Titanium Bolt-Action Pen and New Knife

​Let's get the shameless self-promotion out the way first...

We're going to be offering some Black Friday deals for sure (because, let's face it, everyone loves a bargain ...especially if it's titanium! :-P).

​One quick thing...

​You're probably already aware that we do a lot of pre-order type stuff when we offer products for sale.

​We still have some of those going - but, for Black Friday, we've made a special point of having a range of products IN STOCK and that will ship right away. We don't have a lot of them... but they are in stock and they will have a ROCK SOLID discount.

Long story short:

​Keep an eye out for a Black Friday email from me (which, because I'm in New Zealand, you may receive on a Thursday evening ...because that's our Friday morning!).

NEW Titanium Bolt-Action Pen

​Just launched this ​recently (in case you missed it) - ​the brand new Titanium Bolt-Action Pen (which I call Bolty™):

​And with a MokutTi/Timascus pocket-clip option:

​I won't go into the details here because you can find everything you need to know about this new bolt-action pen by clicking here.

​A couple of things you may want to know though:

-- 100% Grade 5 Titanium (including the spring)

-- Machined entirely in-house

-- Super-smooth action (actually, make that ultra-smooth)

-- Slim and minimalist design (not 'chunky' like most other bolt-action pens)

​​Minimalist "Neck Knife"

We've been experimenting with making a pocket-size fixed-blade knife.

​The idea (hopefully) is that it's both a 'neck knife' as well as a knife you can clip on the edge of your pocket ...or possibly even your belt. But, mostly, the plan is for it to be a Neck Knife.

​Before I continue...

If you're not familiar with what a Neck Knife is ...it's a fairly small knife that you carry around your neck. Typically it has some sort of holder that it clips in and out of.

We're hoping to make the holder out of titanium (yeah, I know, just can't let it go!).

Here's some of the prototype blanks we started with:

​We've still got a bit of work to do on both the holder for the knife ...as well as the main bevel.

​We started out going the route of a typical knife (i.e. hand-grinding the main bevel) ...but decided we wanted to cnc-machine the bevel and (ideally) leave machining lines in there.

​Here's a look at where we're at with it (ignore the bevel ...that's very much a work-in-progress):

​My hands are not that big (but the small knife makes it look like they are).

The dimensions of the knife are...

Blade Length: 47mm (1.85")

Overall Length: 118mm (4.65")

...and I think that's it for today.

  • Sanjero says:

    I really like the look of that pen! Very clean!

  • Otto Rechenberg says:

    I do like the Neck-Knife look, I’m in for order for SURE. I would like the thing that clip onto the belt loop or anything that clips on clothes (Pants, Shorts or Boots, ETC). Is what I like over chain alike on the neck. Thank you for continue Great WORK. Can’t beat TITANIUM : )

  • Paul says:

    Love the new knife idea – awesome!!!

    Have you thought of beta titanium like the oceanmaster knives? Higher Rockwell rating for hardness and edge retention than 6al4v

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