Titanium Cheese Slice

Yes, I’m NOT kidding around here…

What I’m about to reveal to you is indeed a full-on, high-performance 100% Titanium cheese-slice

Yes, hand-on-my-heart, it really is a Titanium Cheese-Slice.

Yes, hand-on-my-heart, it really is a Titanium Cheese-Slice.

But first, as disclaimer:

This is not my product.

Actually, that’s not strictly true. I helped in the design of this product and take it to the final prototype stage. Also, I’ll be part of production of this Titanium Cheese Slice in terms of initial titanium preparation, tumbling/finishing process and first stage of quality control (oh, and you’ll probably notice that I helped in the creation of the Kickstarter project page).

Just to be clear… this is not my project. It is being run entirely by my friend and Master (and I don’t use that word lightly!) CNC Machinist and Engineer Warren Simpson.


Warren and I in his workshop with a couple of finished Titanium Cheese-Slices

Warren and I in his workshop with a couple of finished Titanium Cheese-Slices

Here’s what you need to know:

#1 – This Titanium Cheese Slice project is launching Tuesday 24th November (That’s within 24 hours as I type this!)

#2Click Here RIGHT NOW to get on Warren’s pre-launch email list …because you’ll want to ensure you get access to the *EARLY BIRD* DISCOUNT Rewards.

That’s really it.

Actually, you’ve twisted my arm, I’ll give you a little more “insider information”…

Warren is the guy that does my CNC machining. So, yes, the PillPots, my upcoming Titanium Mechanical Pencil project and a lot of the other crazy titanium stuff I do is done by Warren (see, I told you he’s a Master :-).

We both thought the Titanium Cheese Slice would be a simple weekend project. But, dear lord, you cannot image the work that’s gone into this. In fact, you almost certainly wouldn’t believe the hours if I told you.

The thing you’re probably wondering is…

Does it REALLY need to be made from Grade 5 Titanium?

In fact, YES, it does.

You see, the thing is, those “blades” are very special indeed. If stainless steel was used it is likely they would bent and ultimately snap/break. Grade 5 titanium has that unique combination of strength and elasticity required for this design.

Again, click here to go to Warren’s “quick and dirty” website and get on his email list (he’s not the type to spam – trust me) – he’ll send out an email when the Titanium Cheese Slice is live on Kickstarter (again, less than 24 hours as I type this).

If you have any questions about the cheese slice before it’s launched then please do ask me in the comments below because I’ll almost certainly know the answer 🙂


  • Questions about it? Then fire away… 🙂

  • Eric says:

    The image didn’t load for me the first time I glanced at this page. I thought you meant this type of cheese slice:


    …made from Titanium

  • Robert Lukach says:

    Glad you are helping a fellow designer with his project Magnus! No doubt it will be a huge success on KS!

    • Thanks Bob. Will be interesting to see how it goes. I have a feeling that a lot of people might not be that interested… but there will be a bunch of people for whom this is the “Holy Grail” 🙂

  • Ben says:

    Dishwasher safe if all titanium?

  • Ashek says:

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  • Craig says:

    Does the cheese slicer have different thickens on each side?

    • Magnus says:

      The thickness is the same on each side (there are two sides so you can use either left or righ-handed …or cut towards or away from you).

      There are two different versions though – a thick one and a thin one.

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