Titanium Pen With “G2” Refills? (I need your help)

I need your help (yes, really!)

It’s about pen refills – take a look at the short video below:


What I’m basically asking in this video is…

“What exactly do you mean by a ‘G2’ refill?”

It was not clear to me from the comments in yesterday’s blog post what you (and there were many, MANY of you!) meant when you said ‘G2’.

One last thing…

I REALLY appreciate your complete honesty in your comments yesterday and that you did not hold anything back. It was brutal and I loved it …it’s that kind of no-nonsense communication that speeds things up, saves time and money …and ultimately results in better products for YOU. πŸ™‚ Thank you.


  • Adam says:

    Personally, I’d be happy with the fisher refill but I know I’m unfortunately in the minority.

  • kirby says:

    hi sir good day i suggest you use the refill for parker pen. cheaper in price at the same time nice quality. thanks.

  • Gagan says:

    It’s the pilot G2 refill. You can buy these separately. Don’t need to buy a pen for a refill. πŸ™‚

  • Robert Ferguson says:

    I don’t know what a G2 refill is, but I have a number of Fisher Space Pens and their refill is a good one. Personally, I prefer the Cross refill. They write a long time and never skip or smear (unlike the space pen which smears with their medium and broad point refills). I was all set to order the new click pen and now I am hesitant. Could you possibly use the Cross refill?

  • Ryan says:

    Not the parker.

    The Pilot G2. You can buy the refill online. It also comes in

    1mm / .7mm / .5mm / & .38mm… That is in America you can get the 1mm, .7mm nd the .5mm but for some reason the .38mm can only be ordered from Japan or some specialty stores.



  • Aaron says:

    YES Magnus I knew someone with attention to detail like you would notice. There are 2 DIFFERENT “G2” refills. It’s a mess.

    • Aaron says:

      PS: Fisher makes a “Parker G2”-shaped refill, so if you went with Parker, you could still use Fisher refills. Each shape, Parker and Pilot, has their own family of compatible refills. You just have to see which is “better” (wider choice? fits your pen body? more popular? has the highest quality refill?)

  • WY says:

    The G2 pen refill is a lot easier for me to get my hands on. Personally I like to switch my refills around, so if it’s possible for the pen to be made with some tolerance for several similar types of refill, that would be great.

  • Jon says:

    How about the Schmidt rollerballs that fall in between a Mont Blanc rollerball and a Pilot G2?

    The Pilot G2 refills are ubiquitous but not as smooth or consistent as other manufacturers’ offerings in gel and ink rollerballs.

  • Kirill says:

    Hi, Magnus.

    I think you answered your question yourself on 01:58 of your video. If you can make your click pen with only one type of refill, then simply do it with a Parker style refill.
    P.S. I also hate Fischer refills.

  • Anael says:

    I understood this as the G2 from Pilot. I love them, they have quite the same feeling as my MontBlanc and apparently you can fit a MontBlanc refill in a G2 ^^

  • Pierre says:

    I would like to see it with the Parker refill. NOT the G 2 which is a thicker gel ink, like a marker. Most important I loved your pocket clip on the pencil click you made in titanium. Cheap pocket clips make the pan look cheap. And by all means try to keep it under $100..

    Thank you

  • Pierre says:

    I would like to see it with the Parker refill. NOT the G 2 which is a thicker gel ink, like a marker. Most important I loved your pocket clip on the pencil click you made in titanium. Cheap pocket clips make the pan look cheap. And by all means try to keep it under $100.. For those who like the Fisher refill most of the refills come with an adapter for the Parker pen free of charge

    Thank you

  • Robert Ferguson says:

    Magnus, please remember that your pen is just a holder for the refill. The refill should be the best quality for the expensive pen you are selling. I am disappointed by the MontBlanc refills. They bleed through the paper I use. The Cross does not bleed through. Since your motto is “To Impossibly High Standards”, shouldn’t your choice of refills also equal those high standards? Don’t let others make that choice for you. Experiment with many different refills before you make your choice. Pilot does not make high quality pens. Would you put a Ford engine in a Rolls Royce?

