Titanium BARGAINS and NEW Designs

We have a handful of things to cover today...

There are a few titanium things I'm "selling off" ...because recently we've been coming up with new designs and new products (and so some of the older products we naturally stop producing).

Long story short:

There might be some titanium bargains below for you.

​Also in this post I'm also going to share some NEW products and designs we've been working on in the background.

Let's get straight into it...

"V3" Titanium Tweezers ​(BARGAIN!)

We've been making the "V2" and "V3" Titanium Tweezers for ​coming up on three years now.

A couple of weeks ago I launched the NEW TiTweezers™ "Pocket Edition" - Folding Tweezers.

​Whilst we're currently making these I thought it was a good time to re-visit the "V3" version and see if we can improve these (and, well, make the "V4" version).​

But, before we get into that...

​Because ​we're making this "V4" version, then I'd like to wind-down the "V3" version. We have 11 x pairs of the TiTweezers™ "V3" left and I'm slashing the price so I can make room for the new, "V4" version.

​These 11 x tweezers will likely sell quickly - so click here right now(I'll tell you right now you're getting almost 50% OFF - be quick!).

​The NEW "V4" Tweezers

Here's the thing...

I first made the "V1" Titanium Tweezers a long time ago. Each newer generation I made - there were big improvements in tips and the ​attention-to-detail in the final design.


Over the years I've had lots (LOTS!) of people ask me to bring back the original "V1" Tweezers ...because of how they looked.

I've finally listened to YOU.

These new "V4" Tweezers are a combination of ...the tips we now have dialed-in to function like a beast ...BUT, also going back to the original overall design (which is the main thing people liked about the original design).

​I almost have some ready - here's the fixture on the milling machine I'm currently using to make them:

("Op1", "Op2" etc. refers to the order of operations to machine the tweezers)

​I have some photos ​of prototypes below.

A ​few things to mention... (because these prototypes are not the final version)

#1 - These are thinner than the final version (the tweezers in the images below are 3.8mm thick ...but the final version will be closer to 5mm thick)

#2 - The DEEP CHAMFERS along the finger grooves (blue arrows) are not going to be on the final version because they don't function well (they cause the tweezers to "roll" ​when squeezing them with your fingers).

#3 - The tips are 90% ​finished in the version below (so there ​is some aesthetic "weirdness" there)

​The above photos are not great - so here's a quick look of the 3D CAD model (it should give you a better idea of the final design):

​CandyCan™ "XL" (BARGAIN!)

​We're not going to be making the CandyCan™ "XL" for a little while - and so I'd like to move the last few we have off the stock shelf.

​There are 7 x left as I type this.

I've just slashed the price on these so you can grab yourself a bargain right now - CLICK HERE (and scroll down to near the bottom).

​Prototype Titanium Prybar (...with a difference!)

​Okay, this is a little different ...and needs some "backstory"!

My son, Julien (10 years old), sometimes helps me in the workshop - just to help out. And, occasionally, he specifically asks to "work" (i.e. for payment) - and I am happy to do this with him.

​Long story short:

A week or so he asked me if there was another way to make money (I think he was not looking forward to cleaning the stairs/machines ...again ...on a per-hour basis).

I said, "sure there is ...there are loads of ways to make money".

Julien said: "What ways?"

Me: "The best way, and only way really, is to provide value to people."

Julien: "Oh."

Me: "So, for example, in my business ...I come up ​designs that are minimal ...made from titanium ...and that people want. Making something that people want is a great way to provide value to people."

Julien: "Dad, I want to make a prybar." (yeah, I know, he doesn't mess around, right? :-D)

Me: "Fair enough. You need to do the work though ...and I'll help you where you need help."

Julien: *runs off to get a pencil and paper*

​So, as you can guess by now, what I'm about to show you is not my design.

In fact, Julien designed this on paper himself ...and then opened-up the CAD software and created the 2D CAD sketch himself (he has done a little of this in the past).

I helped him with two things:

#1 - Adding the main "slope" at the front


#2 - Moving the key-ring/lanyard hole a little (because it was too close to the edge and ​it looked a little wonky)

​Once the design was done Julien had it 3D printed so we could get a feel for it (size, etc.).

Personally I think this is a solid design and, since I currently don't have any prybars available for sale (all sold out), I think there is a chance we make this ...possibly next week because of school holidays (yes, we homeschool Julien, but still follow the school terms roughly - seems to work well):

​The design above looks a little unfinished because of the lack of chamfering.

​If you have any thoughts on Julien's prybar ...then please do comment below (don't hold back with feedback ...Julien is a well-balanced kid and he will take negative criticism like a champ :-)).

