Titanium ‘Candy Can’

​Okay, here's the Good News:

The CandyCan™ is in stock right now as I type this - click here to check it out.

The Bad News:

They take a long time to make and I've only got 16 available right now (yeah, I know, we often do runs of hundreds on products) ...and so, unfortunately, only a lucky few are going to get in on this first run.

​The ​Not-So-Bad News is that if you land on the CandyCan™ order page and it is sold out ...then I have set up an email sign-up where you can enter your firstname and email so you get priority notification when I make the next batch.

New "Twist" Pen (Coming Soon...)

​Very soon (within a week and possibly a few days) I'm going to be launching a brand new pen.

Yes, it will be Titanium.

Yes, it will be fully machined in house.

Yes, it will still be the usual minimalist design you've come to expect from me.

The design is similar to my previous (and somewhat famous) ​Titanium Click Pen - but now has a custom-designed twisting action to extend and retract the refill.

​This new "Twist" pen will almost certainly be a Kickstarter project.

While we are able to use some of the previous components of the original Click Pen (i.e. the spring and tip) ...pretty much everything else is either newly developed or modified. So we really need to make a minimum number to make it worthwhile.

The good news about that is that I can make the Kickstarter prices lower then website prices - woohoo!

​More Knife Fun

​As you may remember...

We've been experimenting with different colours using the Cerakote process.

​The above Orange + White was actually an accident. We were meant to make an orange knife and a white knife ...but there was a little mix-up and we ended up doing two left-side scales in orange and two right-side scales in white. Turned out pretty cool though!

​We are not offering colours (yet!) ...but you can get the classic Flixx Friction Folder here.

  • Andrew says:

    The pen looks neat, what refill does it use?

  • njw says:

    Missed out on the candy can – but as it now says ‘sold out’ I can’t see what the price was. Can you let me know? Thanks

  • Todd says:

    I would love to see a nail clipped.

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