    • ryan says:

      This might possibly be the best answer. Magnus should get crazy about writing. Order a bunch of pens and just use them every day. There are so many pens and refills out there … he should just use them all. Taking note that there are 1mm .7 .5 .38 and even .25mm roller balls out there.

      Most western pens unfortunately don’t go below .5mm Also there are so many types of ink. Some groups are firmly in the gel variety where others prefer other kinds of ink…

    • Lucas says:

      I agree with Robert, you should make this decision after your own testing Magnus. I personally do not have a problem with Fischer Space Pens, I own 3 and only stopped using them when I got your pen last year. I must say that I am not 100% happy with the Mont Blanc refills. I seem to go through them really quickly and they are very expensive. I do agree that you should go with what you believe to be the best refill available, and I will buy your pen when you make that decision.

  • Daniel says:

    Hi Magnus
    The idea is great: the great refill debate is important at this planning stage- I trust you will make the best decision.

  • Mike says:

    The problem with the so-called “G2” refill is, that the name is used for two different refills. So people in different countries in fact are talking about TWO DIFFERENT REFILLS when they say “G2”.

    – One is the european standardized refill name “G2”. It refers to the so-called “Parker-style” refill. This is the refill used in the Parker Jotter and many other ballpoint pens an produced by a lot of different companies.

    – The other one is the “Pilot G2” which has a different size. This is often used in east asian pens and gel pens. It seems that especially a lot of American people refer to this refill when they are talking about the “G2” refill.

    Look at the Kickstarter project from Tactile Turn. He produced TWO pens the “Mover” and the “Shaker” exactly for this reason. The shorter one is meant for the Parker refill, the longer one for the Pilot refill:

    Kind regards,
    Mike from Germany

  • Simon Funge says:

    I would prefer the Mont Blanc refill as it is a premium product and widely available.

    • Chace says:

      Agreed: Mont Blanc because of its premium product and colors. The fisher is a novelty that would be fun but the MB is something I’d like to write with.

    • Lee says:

      I love Mont Blanc refills and have used them in my pens for some time, but they have a flaw that prevents me from using them any more; they will bleed all over your clothes if the tip of the roller comes in contact with fabric. For some reason, the Pilot G2 ink will not do this and, after losing a couple of very nice shirts, I went back to the G2 refills, even using them in my Mont Blanc pen.

  • THOMAS LEARN says:

    Use the Parker refill!! There are MANY different brands that all use this basic pattern.

  • Sean green says:

    Personally I like and use a fisher every day But I do like the Parker for the convenience of getting refills basically anywhere

  • alberto says:

    I use mostly montblanc fountain (when not you Titanium one) . So for me I’d say anything that makes it happen (Parker G2).

  • Lonn says:

    Magnus – Pretty awesome that you are so willing to accept feedback. Seems like most people refer to the Pilot G2 as the ‘G2’ and the other as ‘Parker’ or ‘Parker-style.’ So the feedback likely asking for a Pilot G2 refill.

    But you seemed to indicate the G2 wouldn’t work. I would guess that’s because the diameter is too wide.

    The bigger takeaway is that Fisher Space Pen cartridges are widely loathed for the writing experience. Probably any good gel or capless rollerball (schmidt?) would be a welcome replacement option.

  • Lu says:

    I recommend
    1″OHTO PG-805″ 0.5mm G2 refill (I think it is the best choice). It is a Gel ink refill. Even I use the nib point to open my delivery boxes as a knife for many times, it still write perfectly and its ink can be used up (half year!).
    2 “OHTO PS-207NP” and “OHTO P80-07NP” are both Ball point refills (Oil refill). Better than Parker G2.
    3 Schmidt easyFLOW 9000. It is also a good refill but it is only avaliable in 1mm in some places.

