that was stuck.

  • Mike Mendez says:

    Consider adding a rubber gasket to make the container water tight.

  • Vincent Goudreault says:

    Yes, you are missing something about the other end not being removable. Because if it could, then you would have a *tube* with caps, and if those caps are different in design, then you open a whole new perspective.
    You have settled on a few possibles diameters, and are wondering about length, and that is the point: if the bottom is fitted with a female thread titanium insert that can screw to the male threads titanium insert at the top of another identical unit, then the tube is twice as long (and you have two redundant caps for the time being, but that is the point of modularity). Then the “cache” (you will have to find a ‘catchier’ name for something that radical and innovative) can be made arbitrarily long, without having to worry too much about the shipping limitations, if the longest modules are, say, 1 m in length.
    Then they could be used as pool cue, fishing rod, architectural blueprint carrier/protective tube.
    I do not know what *I* could be using them for yet. I’ll have to think about it. But making them modular and expandable would remove so many limitations to what they could be used for…

    • Hey Vincent, thank you for the super-constructive comment! It makes perfect sense what you’re saying and, for sure, it’s something I’m now going to offer in it.

      In addition… I’m thinking that these “connector” parts could actually be solid (and not a hollow ring) so it could be modular like the PillPots.

    • Dave A says:

      Completely agree with Vincent, male & female ends were my first thought too. Why have an extra item to link tubes? Simpler for manufacture and sales not too.

  • Sam says:

    I really like my multi pillpot, bought the larger one.
    One thing that would be awesome is if you made the CF interchangeable with the current ti pillpot system. That will make it easier to screw on and off.
    The galling aggravates the shit out of me to the point that i don’t use it as often as I’d like to.
    I did anticipate this problem before I bought it though.

  • Peter Tribuna says:

    I agree with Vincent Goudreault 100%

  • Guto Versiani says:

    Hi! I think one with 50mm diameter and 100mm height would be quite useful to carry items safely and dry while on the wilderness/sea/river. You could even propose one with a survival kit, able to carry some cash, knife, matches and fishing kit.

  • Guto Versiani says:

    Other suggestion, as carbon fiber can be brittle, crush under a lateral load: print a 3D titanium guard for the carbon fiber tube, connecting to the titanium screw thread on both sides.

    • I’m working with a company on the carbon fiber side of things… they are the best at what they do.

      There are a whole load of factors and variables involved in the making of the tubes (weave direction, etc.). All the tubes for this project will be custom made for me… and so I will be choosing how the weave-direction goes, the type of weave, the coating, and so on.

  • Guto Versiani says:

    This guard could be like a mesh, or a series rods from cap to cap with some rings to give structural strength against lateral loads every couple cm.

  • Bob says:

    Either one tube up to 5″ or I like Vincent’s idea of screwing 2 or more together. I use similar cache for tweezers, batteries, pen storage, and there are rarely cache that are more than 3″. Also having the ability to screw off both ends is a plus in case you have money or script or other type of paper that needs to be pushed out of one of the end’s

  • I love the idea of a nice real, sturdy “cache”. What Vincent said is very interesting in term of possibilities. Reiner’s input on let’s say one side ends with a “secret lid” that could open with a “unique key” could be interesting. I do love canoeing, kayaking and this could be a great add on to camping trio also. A bigger, light and “above and beyond” engineered Cogent cache is definitely something I’d look forward too.

    SIze? since they are not your pillpots and the bigger one is 28mm I’d say go bigger,this is NOT the same product aim at the same EDC bunch. It’s something else, it’s gotta be bigger 2×4, 3×6, 4×8 inches and variables or crazy huge. you choose.

    And yes!!! lanyards loops top and bottoms…I don’t want to loose a 100mm titanium cap in water while I fetch something in it!

  • John says:

    Will it be water proof?

  • jade says:

    definitely inset lanyard loops on all the caps, both ends should screw on, smaller screw in cap carry cache inside the caps is a great idea. ability to add female/female adapters made of titanium that aren’t caps but just allow joining of two like-diameter tunnels is a great idea. really looking forward to these.

  • Jae Pyung Lee says:

    I think that it would be good if you make various sizes, just same those PillPots.

    If you make bigger… i sincerely think is better buy a waterproof plastic cases.

    The major attractive point of this waterproof pillpots of your items, and another companys is because is small.

    And if you want a get ideas for your new item sizes, i suggest you see the Altoids EDC Kits to know what the people carries in their small pocket size EDC’s!

