Titanium Pen (Pre-Launch Photos…)

Okay, this is what you wanted.. (well, sort of)

The last post I did had no photos of the up-and-coming titanium pen about to launch on Kickstarter.

There was uproar about this – so I thought I’d better get some photos out to you right away. I must admit that I’m not providing full photos of the pen – just a few “highlight” shots. But it’s still better than nothing, right? πŸ˜€

Oh, and before I get to the photos…

Judging from the comments in the last post I think loads of people are expecting something major. Like a “bolt action” pen… or an EDC pen… or a tactical pen… or something like that.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but:

Although this pen has taken more hours, energy, sweat and tears than I would dare to admit — I think you’re going to find it fairly simple.

But, trust me, don’t let that fool you. Once the project is live you’ll see what I mean. Cool? Good.

Here’s some photos I promised you…






Oh, one last thing…

This one-of-a-kind titanium pen is well past the design stage now. So, while I welcome your comments, I unfortunately won’t be able to add any features or such at this stage. But, hey, there could be a second pen – so feel free to let me know what you want… πŸ˜€

And… just so you know… this pen will not be able to accept Fisher Space Pen or Pilot-sized refills. Sorry to have to break that news to you. Better to break it to you now rather than later… πŸ™‚


  • George G. says:

    So what refills does it accept?

  • Achim says:

    Like it! Sleek and minimalist like all your other products!

  • Brad says:

    That’s ok Magnus, just send the people who want those refills to me πŸ˜‰

  • Roger Sharp says:

    Whatever does picture #3 show? It looks like a titanium banana.

  • DON says:

    That tip looks very similar to the Uni-Ball Signo 207.

  • Per says:

    Fischer space pen refill compatible would be great.

  • J says:

    Yes, a bolt action EDC made from titanium and your design flare as a second pen would be amazing. Please think about it!

  • John says:

    “….picture #3 show? It looks like a titanium banana….” to me that looks like long axis profile image of the mid/distal portion of the pen’s clip…

    It looks like the prominent offset and curvature of the clip will accomodate and allow for clearance for thicker farbics like jeans or canvas type textiles…
    I am sure Magnus will elaborate and his additional images of the pen will clearly show more of the unique features of
    this fantastic Ti pen….

    thank you!


    • John… what the… have you been looking over my shoulder?… πŸ˜€

      • John says:

        ….Channeling you Magnus !!!!–this seemed to be a well thought out solution by your design feature!

        Also, great to have some of your other projects to know how you may approach some ergonomic features in your design…

        thank you!


  • John Adams says:

    In a previous blog entry he said Mont Blanc.

  • anson says:

    Hopefully, there are finger grooves for added traction/grip !!!

  • John says:

    the body of the pen looks bead blasted/ matte finish for added traction and grip…

    as Anson stated: …finger grooves would be nice additional detail…

    I am sure finger grooves will add to machining and cost of the pen, but finger grooves would also add to the beautiful
    look of the pen….


  • Bob says:

    Please tell me that this pen will be able to take a Pentel Energel refill or a Uni-Ball Jetstream refill. I already have two pens that will only take Mont Blanc refills, and that’s one too many.

    • Ah, Bob, man. I hate to break it to you – but you may be disappointed. I am doing Mont Blanc FineLiner/RollerBall refill only on this pen. I explain more below…

      • Bob Haas says:

        No worries. I like the idea of the Mont Blanc, and I use both the rollerball and fine line refills in my two Prometheus Alpha pens, but I’ve really come to love the FINE liquid gel refill offered by Pentel–the Energel .5. I love it, and I also love that Uni-Ball Jetstream. And you might wish to take a look at the Schmidt 888 ceramic rollerball refill. All of those are very, very good refills, on a par with the Mont Blanc, but much cheaper. Having written that, I appreciate your high standards for your pen. And I’m sure that I’ll purchase one. I carry my titanium Alpha all the time, even though it doesn’t use the Pentel refills. One manages. Good luck with the pen.

  • Joe w says:

    In pursuit of true freedom are we Magnus? I knew there had to be some Tim Ferris in your work ethic!

    The pen looks beautiful, intrigued by it definitely.

  • Tom Anderson says:

    I’m sure that this will be a great pen… but I’ll wait until you turn out an EDC pen that will accept Fisher Space Pen refills. I use fountain pens at my desk & always travel (even down the street) with a pen that carries the Space Pen refill. Cheers

    • Hey Tom, I can see you (and a bunch of others) would like a Fisher Space refill pen.

      From the comments and feedback I have a feeling I will offer this down the line (and will most likely ask for some requirements from you). So, yeah, this will be done. In the meantime though – it’s Mont Blanc…

  • Believe it or not….

    For years I’ve had “issues” with pens that “ink up” at the tip and leave a blob of ink on the page every few words. I thought it was my writing style initially.

    Then I tried a Mont Blanc and was blown away! And so I decided that I wanted to create the ultimate pen based on this. Purely for me. Purely selfish. And with no apologies. πŸ™‚

    And this is the pen that’s being launched. My ideal pen… which, turns out, took a lot more designing, testing and problem-solving than I ever imagined. But got there!

    Hopefully this helps explain the use of Mont Blanc.

  • anson says:

    I agree… ever since getting my prometheus alpha pen from kickstarter- Im totally in love with the MontBlanc screw-in refills. They are definitely expensive, but you get what you pay for- consistency of line, and a great writing experience πŸ™‚ (sounds like Magnus’ titanium business model?)

    Looking forward to another pen that uses those refills!!!

  • Hmm. I have always hated ballpoint pens with a passion. In the older days, I used to swear by fountain pens, but lately, I’ve been using something called the Staedtler pigment liner (0.5 mm), and I am sort of happy with those, even though they are designed for technical drawing rather than writing, I think.

    But the pens sold as roller ball seem much better than standard ballpoint, not that I know the technical difference. Perhaps I should try out one of these Mont Blanc thingies.

    What I used to dislike most about the ballpoint pens, is that they used to force me to apply too much pressure. I don’t want to feel like I am about to tear a hole in the paper just to leave a mark on it. Will a Mont Blanc allow me to write with minimal pressure? And is it just one kind of refill, or are there many sorts of refills fitting the Mont Blanc style pens?

    Yes, as you can tell, my ignorance is boundless, for sure due to the aforementioned hate. But I find this could be a good time to reconsider.

    • Jacob G says:

      Harald Hanche-Olsen,

      In my experience, the Mont Blanc refills take very little pressure to apply ink to paper. In fact, they take such little pressure to write with that I could draw all over paper while the paper is suspended in the air.

      I am a huge Mont Blanc fan as they are really good refills (couldn’t tell you a thing about their pens though!). I believe you will find them to be very good!

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