    In fact, Japan’s brands’ G2 size refills are truly better than European countries brands’ refills like Schneider.

    And notice: Pilot do have a BLS-G2-5 regarded as G2 refill. But the fact is that only its name called G2. Its size is not G2 at all! “Pilot G2” refill can only match their own pen!

    • Ryan says:


      There is a big difference between chemise made and Japanese made pen refills. 1. They are more reliable. 2. More options. The few sub .5mm options out there are almost all made in Japan.

    • Courtland says:

      Having tried many different pens and refill cartridges, the first maker to blow me away with (consistent) quality, across their whole line, in a long time, has been none other than Ohto.

      Magnus, you use “Japanese” mechanism for your titanium pencil, try the same with your titanium click pen!

  • Roland says:

    As I am from Europe I would recommend the parker-style G2. They are really very common here and you get them in almost every store.
    But I was very surprised to hear that fisher produces refills in the parker-style too. Wouldn’t that suit for you Magnus – as you liked the fisher refill in the first line and the wish for the pilotG2 would cancel the pen right away?

  • Casper says:

    I’ve personally become a fan of the Pilot G2. I don’t know about the arguement of ford v rolls, but to each his own. The Pilot G2 is as smooth as a Montblanc whilst sacrificing a little quality feel, but that is made up by the fact that it is 1/10 the price. I only ever look for pens that will accept a pilot G2 now. I will purchase one that isn’t if the quality looks up to “impossibly high standards”. That being said, I would love to have a Cogent Ti Pilot G2!

    The Pilot G2 has many thickness options as mentioned already, anyone who hasn’t tried them all out need to. I too always thought the standard Pilot G2, the 0.7mm, was too much. However switching to the 0.5mm has made a world of difference. I have no less than 20 stocked up in case of an apocalypse. The pens are so inexpensive that buying a full box of plastic pens and swapping out the pen insert into a high quality pen housing make a world of difference and is totally worth it! Hopefully this will be something you can do. Love the pens, but secretly hated you for not having a clicky. As always, keep up the great work Magnus!

  • Souwalas says:

    The Parker-style G2 refill is the “good” one. Despite that, there is also a pressurized variant of it, that works like a Fisher-Space Pen.

  • Jason Martin says:

    i like the Fisher or Parker refills. Fisher refills often come with an adapter to fit Parker style pens .

  • Michael says:

    wow, I learned something today.

    So, the G2 I was referring to yesterday, is made by Pilot. It is, without question, the best selling gel pen in the US.

    All the size options, (1mm, .7, .5.. ) use exact same size refill blank.

    Thanks for addressing this issue so quickly!

    • ryan says:

      Not to mention it’s probably he most popular throughout S.E. Asia. It’s even available in a .38 option. Try writing hanzi (Kanji) with anything larger than a .5mm…

  • Alastair Robb says:

    Please consider the Ohto refills. As mentioned by Lu, above, the they are excellent writers. Reasonably priced too.
    Best, Al

  • Nick Robinson says:

    What’s wrong with the MontBlanc refills that work with the current titanium pen?

  • J-Philippe says:

    Pilot G2 is a poor quality one… Parker refills are pretty good.
    But one of the best writing experience (and durability) is with the Caran d’Ache Goliath.
    Best regards

  • Paul says:

    The Pilot G2, which was one of the first “cheap” gel refills is really not that good. The ink blobs easily and the ball skips often. Here is a review of them: http://officesupplygeek.com/pen-review/gel-pens/is-the-pilot-g2-the-best-pen/

    The Parker G2 is a common size across the globe, and other companies make gel and rollerball refills in the same size, which leads to more choice for your customers. Here’s an example from Amazon: http://a.co/9H8vXJe

    I don’t know if the UniBall Signo refills are easily available to you, but the 207 and DX refills are considered to be some of the best gel pens available. The DX comes in a 0.38mm ball size which writes beautifully in spite of the tiny ball, which is great for people like me with messy handwriting! πŸ™‚

  • Raadz says:

    It is a money issue for most:
    Look at a proper review – if you want quality and check the cartridge reviews at the bottom:

    Basiclyu the fisher will _always_ work but needs preassure to work against the paper.

