Titanium EDC Mini-Wrench (Coming Soon!)

I showed you the 2D CAD drawing of this last week.

Now, after a decent amount of time through my various tumbling processes, the semi-final prototype is ready:


Titanium EDC Mini-Wrench

Titanium EDC Mini-Wrench

Titanium EDC Mini-Wrench

Titanium EDC Mini-Wrench


A couple of things…

This will be available very soon (I reckon a few days away).

There are two versions available …metric and imperial.

The design you see in the photos above is slightly different to the final design …I made a few “tweaks” to the design you see above (but very minor).

One last thing

I will try and get some more photos to show you the size of this little beast …it’s extremely compact …and I love it! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Ronald says:

    I will buy one of each. Looks cool an functional.

  • Mike Gallwey says:

    I’m in for 1 of each at least!

    Magnus, you should sell the custom Titanium screw post you have from the rabbit…. I need some! Lol

    • You know what …I might actually see about getting some done (have none left just now).

      Would love to hear what they are for… ??

      • Mike Gallwey says:

        They are for one of Brads (tactical keychains) Ti-key and Ti-key mini.. All I have are the cheapy aluminum screw posts and I keep stripping them..

        I would be very happy if you started selling them. Lol

  • Ken Maddeford says:

    Interesting…Mmmmmmm! Imperial

  • Don Lehew says:

    On Aug 4, asked you to get me a figure 8 for my rabbit, you said it had been sent. Not, then I sent you another e mail and you said you would take care of it. NEGATIVE. I hope you take better care of your customer base in the future. I am very disappointed in the customer service.

    [Contact info removed from public view. – Magnus]

  • William says:

    They look very strong I will buy one of each when you make them.

  • Robert says:

    I’m also interested in both versions!

  • Kirill says:

    I feel disappointed. ๐Ÿ™ It really hurts when you announce this prototype AFTER I bought couple of weeks ago two TiClaws from you. If I had a chance to choose between TiClaw and Mini-Wrench I’d rather wait for Mini-Wrench to be produced.

    • Wow, that’s not good. Sorry to have disappointed you Kirill. I will email you shortly and see if we can remedy this.

      One quick thing I’d like to mention is that, to my mind at least, they are fairly different products. I say this because I know many customers who bought the TiClaw …but would not buy something like this Mini-Wrench.

      Will be in contact soon Kirill.

  • Gusto says:

    OK Magnus, this is serious business. You keep this up and you will need to develop a Logo and stamp it on everything you sell. Some of your products may be too small, so come up with a single letter or design that fits. Put that creative grey matter back to work!!

  • Mike Gallwey says:

    I agree with Gusto, a brand or name/initial stamp on your products would be awesome… Then when your super famous and your products are worth small fortunes we will know if they are genuine or not…

  • Mike says:

    Magnus I’m sure I bought a set of these but haven’t received them yet.. Could you check to see if I actually did buy a set? And I got my tiwrenches today, amazing, they are what made me remember about these.. Please email me..


  • Mike says:

    I’ve sent you an email Magnus

  • Doug says:

    Whatever happened to the ti mini wrench?

    • I made a bunch of them as a limted-and-never-to-be-made-again run. And, well, I never made them again.

      I’d like to do something similar to them again – but a little different.

      Hope this helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Doug says:

        I would definetly be in to something similar to that design. It’s visually appealing and I have some of your other stuff and I’m sure it was well made. Sorry I missed that one. Thanks.


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