Titanium Lanyard Bead – With A Twist

I recently made some TiBeads™ (Titanium Lanyard Beads) available again…

(Click Here if you missed them the first time around)

So far there are just four designs – but, hey, they are damn cool designs.

Here’s the thing:

I’m planning to add another design sometime soon.

The design will look something like this…






It’ll probably look better than this (the above is just a rough thing I put together to visualize it).

But, hopefully you get the concept. 🙂


  • Fernando says:

    Got the insight from the salt & pepper shakers, right? Looks great!

  • Jerry Welch says:

    Great design, the best yet. Also, I definitely like the car idea.

  • Ben says:

    Definitely like this

  • Joe says:

    haha yea definitely some influence from the salt and pepper shaker. Cool.

  • Michael says:

    You have no idea how much I want this to exist. Dang it, stop making more stuff when I’m broke. I’m trying to save up for a D wrench and hookups!

  • Hal Foster says:

    I’ll take a couple of these and I’m very interested in the salt & peppers

  • Rick Herald says:

    I got your tweezers set in the mail and they are awesome! I would like to get two lanyards for them and would like to know how to do that. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Rick Herald

  • Wolf says:

    Yes Magnus,
    I am certainly in the market for a dinkum twisted ti-bead as well.

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