    Mont blanc is the best quality choice but is more expensive.

    Im after long lasting quality here – and parker does not seem to fit the picture.

    Remember a Mont Blanc is out of the price range for most people. A standard MB is almost 400 USD in Europe, I guess 320 USD in the states.

    Go with your gut and test them out as G2 and Parker is not considered top range. Just most sold cheap.

  • ANGEL says:

    Hi Magnus
    Personally, I prefer the Pilot G2 refill. They write a long time and never skip or smear . The Pilot G2 refill Provides very smooth writing and has a higher quality than the rest refills in line with the pen you have made it.

  • Jerry Welch says:

    The Parker g2 is a good one, use it.

  • ScotK says:

    I personally prefer the Pilot G2 refill. They write smoothly and are also widely available. However they do require a larger pen, which is not a bad thing as I have your earlier titanium pen and find it way to small to write with comfortable for long periods. There are plenty of examples of click pens being made for this, most recently Tactile Turn’s Gist. I would love to see you do a variation of your design this way though.

    That said, the Parker G2 is also very common and suitable for EDC. If you design the tip with excruciating accuracy, It will fit both Parker G2 and Fisher Space Pen refills (with the extender.) The reason I point out the accuracy is some people make the hole too large to accommodate the Fisher and then the Parker refill clicks around when writing which is absolutely annoying.

    Thirdly, you can actually make the pen accommodate all 3 refills. Parker G2/Fisher refills will both work in a Pilot G2 WITH a spacer. Try them in the Pilot you showed in the video.

    • ScotK says:

      Additionally I’d like to point out there are a lot of reviews out there. Some people love Fisher refills, others hate them, some love one or another Parker style, others hate them. I swear by Pilot G2 refills. I use them daily and have zero issues I’ve seen some reviewers complain about. I’ve seen comments about if you want quality you have to use Mont Blanc. There is a large part of the EDC community that would disagree. Pelikan and Faber Castell both make really nice high end pens, and both use the Parker/Schmidt style refill. Others like the Uniball Signo refill, especially those looking for very fine points. I personally don’t fair well with those. I can find reviews out there that favor or trash pretty much any refill. You might even try a few different options yourself in a prototype or two and see what you think. It is your vision.

    • scott says:

      Correction to my post, I meant the Tactile Turn Mover/Shaker.

  • Nicolas says:

    It looks like it would be impossible to fit a Pilot G2 or MB in the pen without changing the dimensions and I like te dimensions as they are. Instead a Parker compatible refill would give the largest choice in refills. Normally it should be able to accommodate the following refills:

    Parker GEL or QuinkFlow
    Franklin-Christoph Ultra-Glide
    Schmidt Easyflow 9000
    Schmidt Pressurized S
    Schmidt Private Reserve P900
    Fisher Space Pen
    Foray Rollerball
    Monteverde Soft Roll

  • ian says:

    Thank you for not considering the fisher refill! I think the refill will depend on the pen length. Parker-type G2 or Pilot G2. My go-to refills are the Itoya gel refill (parker-style) or the pentel energel (pilot-style)

  • William H. says:

    So the pilot g2 is the one that came from the pilot pen. With that being said, Parker does make a gel pen refill that writes similar to the pilot g2. It’s not quite as thick of a line (the tip is smaller) but is the same color and consistency of a g2. I think if you can find one of those, people would be happy. I do have one of the refills and can send a picture of it. I would assume you’re looking for the top plastic piece (was blue on the Parker in your video) on the refill in order for it to work?