  • Steve says:

    I can’t imagine what I’d use a larger container for, but I’m sure I could think of something for a 50mm x 150mm one. Cuban Cigars?
    Too big for EDC perhaps, and using exotic materials to hold basic everyday stuff seems a bit perverse. They’re containers, not tools after all. Unless you factor in a ‘tactical’ self-defence aspect to longer tubes.
    Honestly I’ve never been a fan of CF. Sonewhere you’re going to have to use adhesive to connect Ti to CF. A true threaded joint would be a game changer. I suppose if the tripod makers and fishing rod guys can make it reliable the homework has been done.
    What would be cool is a modular system of connectable tubes sized for different rechargeable batteries. Depending on configuration they could hold two, four, eight etc. they could connect in a flat row or in a 2 x 2 bunch or even 7 in a hexagon. With the cost of good rechargeables CF would not be too overkill. But I digress. Sounds like a fair bit of interest drummed up. Good luck with the protos Magnus. Look forward to updates.

    • You are absolutely right… “perverse” is indeed the correct term to use. 😀

      There is no need to make this. But, really, I think there IS a need – for me at least.

      The carbon fiber will be bonded to the titanium as I don’t think threading the carbon fiber is a good solution.

      I love your battery idea – that’s really clever. I had not thought about battery storage. Cool.

      • Steve says:

        I agree totally. One should always make things one wants to use themselves. Those who share your passion will ‘get it.’ Nothing great was ever designed by a committee.

  • David says:

    Having both ends unscrew solves cleaning problems.

    Think of practical uses that would be popular.
    Size accordingly.

    I want a little travel holder long enough for the tiny electric toothbrush head that I use. That way it can be kept sanitary and separate from other items in my kit.

    A little tube to store my TiTweezers in would be cool too.
    They are sharp and need to be contained.

  • Geir says:

    scubadivers might find use for a small container capable of holding a cellphone, VHF handset or personal radio beacon dry while diving. Something like this–resqlink–resqlink-and-200210220-fast-find-plb-dive-canister-474-p.asp but this is made from PVC 🙁 Scuba divers could then avoid situations like this . The container would need to be waterproof down to say 100+ m, sharkproof and Komododragonproof 🙂


    • Man, how cool would it be if it was “Komodo Dragon Proof”! That’s a great selling point right there. 🙂

      I had not thought about more serious applications such as for diving. Thank you for the link.

      • Steve says:

        Hey Magnus, since I live in Indonesia you can send me some prototypes for komodo dragon certification. I might have to wait a while for the beasts to poop them out though.

        As you’re in NZ, You could also make them Kia proof. Those little devils can destroy anything.

  • Ben says:

    I’m going to make a case for making both ends removable. If you did so, you could make a separator cap that is threaded on both sides that would allow you to stack the carbon fiber tubes. It would be like your stacked pillpot, but more modular.

    As for size, I could totally see a place for one in the 1.5″ diameter by 6″ or even 8″ long range (think pencil case) or one that was 1.25″ diameter by 6″ long (think cigar tube.)

  • Louis says:

    50mm x 150mm with screw caps at both ends for me please so I can stack if I wish.

    If the tube could be made with a slight taper and an internal thread on one end that matches with an external thread onthe other end then when you stack you could put the not required caps together to form a small screwed case.
    Put loops on caps (or even just a 3mm hole in the edge to take a small split ring for lanyard) and you have a container which could carry spare money (or medical / emergency contact info ) to clip on your keyring.
    So two tubes give you two containers either equal size 50x 150mm or one 50mm x 300mm and one made of the two caps.

    Use “o” rings on the screw threads and they are bot waterproof as well!

  • Louis says:

    Now I knew this design sounded familiar!

    OF course it’s almost identical to the Pillpot!!!!

    So why abandon an almost perfect idea. What stopped it from being perfect – the “Pillpot” just wasn’t big enough.

    Why re-invent the wheel? (other than for an intellectual exercise!)

    All I wan is just a bigger Pillpot!

  • matt. says:

    I’d love a larger size. 75-100mm X 175-200mm.

    I’d use it to secure things like camera/phone/medication on backpacking trips to keep things safe and dry.

    The male/female threads on either end mentioned by Vincent Goudreault is a good idea too.

  • Mike says:

    I’ve little need for this particular product, but I love seeing your designs all the same. A few thoughts:

    1) Having two ends that unscrew can help with removing contents. E.g. cylindrical food storage containers with two removable ends makes it easy to get the rest of the peanut butter out, etc. Also if you put a 2.1″ rubber ball into a 2″ cylinder, you can just push it out the other side, likely more easily that you could pry it out a single open end. I’m not suggesting that you’d be putting balls or peanut butter in these, but they’re examples of how having two open ends can really positively impact usability.

