Pillpots, Pens, Titanium Magnets and FREE Shipping!​

​This is an update specifically for if you're waiting for Titanium Pillpots™ or Click Pens or Pencils (including writing sets).

Good and bad news...

If you're waiting for PillPots™, then there is still a significant delay. I have a firm shipping date ...but it's not until September. I am sorry about this. There is nothing I can do to make this faster. You now have a absolutely firm date.

If you're waiting for pens, pencils, writing sets ...then it's a bit better. It will be July (although there is a chance we start shipping a little here and there in June).

Also, I'm going to do a Bolty pen update shortly - but, in the meantime, production is looking to be July also for these.

​We're Offering FREE Shipping For TODAY

​Very quickly... we're offering FREE DHL Express Shipping only RIGHT NOW.

​Usually we part part of the shipping for you (you don't really see it because it kind of happens behind the scenes and I tend not to mention it) ...but we're paying all the shipping for you TODAY

Click here to check out what we have available right now.

Magnatron™ Flipper Knife Update

A video update on the progress of the Magnatron™ Knife...

​I made a video with more details about the making of the blade - here it is as well:


​We're trying to get away from the whole pre-order thing.

It's not working for you and it's not working for us.

We obviously have a number of projects that are late and we need to catch up on those and ship.

The tricky thing is that if we focused 100% of our time and resources on that, then we'd probably have to close the doors (how depressing!). So what we are doing is borrowing a little machining time here and there to keep new products coming out ...and actually have then IN STOCK.

​​We recently had a couple of issues with the new CNC  lathe which has stopped us from done specific types of work. However, we ​were able to continue to make simpler parts ...and so this is why I've finally -- after six years -- made some Titanium Magnets:

​I also made a short video (which is on the order page) and you can see there by clicking here.

​One last thing...

We're offering FREE DHL Express Shipping both the Titanium Magnets and anything else you buy RIGHT NOW (make the most of it!).

  • Linwood Pace says:

    Fliptility? I know its probably trailing with the Magnatron, but since ive got 2 Fliptility and a Magnatron on order it’d be nice to know whats happening with that as well!

  • John says:

    Who doesn’t love magnets!?! Order submitted. Hope you and the fam are doing well during these strange times. Can’t wait to see what other new and exciting projects you surprise us with!

    • John says:

      Just received my magnets today. I love how strong they are!!! Unfortunately not being used for anything too exciting. Just refrigerator magnets for now. If I ever get a metal backed work bench, they’ll probably migrate to it. Thanks for the fast shipment! Was unexpected, but appreciated.

  • Courtland says:

    What holds the magnets in to the titanium, er, body?

  • Brendan says:

    Magnets sold out already…I guess that saves me some money, but is a bit of a bummer to sell out on the same day as the announcement.

  • Bullwinkle says:

    Yes, I’m waiting for PillPots, which I ordered in March with a delivery date of June. The delay could be understood if there was an explanation more than “Bad news”. Early or late September?

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