  • Dan Mostek says:

    I’m all about the fisher, I work outside and like the benefits that that has the offer being said I know you’ll make the right choice all of them will be good

  • Bob Gelb says:

    Very simple:
    FISHER or CROSS…..

  • DC says:

    Schmidt Easyflow 9000, the real answer.

  • Luke says:

    I actually like the space refills. I like knowing that it will work anywhere.

    That said I’ve started using a Tactile Turn Glider with the Uni-Ball Signo refill (which is Pilot G-2 compatible). That refills writes super smooth and is like a high quality version of the Pilot G-2.

    I’ll probably buy your pen which ever you choose (price pending). At this point I would probably favor the Pilot G-2.

  • Hussein Al-Sahlan says:

    I’m ok with a fisher space pen refill it suits my line of work and because I have bought stocks of it due to its unavailability down in Kuwait or the whole region here to be honest. I’d rather prefer the Parker refill, its popular worldwide and cheaper with good quality. The G2 refills Well there are two kinds which may cause confusion, and I don’t really like it anyways. Tried it on pen.. i just dont like it.

  • Christian says:

    Why not include a small spacer or adapter where it would be possible to use different & most popular refills. For Example: Pilot G2, Space Pen,etc. Just so it’s easier for everyone to let them choose and use refills they have on hand or have easier time attaining.

    Or maybe a fountain pen iteration in case people have ink bottles and prefer it that way. I prefer and actually wish you made one because Fountain pens are just so much more convenient to “refill”

    There’s just so many “special/homemade” pens that are great quality but so inconvenient because the refills are so hard to come by.

  • Steve says:

    As you probably figured by now, pen refills are a very personal, subjective thing. I regularly switch between pens using Pilot G2, Schmidt, Ohto and Fisher. The Space Pen always writes, so you can rely on them in any conditions, but they’re only so-so to write with (a little draggy and unexpressive to me). I always fly with the Fisher. It will never leak on me. The Schmidt are very nice to write with. The Ohto are my favourites, being smooth as butter and come in a wide range of line widths IF you can find them outside of Japan. But all things considered, the Pilot G2 are easy to find, cheap and reliably smooth/long lasting refills.

  • Frank Colletti says:

    Hi Mangnus,
    Please NOT the pilot G2 and NOT the Fisher space pen.
    The Parker style G2 would be a lot better.
    Is it possible to make the pen where it can be used with multiple refills, refills like the easy flow 9000, the Montblanc ball point and the Parker style G2 and possibly along with other refills were
    everybody would be very happy with the Click Pen.
    Thank you Mangnus awesome job.

  • Damon says:

    I agree with NOT using the space pen refills, but no opinion on another. I do prefer a larger tip, not a micro point! I read that “gel” ink can’t be washed off of checks or important documents.

  • OKB says:

    I’m fine with Fisher Space Pen or Cross refills.

  • Shaun says:

    I have become a bit of a pen junkie in the last 2 years. I believe if you go with the Parker style format, you should please a good swath of the market. This might be your best bet to appease both gel and Fisher fans. As mentioned in above responses, it is a very common form factor and the Fisher refills can also be adapted to fit a Parker pen with an adapter that Fisher includes.

    I have a multi-compartmented Pill Pot as part of my EDC, so I’m certain your pen will hit the “impossibly high standards” mark!

  • EdgeScience says:

    It seems like the way to do it is to make the pen to fit a Pilot G2 (or similar rollerball sized refill) and then include an adapter spacer that allows for a Parker or Space Pen refill. Everyone wins.

  • Glenn says:

    I don’t mind Fisher refills, but whichever way you go, I’d like for there to be a writes anywhere option. Reliability and the guarantee that the pen will write when I need it to is my primary concern.

    I do think you should try a bunch of refills yourself and choose what you think will make the pen most functional.

  • Alex says:

    Magnus, please stick to you’re vision. The space pen refill may not write like you’re beloved fine liner, but this is an EDC pen…which needs a space pen refill! This is the pen you always have on you, and you always need to just work.

