Titanium “Belt Loop” Carabiner-Style Clip

I feel guilty

My last product (The TiClaw™) was something I made just for me.

So today I’m going back to what I usually do (which is listening to what you want).

What I’m about to show you is the initial designs for something I’ve been asked for over and over and over again.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked for a carabiner-style clip to hang off a belt loop.

This is my take on it (it’s not quite finished):


Titanium Belt-Loop Carabiner-Style Clip

Titanium Belt-Loop Carabiner-Style Clip

Titanium Belt-Loop Carabiner-Style Clip


One more thing…

Although the above drawings are not finished – I have in fact finished the first prototype (being cut as I type this!).

I have a sneaky feeling it’s going to work damn well (after a few minor changes no doubt).

A couple more points on it:

– I’ll most likely add some CNC work to it (which will add to the price …but will be aesthetically mind-blowing 🙂 )

– It will most likely be made from 2.5mm thick titanium (I think this will be the “Goldilocks Thickness” in terms of looks and function)


  • William says:

    I’m really looking forward to see what your final design will be like.

  • Sazad says:

    That’s will be awesome, thank you

  • Fernando Dias Dalla Costa says:

    The marriage of the “seahorse” and robocop?

  • B Alan Eisen says:

    This sounds very interesting. Now we need a 30.5 cm Titanium chain.

  • Mulburk says:

    Quite intrigued

  • Robert says:

    Looks like another crazy but useful design Magnus. Best of luck with this!

  • John says:

    I would pay extra for some CNC work to it (which should be aesthetically mind-blowing!!!!)

    2.5mm thick titanium (PERFECT “Goldilocks Thickness” forlooks and function!)

    I am ready to order!

    thank you!


  • MikeM74 says:

    This looks amazing!

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