Titanium Belt Buckle And More

​Some very cool stuff for you today - let's get right into it...

A "Quick and Dirty" Titanium Concept

​I've been asked many times over the years to make a belt-buckle - but, honestly, never really prioritized it.

But now, as I learn cnc-machining, I'm finding it a lot easier to get something from concept-in-my-head to product-in-my-hand.

​I've started kind of playing with some ideas. There are two things that I know right now are almost certainly going to be features:

#1 - Ultra-simple and clean design


#2 - Machined from a solid billet of titanium (no screwing together of parts or anything like that)​

​One of the toughest parts will be the actual machining on the cnc machine (my machinist typically not only did production of my parts in the past ...but he'd do the prototyping as well).

​I've come up with a rough concept (not near finished at all) just to help me try and figure out how to hold the titanium so as I can machine it.

​Thought it might be worthwhile showing you the concept in case you have any feedback on it. It's nothing "fancy" - just a clean, simple design made from a solid chunk of Grade 5 Titanium.

​Again, this is a rough concept and nothing is final on this design 🙂

How It's Made: CandyCan "XL"

​We filmed a video recently of the the making of the CandyCan "XL" from start to finish.

The video is slightly different to previous videos I've done (a little more fast-paced)​ ...but hopefully you see clearly how this CandyCan version is made​.

​We made a few extra of the CandyCan "XL" on the last run and so we still have some available (typically they are not in stock).

Click here to check it out.

​New CNC Machine

​If you recall in the last blog post...

I mentioned that we could be purchasing a new cnc milling machine. Well, the deal has gone through and the machine should be delivered tomorrow.

​Hopefully it goes smoothly. The reason I say this is because it's meant to be pouring with rain tomorrow (which is funny because we've literally had only a handful of wet days over the last six months here in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand where I live).

Also, this machine is a bit of a beast - around 5.5 tons. I've opted to get specialized machine tool movers to move it because it's a fairly high-end machine.

I'll do another blog post soon about it ...assuming it all goes well!

  • Ethan M says:

    On the buckle corners I suggest more rounded on the slot to help reduce wear and tear over time. Plus with the belt attaching in the slot, it won’t be seen easily.

  • Mark Gamble says:

    Like the video!

  • Beau says:

    I think an oversized buckle would be cool

  • Justin says:

    The end of the post on the belt buckle needs to be rounded. Having the tip be slightly flanged or spherical would be even better.


    Please make the buckle 3-inch x 2 inches not counting where the belt loop goes.

  • Frank says:

    I’m with Maxime: a titanium belt buckle that holds a can or a (beer) bottle!

  • LT says:

    I’ve seen titanium belt buckles before, and if you make one then it will be just another belt buckle. I would love it if you produce a belt buckle that is a container to store my edc items. I bought my titanium container from tisurvival and it was a perfect fit for what I need but now I’m trying to modify it to be a belt buckle. Please consider making a titanium buckle container that can be useful, Thank you.

  • E. Jones says:

    Best of luck with your new machine! And a belt buckle is a great idea. A few thoughts: One: A buckle that could work for a variety of belt widths would be excellent, up to 2″ or so, not just the everyday 1.5″ or 1.75″. Two: A curved hook catch works much better than a straight pin. Three: All the corners and edges need to be rounded (≈ 2-3mm radius?), especially on the inside face, for reduced wear and better comfort.

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