​NEW Titanium Design (possibly Kickstarter project)

​We're ​testing something NEW here... (not only that, but it might be your chance to get on-board before everyone else)

​I'll try and keep this short (but it's tricky... so bear with me):

As you know, we've launched a lot of new Titanium products on Kickstarter.com ​over the years (almost 20 in total I think).

Now, one of the things we've learned over the years - rather painfully I might add - is that there is a big difference between coming up with an initial prototype design ...and then actually manufacturing it in a run of a couple of hundred or more.

If you've backed one of my projects on Kickstarter.com, then you've probably experienced a delay (sometimes small ...sometimes big). The delays are, more often than not, because we have problems during production.

We've recently figured out (and I'm surprised we didn't see this earlier) that a big part of the delays that occur is because we only went as far as the fully-functioning prototype stage ...and then launched (typically making 500+ when in full production).

​We need to stop this happening.

Our "obvious" solution:

What we are starting to do is, after the final prototype had been made, we're doing a short run of somewhere between 10 and 20 of any new design.

Now, a couple of things...

​Firstly, what I'm about to show you is the first product we are doing this with (yes, there is a chance you can get your hands on it ...so read on...)

​Secondly, I'm hoping that, in addition to making around 10 to 20, we will sell these (almost certainly at the same price that it will be on Kickstarter for) ...and we will get feedback from these "EARLY BIRDS" before the Kickstarter project ramps up into full production.

​Here's why I think EVERYONE wins here:

#1 - The "Early Bird" customers who buy the first 10 or 20 here on the website get the latest product before anyone else (and should they discover an issue(s) that, say, warrants a replacement ...then a new-and-improved full-production is right around the corner with the Kickstarter project)

#2 - Kickstarter Backers are more likely to experience a project without a delay ...AND once they receive the Reward they pledged for, it's ​far less likely to have issues or such (which, admittedly, does happen from time to time)

#3 - We here at Magnus Industries also gain because we (hopefully) won't have the production problems when there are 500+ to be made (because the "little issues" will likely have been sorted during the initial run of 10 to 20 pieces)

​Hopefully everything I said above makes sense 🙂

​I'm not messing around here...

​I want to try this new method right now (yes, NOW!)

​We've almost finished the new prototype ​McDangle™ "Double" Titanium Carabiner - and, because we're planning to launch a Kickstarter with it very soon, I'd like to offer 10 or right now (and I'd like to mention now, if you're lucky enough to get one, shipping won't be for a couple more days ...so a little delay)

Here's the aluminum fixture we're making for this short run of 10 (for Kickstarter production we will re-make this fixture out of steel):

There is no "sales pitch" for this (because, frankly, I know these are going to get snapped-up fairly fast) - I have just put together a short page with an image and an "Order Now" button - CLICK HERE to go there now.

​If you see "SOLD OUT" on the order page ...then they're gone (but, on the plus side, you will of course have a chance to get it on Kickstarter).

And I think that's all I have for you today. 🙂

  • Alex says:

    I like the prybar. Great idea from Julien! Maybe the back of the prybar should be flat, in case it needs a bit of hammering to wedge in someplace. What I mean by hammering is maybe using the butt of a screwdriver to pound a little, or maybe the palm of my hand…anything that will help me get a deeper wedge for the prybar.

  • Lucas Hipkins says:

    I like the idea of a slightly forked prybar. Similar to the back of a hammer, to help with the removal of nails and things. Maybe this could be a varient or option. Also, well done Julian, and best of luck.

  • Jim says:

    Julian… great work. Consider making your ridges at some specific size and spacing (e.g., raise parts and valleys exactly 2.5 mm wide) such that it also serves as a small, but highly accurate ruler. You could even include tick marks to show each mm. You’ve got the groves anyway, make sure every feature provides value. (I appreciate the grooves are undoubtedly rounded or chamfered door comfort in the hand… tick marks on one edge? MM one side, SAE on the other? You could even add holes down the center providing an additional measure (i.e., 5 mm holes at 1 cm center)).

    • Magnus says:

      Thank you for your feedback Jim – I like the ruler idea. We have access to a laser-engraver …so it might be an option. Will see what Julien thinks about this when he’s over later in the week.

  • Brian says:

    I love the v1 tweezers. I bought 2 of the v3 and both my with and I where not happy with the tip. It doesn’t have the accuracy as the v1. Though I do like how sharp the point is on the v3. Also I prefer the tweezer to be on a larger size as I have large hands, and my hands struggle to hold a smaller tweezer.just some thoughts I’d like to share.

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