    2) Ti/CF would be neat, but I’d prefer just plain Ti for aesthetics. If course what I prefer matters little as I’m not in the market for one of these to begin with, but I note that others have expressed a desire for pure Ti as well.

    2b) Relatedly, how are the threads going to interface? I hope you aren’t having the Ti thread into raw CF with tapped threads. If you’re having ring-shaped, threaded inserts, then you have multiple points of failure from the caps to the threaded rings to the CF body. An all-Ti 3-piece design would seem much more durable, though if you’re spinning these out of round bar Ti stock you’ll be wasting a lot of material. Is there any way to make a 2″ wide container by milling a “shell” out of 2″ bar, leaving a 1″ core that could still be used for another container? Could you get 2″, 1.5″, and 1″ containers out of a single cylinder?

    3) Your 3d mockups already show this, but more aggressive jimping/ridges/texturing of the lids would make them easier to grab and twist. At the same time, you don’t want so much “relief” that random objects can snag on it. I’m thinking of small ridges that your fingers can easily find purchase on, e.g.:

    4) I love Jade’s suggestion of a gender-changer to attach two containers end-to-end. This doesn’t necessarily have to be made for the newer/bigger designs. One of the key characteristics of successful brands is continued support for existing products: don’t forget to make accessories for the old designs!

    5) I heartily second Jae Pyung Lee’s suggestion of a TiTweezer size, esp. something that could hold the smaller size. I know there’s already a keychain hole there, but carrying them directly on a keychain has two main problems: you have the sharp ends jangling about, and it’s harder to use the tweezers while they’re attached to a heavy keychain full of keys, other tools, etc.

    • Man, you’re making me re-think a lot of what I’m doing (which is a good thing! :-D)

      Definitely won’t be threading the carbon-fiber – not a great solution.

      Had not thought too much about titanium tube for the main part – but I’m starting to re-think that oen now.

      Yeah, I might trying an see if I can come up with a small cache for the tweezers – which would probably be more akin to my titanium pen than the PillPots!

  • Ethan M says:

    I would love a 1″ diameter by 4″ tall one! Great multi-use size, and still able to travel. Not sure how far along on the design would be, but having a clip for a keychain instead of a loop would be pretty cool too!

  • Zach Loveless says:

    Looking at this and reading the comments, my mind jumps to the possibility of a bear canister. The dimensions would have to be much larger, but it remains in the realm of possibilities, especially if you could undercut the price of the Wild Ideas Bearikade.

    The above said, the Pill Pots cover the lower size category nicely, so I’d shoot for at least aiming to keep this new line larger in size. That’ll allow you to cover more of the possible market.

  • Robert Ferguson says:

    It seems to me that many of your followers are supportive of the idea of combining titanium with carbon fiber. I, personally don’t like the combination of the two materials and wouldn’t buy it. Remember that necessity is the mother of invention. Where is the need for this item? I don’t see it. I have purchased The Pen, two sets of TiBeads, three HangKeys, PillPots, and PryMal and they are all very useful. If you must use carbon fiber, then please find an appropriate use for the material. Find a need and fill it.

    • Makes sense for sure. There are a few of reasons for using carbon fiber. Weight being one of them (although I think I need to do more research on that side of things).

      Also, truthfully, the combination of the two materials in this product is something that really works for me and that I want (yes, seriously, I just flat-out WANT it!). So, yeah, probably selfish motives here.

  • Mark says:

    Is the inside flush? It needs to be flush….otherwise you’ll be spending forever trying to get stuff out.

    Pressure relief valve?

    Dimensions to suit paper sizes….210mm, 297mm etc. And I guess some sizes to suit the Americans.

    Internal dividers?

    Maybe you buy the ends and a length of tube and cut to suit…..6 ends and 1m of tube plus a portion of expoy =$xx.

    Lanyard attachments on the sides of the lids, not just the top surface.

    Option to padlock the lid on.

    That’s me for now.

    • Vincent Goudreault says:

      Pressure relief valve would be a great element, for those who may need to carry stuff in aircraft. The pressure relief valve could be built-in in an optional specialized end-cap.

    • The flushness factor is still a work-in progress thing just now.

      There are various options here (with pros and cons) and so I’ve not fully-developed that side of things because I wanted to get more feedback on the design from comments.

      Oh, and yeah, internal dividers is probably something I’ll be doing.

