Titanium Fidgets and Updates

Well, it's been a few weeks ...so let's get straight into it!

First, we'll discuss late projects:

This last few weeks we've been cranking out the ClickShift Titanium pens (for website orders ...not for Kickstarter). All website orders are shipped (as well as most of the Kickstarter Rewards for this pen).

We've also been working on the PillPots (slower than expected - but that's because it's the first time we've made them in-house). Shipping should start this week ...and then carry on over the next couple of weeks.

The Fountain Pen will start as soon as the PillPots are finished (while not technically late ... this project is dragging on a bit).

The Titanium Skull is almost up-and-running again. We had started it - but encountered issues on how we held the skull for the second part of the machining operation. We started making it the second time and found we had tweak the fixture (and by "tweak the fixture" I really mean start again from scratch!). I think we have it solved now and skulls should be coming off the machine smoothly by the end of this week.

I will discuss the knives that are late in a separate update.

The Titanium "Toad"...

While we get caught up with late projects I also MUST keep some new things going out the door (to ensure workshop rent, machine loans, etc. all get paid).

The Titanium "Toad" magnetic fidget slider has been HUGELY popular - here's a couple of photos:

If you're still not sure how this fidget thing works, then there is a video on THIS PAGE.

The Titanium "Ridge"...

With the popularity of the "Toad" slider ... I continued along this concept and came up with the Titanium "Ridge" slider:

Fidget spinners may have more mass appeal ...but these magnetic sliders win hands-down for shear fidgetability and addictiveness.

I play with these a LOT more than I ever did with spinners.

  • Jack says:

    I tried contacting you several weeks ago about an order, but have received no reply, so apparently the message did not go through. I still need to know the status of my order, so if you could contact me, I’d appreciate it.

  • Aaron says:

    Thanks for the update. Do you have a new ETA on the titanium skulls?

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