Here’s How To Win This MokuTi HangKey And One-Of-A-Kind MokuTi Scalper… (Worth $400!!)

You might find this weird, but…

I’d really like to know more about you. I’m serious.

Yes, I know a bit about some of the die-hard Cogent Industries fans – but there are many of you I simply know nothing about (well, apart from the fact you make the smart decision to routinely invest your own hard-won cash on high-end titanium products made by yours truly! :-D).

But, really, who are you? How do you spend your weekends? Why do you insist on not settling for anything but the best and buying my stuff?

I’m so freakin’ curious about you. I really am. I’m not sure why I’ve never asked this before – but , from the start, I’ve always been wondering…

In fact, I’m so curious about you, I’m going to BRIBE you to tell me more about yourself by giving you a chance to win the following:


Yes, that’s right – I’ve got a MokuTi HangKey and a (never before released) MokuTi Scalper together worth probably around $400 (well, that’s assuming I make more than one of these MokuTi Scalpers). I’m going to give these both away to someone.

Here’s what you need to do:

#1 – Use the form below (not the comments section) to tell me more about yourself.

#2 – That’s it!

I’m serious about this. I don’t know how I’ll pick a winner – maybe I’ll pick at random… or maybe someone will “wow” me with a load of information about themselves.

One, last thing…

Maybe you’re a very recent member of the motley crew of pirates that is Cogent Industries and don’t know anything about me – so, yeah, here’s a bit about me so you don’t feel like a stranger… 🙂


Magnus Macdonald


Captain of of the good ship Cogent Industries



Designing solutions — usually titanium — that are simple, smart and of extremely high quality (and, more specifically, are not mass-produced garbage sold by no-name generic stores).

Looking up at the stars, realising how absolutely insignificant I am… and that maybe nothing matters after all because almost everyone on this planet right now won’t exist in 100 years.



Poor quality and poorly designed products (damn it, this is probably my biggest “annoyance” in life).

People, or businesses, who say they’re going to do something… and then don’t do it! Grrrr.

Formal things:

I live in New Zealand but am originally from Scotland.

I drive German cars because I like the solid feel (even if they are less reliable than a Toyota).

Things I’ve learned in the last 6 months:

Being a parent gets more difficult as they get older (I’m sure my 6-year-old son would disagree with me on that though! :-P).

Finally starting to get a grasp on how little I know about anything (used to think I had a handle on things – but now feel constantly out of my depth in everything).

Random stuff:

I spent an embarrassing amount of time in  my mid-twenties learning how to ride my bicycle on it’s rear wheel (yes, I’m pretty damn good at it even now… I’ll show you a video some time).

I can speak a small amount of Norwegian.

I have a degree in Computing and Electronics – but, shamefully, still not quite sure what a transistor is.

Cookies are my #1 vice (I never buy them because the WHOLE bag gets eaten).


I often feel like I’m in over my head designing and producing titanium products (but then, when I receive some great feedback from Customers, I think, “oh, maybe I’m not doing too badly after all…”).

Some of the earlier products I made were, in hindsight, not great and have shaped the quality of what I try to do now (like the the first version of the titanium tweezers where they couldn’t grab anything… I ended up shipping out replacements to those who bought)

I was so shy when I was younger I couldn’t really talk to people. I taught myself to talk to people by going into multiple shoe stores every day for weeks on end and pretending I was in the market for buying shoes just so I had an excuse to push myself and talk to people (this got me started and it’s been a work in progress ever since – even now!).



Okay, that’s probably enough from me – what about you…


Tell me your story using this form…

EDIT: Giveaway is over so I’ve removed the form (but, hey, if you still want to tell me your story then I’d love to hear it! You can use the Contact page here to do it :-D)




  • Oh, one more thing…

    I’ll probably give it around two or three days before picking a winner. 🙂

  • Ben snow says:

    Sent in tho not sure why anyone wants to know about my boring life lol

  • Hey, I’ve just sent you my story.
    Have a great day!

  • Ben says:

    I’am finished Magnus. I gave you all about me. Now you know me better than my girlfriend 😉

  • J Wood says:

    Oh dear! Just like your were shy in your younger days I’m a sort of “Internet shy” when it comes to talking about myself on the Internet, or the real world for that matter.

    Perhaps I should seek out ecommerce shoe shop??


  • Terence William Martin says:

    Ok just finished my post. Time to go check the mailbox for my HangKey

  • Alexis Marie says:

    Also sent my little story. I hope you will enjoy it!

  • Steve Buddell says:

    Hi Magnus,

    I’ve posted the most boring profile story, have a small nap and a lot of coffee before even trying to read through mine.

    Keep safe


  • Jae Pyung Lee says:

    Hi Magnus, i’m thinking that i was the first Asian (South Korean) sending a story.
    I’m really feel luck this time! haha.
    Have a good day!

  • James Hatley says:



    Just sent a short story of myself.


  • roger says:

    I just posted my story. Hope I don’t bore ya to death, man!

  • James Hatley says:



    Just sent a short story of myself.


  • J.C. de Oliveira says:

    I don’t use facebook, twitter and other social media stuff, but I sent you some info. I do have quite a bit to tell, but that often works better around a pizza or something. 🙂

  • I debated posting my pen name bio which starts with a joke but was too lazy to find it to copy & paste so I’m afraid you got the boring story.

  • Wade says:

    Sure, I’ll play. You’re not trying to set one of us up with a sister or lady friend, are you? I’m totally married.

  • I hope Magnus doesn’t notice I cut and pasted Bruce Willis’ wiki page as my story! Wait, should I have left this comment??!?

  • Jmax says:

    Wow Magnus I just got your reply about my little story.

    To be honest I never expected a reply and yet, I did received one.

    Thanks a lot, once again you exceeded my expectations,


  • Jeb says:

    Did you pick a winner yet?

    • Not yet (have just finished reading and replying to all the emails).

      Will post an update when a winner is chosen (most likely a random draw I think).

      • Hannah W says:

        I’d put a vote in for a selected winner (preferably me, obviously). ????????

        I totally understand the sheer volume you’ve probably had to work through though. Looking forward to hearing who the winner is.

  • Chris Whittle says:

    Don’t know if i’m too late 🙂
    Very Nice Products

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