Titanium Folding Tweezers (and other stuff)

Let's get straight into it...

I've been working on some new Titanium Tweezers for a little while now - and they are pretty much ready.

I've been carry a prototype set on my key-chain for a while and, honestly, they are fantastic (yes, I know, super-arrogant!). Although these new Titanium Tweezers look kinda long ...it's really more of an optical illusion because of the slimness of them. I don't even notice them on my keys when I carry them around - which, personally, can be a deal-breaker as I'm fairly minimal in what I carry.

Here's a ​couple of photos of the making of the ​TiTweezers "Pocket Edition":

​Below are some photos of the latest (and finalized) prototypes. They are "raw" straight off the cnc machine this afternoon (so no tumbling or surface finishing has been done):

​Now here's the issue...

I don't have a lot of raw titanium on hand - so I definitely can't make many right now (although I am almost setup to make them - just a couple of very minor tweaks to go).

However, I thought I'd see what you think of doing a "crowdfund" project here on my website (I did one a year ago for a small knife ...which worked out very well).

What this will do is allow me to (fairly quickly) buy in the ​titanium and start making them. The upside of this is that YOU will definitely be able to get hold of a set. If we only make them with the current material I have on hand, then I'm only going to be able to make a couple of dozen sets (so that means only a small number of people will get them initially).

​Please do let me know what you think. Also, I can probably do a special deal for you if you want a few sets (I could be wrong here but... are these not the ultimate Christmas gift?!).​

Titanium Bricks

​I have just 8 of these Titanium Bricks left - they have been hugely popular:

​I don't have any more of the 11mm thick titanium it takes to makes these - so these are the last available for at least a while.

​A Little "Teaser"

​​In the background we've been designing a compact knife. It's still at the early stages - but here is a little preview of where we are with it.

Note: This is still early-stage and so there are lots of "little details" still to be added:

  • Emanuel Robins says:

    Great for travelling Magnus these tweezers and a lot more portable please kickstart these Magnus

  • Sebastian O says:

    IN for T-Tweezers!

  • Peter says:

    I’m in for the tweezers. Look cool.

  • LT says:

    Yes to the Kickstarter for the tweezers!

  • Michael Sussmann says:

    Yes for the Kickstarter tweezers although it would be really cool if you could make them smaller.

    With regard to the new knife design, is that titanium or steel?

  • Achim says:

    Still using version 1.0 from 2014! These tweezers look awesome and seem really handy for travelling. +1 for a Kickstarter campaign.

  • Terry says:

    Im in for a site based crowdfunding. Bypass kickstarter fees and run it through here if you have a big enough distribution list to make it worth while.

  • John says:

    Yep, love it, here I go again can’t help but say yes…

  • Paolo F. says:

    I am in for the folding twezeers!
    Keep us posted on the availability.

  • Jim says:

    Just the thing, I’m in.
    Great concept and execution Magnus

  • Peter Kerr says:

    Crowdfund it if the responses cater for more product than you have.

  • Ian Stearns says:

    I’m in! I really like the clean design. I’m glad you have them angled to a sharp point, most useful in my opinion.

  • Ron says:

    Looks different and practical

  • Shannon says:

    Looks like a winner to me. I just gave you a wad of cash looks like i’ll be hustling up some more soon.

  • Anson says:

    Kickstart the folding tweezers!!!

  • Kirill says:

    I vote for foldable tweezers!

  • Ilya says:

    Magnus –

    The tweezers look fantastic! How do they lock in the closed position? The tips look quite sharp (which is excellent), but can they accidentally open when in pocket?

  • Jimbeaux says:

    Count me in…

  • Charli Hendrickson says:

    Love the tweezers! I’m in.

  • Curby says:

    Hi there Magnus, neat design! I just have a couple thoughts:
    1) It would be great to have a detent or slipjoint mechanism (like on a swiss army knife) so that the tweezers are held closed with something other than just friction: they would actually be biased towards the closed position.
    2) It would be help with cleaning to open the back of the tweezers and allow dirt/lint/etc. to just be blown out the back the way you can with a pocket knife built with barrel standoffs instead of a solid backspacer.
    3) Having some sort of light milled texturing on the scales would help with grip while using them.

    I hope that’s useful! I look forward to the finished product.

  • Fariborz Barman says:

    Hey Magnus, nice work as usual. How much are those tweezers running? Maybe five of them?

  • Steve Ehrlich says:

    I need the folding tweezers and that fixed blade knife (your little “teaser” has me sold for the design) in my life. I’d love to see both of these come to market!

  • Blob Ring says:

    do it Magnus – do it – foldable tweezers kickstart in my hands in a couple of weeks.

  • E. W. Jones says:

    Folding tweezers look great! I could use a pair or two & would love to see them for direct sale, or through Kickstarter. On the new knife design: Is the frame Ti and the blade stainless?

  • Doug Rieseberg says:

    I wouldn’t mind getting one or two.

  • Otto Rechenberg says:

    Perfect this thing will not being left at home, car, or lost, misplace somewhere? With This new folding tweezer and a key ring attach on key set 😁 “no worry mate”, go for it. I’m in for 2 (two). One me and one for wife. 👍🏻

  • Warren says:

    Love to see a titanium hiking / survival staff/ stick .

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