“Chunky” Titanium Multitool Prototype…

Yes, I know, it’s been a looooooong time…

Quite a while since the last blog post – but, fingers crossed, I will be doing them a couple of times a week from now on (but don’t hold me to that :-D).

Okay, so in today’s mind-blowing-and-absolutely-fascinating post I’m going to reveal a shiny new prototype to you.

It’s a chunky little beast with no name:






Here’s what you need to know…

— It’s fully-titanium (right down to the Grade 5 Titanium countersunk screws, posts and washers!)

— The inner “tools” are 2.5mm thick. The outer plates are 3.5mm think (overkill… but rock solid!)

— It’s a dark, stone-tumbled finish (the final finish would be brighter than this!… oh, and I’d ensure the screw-heads match the main finish as well)


It’s unlikely I’m going to produce this in it’s current state (because it’s simply too chunky for my own tastes). In fact, if I did decide to produce this type of thing, it would be a helluva different I reckon.

Simply put:

This prototype needs a lot more work!

Oh, one last thing

Any preferences for tools and functions you’d like to see on this thing?

  • James Cox says:

    Intreasting concept. The only other thing I could do with in a multi tool is a blade of some sort. I’ve got a cheap thing at the moment and would love an upgrade.

  • Robbie Gorman says:

    I do like it, however as it stands I don’t know if I would back.

    I’ve got my TiClaw next to my fridge for bottles, at least 2 tools on my keychain that will open bottles while travelling, my mini TiTweezers on my keyring and a credit card multitool in my wallet which does as an emergency spanner (as recommended by you Magnus!)

    How about going for a completely modular system – kind of like the rabbit? It would be a pledge nightmare, but you could let people buy the “frame” with a variety of Ti posts and then just top up on tools as they saw fit?

    Also, and I know this is sacrilegious, is Ti definitelty the best material for all the tools? Won’t there be quite a bit of flex on the spanners for example? Am I off the mailing list? 😉

    • Ah, yeah, a modular system… got my “brain cogs” in a frenzy now! Very cool…

      Also, no, with regard to flex on the spanners. Have a lot of experience from testing and titanium, although it does have flex if it’s thing, is incredible solid if it’s a little “chunkier”.

  • Glen Oswin says:

    i love it as is !
    love the chunkiness and minimal tools , too many mulitools today have too many tools.
    Leave the screw heads contrasting finishes, makes em stand out.
    Leave it chunky.
    PS. how much for the prototype !? 😉

  • Michael says:

    A good Ti marlin-spike, but keychain (or chunky multitool) friendly.

  • Jeff Engel says:

    Hello Magnus,
    My tool function priorities: cutting, screw driving, tweezer, filing, scissors, bottle opener, wire cutter. I don’t see the utility of the wrench shapes for a multipurpose tool, except lower on the priority scale. My highest tool priority is writing, but then it isn’t really a tool, right? How about a pen with a retractable blade? Never saw that…

  • Zen says:

    I always have either a Leatherman charge or preferably a skeletool with me (the latter when working or on the farm and the charge for everyday carry).
    Something as minimalistic yet versatile as the skeletool made from Ti would be QUITE enticing – although I’d figure that thing is quite hard to beat already… less is definitely more.

    • Yeah, just checked out the Skeletool. Very cool indeed. Something to strive for perhaps!

      • Alexahente says:

        I carry a Skeletool every day, and I love it very much, but it’s a bit of an awkward shape. I definitely couldn’t live without the blade and the screw driver bits. I use the pliers much less than I thought I would and the bottle opener must more than I thought I would. Just food for thought.

  • Tim Hale says:

    Looks good. I’d like to see a screwdriver and a small blade. The all titanium construction would be vital to me for something I carry in my pocket. It’s weird but my skin rusts most steel tools. It’s like a really rubbish super power.

  • Ewan says:

    Would love to see a prybar in there. But rather the knife/blade remains separate.

  • Mel says:

    Very nice looking tool, but perhaps at least couple of driver heads (one flat, one phillips) would be a good addition. Also, like you said, it’s extremely chunky, so it doesn’t look to be particularly pocket friendly – belt sheath/pouch or bag would seem to be the best way to carry it.

  • Bob Lukach says:

    Looks good to me Magnus. A little chunky is ok-no big deal. I like the matte finish as is. Hope you decide to produce this.

  • Mike G says:

    I NEED 1 of these Magnus ! Please make it !

  • Klyph says:

    I second Johns priority list writing, cutting scissors, can opener, bottle opener cork screw. Marlin spike and a tiny bit of modular space to add some of the awesome tools I already own from you and others. Ie your rabbit

  • Paul says:

    Maybe better dig you own titanium mine before producing this.
    But it must be a great thing trying to produce something nobody else, in their right minds, would even consider!

  • Attila says:

    If you can make at least the TiWrenches easily removeable by some sort of clipping mechanism, would be a blast — I can imagine that moving the wrench with the ‘handle’ may not be possible in tight spaces.

  • Jonathan says:

    I like the concept – I’d like to see a minimalist multitool designed for cycling.

  • Stephen says:

    I looked at that and just thought, if I had a swivel case for your tweezers I’d carry them around more easily (dang, those are pointy things to have on a keychain!) and I’d maybe like the spanners but I really don’t need another bottle opener…

    I’m thinking that the deliberately modular option is a good way to go: we can pop it open and swap from day to day grind to holiday fortnight carry.

  • Engels Wilson says:

    What about a knife with beta-titanium?

  • GaryD says:

    I love the size / scale that it is now – thin sides on most multi-tools cut into your hands if you are applying any kind of force. And what good is a tool if you can’t lean on it a little? That’s the reason I’ve given up on most of the ‘leatherman’ type ones I have tried over the years (I haven’t used them all, so maybe someone out there has fixed the problem).
    In terms of alternatives to the bottle opener (seconding the ‘not really interested in that one’) – I’d love to see a Stellite blade – the durability and corrosion resistance would complement Ti nicely. Of course, it might be too crazy expensive. The only blades I see with it now are custom jobs, so I’m not sure how much is creator markup, and how much is actual cost.

    Keep these cool designs coming!


  • Eric says:

    This is one of two multitools I’ve ever wanted. It doesn’t have to have a knife (I have a knife for that) and I don’t care how clunky it is. Still no plans to sell these?

  • Sean says:

    I like it stunning multi tool would love one purfect

  • David Wilson says:

    What about an adapter tool that would allow the user to add any jigsaw blade of their choosing. I had one on a multitool years ago and used a remgrit blade on it. came in very handy.

  • Tim says:

    I really like this idea of a “pocketknife” approach to a multi tool. I believe this design provides additional leverage and stability AS LONG AS each tool locks into position when open, like a folding pocket knife blade. I do not believe anyone else has implemented this design approach and the finish on this prototype is killer and unmistakably Magnus!!! One reservation; tweezers require a bit more freedom and flexibility of movement, not afforded in this design IMHO. (perhaps deploy-able tweezers)? Cost; this one ain’t gonna be cheap but any well invested titanium-head would expect so. I’m watching the development of this one closely (because I want one)! thank you Magnus for what you do!

  • William Schinella says:

    The only thing I will say is to make sure the tools on this are strong enough to work as most of the ones on the market these days are lucky to turn a tight nut!

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