Titanium Dominoes + BLACK FRIDAY

​I have THREE things for you today...


​We've put together a bunch of special deals for BLACK FRIDAY for you.

Some of them will be pre-order ...but quite a lot of them are IN STOCK and will ship immediately.

​I will warn you now that we have a whole page of discounted products (many of which we've not had in stock for a while) ...but there are only one or two of each of them on average.

Some people will be disappointed - and I am sorry in advance if you miss it. There is always next year (but I doubt that's much consolation to you :-/).

Titanium Dominoes

​Man, this is something I've wanted to do for a long time!

In fact, I had a go at making ​some around 2.5 years ago (which I had just bought the CNC machine and was trying to get the hang of it).

​I made a video of me trying (and FAILING!) to make them and put it on my YouTube channel. And, amazingly, if you Google "titanium dominoes", then my video is the first result to pop up ...and it's called "Domino DISASTER!" 🙂

Long story short...

The business has evolved since then. We've grown. We now have two CNC machines and two machinists.

And so ​I've finally been able to have another go at the dominoes - and they've turned out pretty cool.

Here's some photos of the making of them:

​I'm going to offer these during the BLACK FRIDAY sale. While they will technically be a pre-order ...it's only because we're going to make them to order (so that will take a couple of days to do before shipping)​.

The plan is to offer them individually and you can choose the numbers (or "dots" more accurately) on each end. We will then machine your domino once the order is placed.

I might offer a whole set (undecided at this point) ...but, honestly, there is a lot of work in these (believe it or not there are two separate machining and tumbling sessions for each piece ...which results in something like 5 x CNC operations ...and 3 x tumbling cycles).

The reason I mention the work involved in them is because if a whole 28-piece set is offered, then it could very well be over a thousand dollars.


​If you've been following me for a while (and I'm talking about 4 or 5 years here)...

...then you'll be familiar with the "TiVault".

The TiVault was a concept I initially talked about many years ago. It's essentially a titanium cylinder with an end-cap ...but the ​main feature is that the end-cap can only be opened with a special "key".

​The reason I say it is "infamous" is because I've talked about a few times (and I get asked for it a lot) ...but I've never really taken the time to launch it.

The last iteration of the TiVault looked like this:

​The reason this time is different...

I've actually made the final design and prototyping should (hopefully) start next week.

There is some "bad news":

I'm planning to keep it really simple and only offer one standard-sized TiVault. I'm not sure if I'll make other sizes in the future.

Here's what the current design looks like (just in terms of proportions):

​We've not finalized the key design so that's missing in the above drawing.

The dimensions will be 45mm (1.8") external diameter and 74mm (2.9") external length.

And that's all I have for you today. 🙂

  • Kevin says:

    Hey Magnus,

    The TiVault looks great you can put me down for a couple.


  • Brian says:

    Oooh interested in the domino – how large is the tile? And would you be set up to do “8 – 1”, with the “8” being all the outer dots in a 3×3 matrix, and the “1” being the centre dot?

  • Matt Vine says:

    Wondering the status of Ti Pocket Tweezers.

  • Michael says:

    Man you’re killing me with the dominos. They look epic and of course my heart wants a whole set but my brain and wallet say otherwise! Good work as always.

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