    • Oh, and yeah, had not thought about a pressure-release valve. Will have a think about that – would definitely have to be an optional extra as I doubt most would use it.

  • Roger Sharp says:

    For me 50mm x 150mm or 200mm would be ideal.
    I support :
    both ends opening
    lanyard point
    Not sure about carbon fibre strength – make one and abuse it to death.
    Surely expansion coefficient will be different? will it leak or get loose when hot? (needs to cope with -20C to +50C).

  • Michael says:

    These will be unlike any I have seen or used. Ti caps with carbon fiber body make this design stand alone elite in cache containers. Certainly will be purchasing this item.

  • Michael says:

    50mm in 1′ foot increments up to 6′ seems useful. 100mm in 1′ increments up to 4′ seems useful. Weight to strength ratio is a main factor using carbon fiber. Drop proof and crush proof should be performed before sales of prototype begin. Nice design sales should be good on these products.

  • Kevin says:

    All these ideas that I read here are amazing. I couldn’t ask for more. My vote on the size would be 2″ x 4″ and 2″ x 6″.

  • Stephen says:

    As suggested above, something to safely carry TiTweezers (both sizes) in.

  • George says:

    I like the idea of the 2″ diameter, and I could use one for my sculpting tools which are around 6-6.5″ long, so maybe a 7″ tall tube?

  • Herbert says:

    I would want it heat- and fireproof, all titanium would probably be better than carbon fibre there?

    Inner diameter should be 2 inches (or very close to it),
    length around 5 inches.

    Two lids would be good (in case something gets stuck inside).
    Top lid definitly should have the possibility to attach a lanyard (or one of your awesome carabiners).
    I like the idea of including a hidden compartment for a trackr!

    Stackable would be a nice feature as well.

    • Yeah, I think those criteria would be hard to attain using carbon fiber. I’ll do some more research on titanium as the main body…

      Thank you Herbert.

      Oh, and being able to use a TiBiner with it is kinda cool. Good idea.

  • Wowser!

    The ideas and improvements that I’ve seen while reading through these comments it mind-blowing.

    I’ve got to go and water-jet cut some blanks for making some more Scalpers just now – but I’ll be back later to reply to these comments.

    The features of this new design have just taken a big jump – will definitely be adding a bunch of “upgrades” to the initial design. Woot!

  • Klyph says:

    Sooooo I was super excited when you posted a pic of a pill pot minus itz bottom…then at quick glance I was excited again at the thought you would be offering Ti tubing with one male tread and one female tread in any length up to 6 feet to be added to my pill pot set…..then I cried big man tiers when I read your cool new prototype in detail discovering that my dreams of a small bag full of titanium tubes that could convert into to escrima sticks was onCE again my dream alown and I would have to go about designing it myself. .. . So so close. Great looking design though magnus

  • Rob says:

    I need some big ones, about 7-8 inches to hold my daily vitamins. I take a lot of vitamins. I know they’ll be great.

  • David says:

    To agree with and show support for suggestions already submitted:

    1. metric sizing only please;
    I’m from the U.S. but now live internationally and so much prefer the metric system!

    Your suggested diameters seem very versatile; 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
    For lengths, possibly 50mm, 100mm, and 200mm stackable lengths.
    And, possibly offer longer lengths for specific applications; blueprints, fishing rods, katanas (specific for me!), etc.

    2. both ends removable and threaded;
    to allow for stacking/extending.

    3. o-ringed caps;
    for water/dust tightness.

    4. lanyard loop/attachment option lids

    And, to add:

    5. carbon fiber inserts;
    allowing for separation of items within each storage unit (great stretch goal!)

    6. Food for thought;
    I have a bicycle frame that incorporates carbon fiber into a titanium frame, called “EXOGRID”.
    Here’s a link:

    You’d have to look into exact sizing, costs, licensing, etc. but using such technology would solve threading/stacking issues as contact points would be titanium to titanium.

    I think even using such technology is still staying true to your vision and business model, because regardless you need to purchase titanium tubing and titanium stock somewhere, why not be something rather uncommon and exotic such as “exogrid tubing”?

    BTW, I am in no way related to, or benefit from the promotion of Exogrid Technology.
    I absolutely love the ride feel of my bicycle frame, and also love all of the comments I get about the look of the frame!
    I have no doubt every single Backer would get just as many comments!

    • Man, THAT is a very cool bike. I’ve got an alloy-framed (Made in USA) Cannondale.

      I’ll likely be implementing most of what you mention (as it ties-in with what others are asking for).

      You know, it’s funny…

      I’m grew-up with Metric in school (in Scotland) and live in New Zealand now (which the 100% metric.. more-so than the UK). But I love imperial and prefer it any day of the week!

  • James says:

    Some DFM thoughts: The CF is fun. Makes sense, supplied in tube stock.
    It looks like you have something neat planned for the threading on the CF tube, so these are hypothetical sharp shooting:

    Considerations tho: machining operations on the CF are hazardous, dust is bad juju (this tho potentially solved by your CF supplier)
    I suspect precision of diameters on the CF tubes is pretty poor, will be tough for matching to your threading approach.

    Alternative to threading could just be some system that creates pressure seal with o-ring. Something like the old beer growlers that had the re-sealable dangle tops.

    Other wise: since final product will be a CF tube with it’s ends reinforced with titanium plugs, this thing should be virtually indestructible. It could be a tripod handle, flashlight/maglite handle….

    • Hey James (love getting Updates from your Kickstarter project – looking forward to receiving my stand!).

      Yeah, I almost certainly won’t be threading the carbon fiber – because I don’t think it’s a good solution. You’re right about the tolerances for the carbon fiber tubing – it’s not that precise ….and certainly not so for threading or such.

      I like the idea of a pressure seal with an o-ring – very cool! Had not considered this for this design.

  • Gerard says:


    I would go for the 1.5 /2 inch wide version, it holds most european coins and some spare. Height should be at least 4 inch.
    Double screw cap would be good in case of things getting stuck or if sliding best one way because of shape. One lanyard point, one flat cap so it can be hung and placed. And waterproof of course.
    Maybe a glow in the dark spot on one of the caps or round the tube, good for camping.
    Hope this helps.

  • Justin says:

    I agree with so many here that larger and interchangeable lids and bodies. There are so many great suggestion I agree with it would be paragraphs. David had a lot of good points and many other.

    Can’t wait to see the next design!

  • Robert says:

    With five types of parts you could have a pretty versatile system:

    Top pieces
    1. Flat cap
    2. Lanyard cap

    Middle pieces
    1. male/female threaded hollow tube
    2. male/female threaded tube with bottom (pillpot style)

    Bottom pieces
    1. male threaded bottom cap

    The two types of middle pieces allow users to decide both the length and how many compartments they want. Although with multiple middle pieces it would be more important to make sure the threading is such that the segments don’t easily loosen on their own. Adding different heights of middle pieces could further expand the versatility.

  • Dave A says:

    This idea reminds me of this range of products:

    For example, it would be good if the internal tube diameter would fit pillpots (existing or a new size?).

  • Tyler N says:

    4″ for me. Because nobody makes large Ti gear. If possible, I would buy a variety of diameters. 6″ tall seems reasonable for all of them.

    I also *love* the idea of Ti expansions to extend the length. It would be even better if some were walled, and others open.

    Basically, and awesome modular cache system of varying diameters.

    Good work as always!

  • James says:

    Ok, I Love the idea. But, I have 2 questions. Is the inside of the CF tube smooth? And, Will there be any shape edges where the cap attacheds? The reason for these is questions is you see storage cashe. I see High End poster tube for travel. Which would make my friends very Jealous.


  • Toby says:

    I just wish you’d get on with the Ti wallet project!

  • Jon says:

    Hi Magnus,

    looks great, for an idea of options you could offer check this out:

    still haven’t received my pen and other items!


  • Thomas says:


    I would like to see both ends threaded as this would make getting moist herbs and spices – or other things that are tightly packed – out of the container much easier and make cleaning a breeze.

    Just a thought.

  • wayne says:

    Just happened on this Magnus, so don’t expect it to be incorporated, but this is what would be useful to me…

    Make it the diameter and length of an 18350 battery. Male threads on one end, female on the other, opposite screw caps on either.

    Indent or rubber washer in top so button top won’t short from inside or outside. Screw two together, store 18650. With sleeves, can hold CR123s. Still useful for pills and other things, but now also a battery holder for rough conditions.

  • Louis says:

    for me the tubes would be great if they were 50mm diameter by 100mm length. Both caps unscrew and the ability to stack tubes either by having male threads at one end and female at the other or with a jointing piece.
    One cap should have the ability to take a lanyard or ring so that it can be clipped / secured.

    Please stop your discount screen from repeatedly appearing and blanking out the display every time I try to read the update. It doesn’t even stop after I have filled it in!

  • B Alan Eisen says:

    Why didn’t you tell us about Bottomless tubes for the pillpots? I want a few for the larger one.

  • >