    I wouldn’t listen to the vocal minority, the space pen refill was the right decision, stick with it!

  • Ben says:

    You can’t go wrong with the Schmidt easy flow refill.

  • Zak says:

    I like the fisher refill for where I work, I need to be able to write on wet surfaces. I think it’d be cool to possibly be able to use a couple different cartridges. Thank you! I’m buying the pen no matter what anyways!

  • Daniel Ramirez says:

    Pilot G2 is nice, however there is a few of us who don’t like how fast the refill quits working. There has been a shift in preference taking place for a while now and I’ve seen and purchased several pens that allow for the “Pentel” energel refills. The flow really nice and last much longer than the pilot G2 series. However if your seeing more of a following towards towards standard ballpoint like “fisher” space refills. I would submit that a “parker” ballpoint refill is much more reliable and flows nice on paper. I agree will all the posts on “fisher” refills. They smear and write/flow blotchy.
    Best of luck I’m excited to back your pen once you decide on your refill of choice.


  • Brian says:

    I do like writing with the Pilot G-2 pens, but if those refills are incompatible with the style pen you’re building, then I’m fine with pretty much anything. The Mont Blanc refill from your last pen project was quite nice too. The novelty of the space pen refill doesn’t seem to justify the not-so-great writing experience it seems to bring though.

    I’ll be buying the pen either way though!

  • Frank Becker says:

    Please use the Parker, because the other one are not available at Germany

  • Jay says:

    Contrary to some here, I’m not a fan of gel based cartridges and prefer ink against paper. Gel has a tendency to slide (some say glide). I feel you need some sensation of pen against the paper. πŸ™‚ Top choices for me would be Mont Blanc or Fisher Space Pen. Both are readily available (for most), both have excellent writing characteristics.

    • Jay says:

      One other point on gel (no pun intended) .. There’s a reason the Pilot G2 gels are hanging packaged two or four to a blister pack in Walmart very cheap. Not being a “pen snob” but it is what it is. Sounds like that wouldn’t work with the current design anyway though.

  • Chris says:

    Pilot G-2

  • Brian says:

    Definitely the Parker-style one

  • Andrew Symmonds says:

    Honestly, the only way to go with this is the Parker Style G2. This style refill is made by many different companies and ranges from pressurized (Fisher) to ballpoint to rollerball to gel and even needlepoint. I haven’t researched it, but there is probably even a Parker style fineliner refill out there. While everyone cannot have their favorite refill, the Parker style would allow them to have something very close to it. It is also widely available worldwide. I can’t wait to get one of these pens for myself. I have your pencil but never got your pen because I don’t care for a screw off cap that can be lost. I prefer click or bolt pens. I’m sure the quality on this product will be top notch as usual. Thanks, Magnus.

  • Jeremiah Sullivan says:

    My vote is for the Parker style refill. Then the Space pen refills would work also along with a large family of refills in that style/size.

  • Rod says:

    I prefer the Fischer pen refill.

  • Karl says:

    I MUCH prefer the Fisher since it is the epitomy of durability, writes under all conditions, doesn’t smear as do the G2 refils (Pilot) (I don’t know about the Parker but if uses water-based ink—will smear when exposed to moisture, I know), and, the pen you designed will match the automatic lead pencil you already developed. I am interested in the automatic pencil (which I initially missed on kickstarter) as well as this pen (designed for the Fisher refill) due to the intent of using it regularly and not just behind a desk. This pen was designed for durability—that durability already in evidence with the Fisher refill. I often use my pens outside and do encounter inclement weather–which I already indicated, leads to smearing of the G2 refills. Keep the design as is.



  • charles wheatcroft says:

    Well I bought one of your previous pens – the pen is great but I wear out the Mont Blanc refills in days.

    A Parker refill for your click pen would be amazing. The refills are inexpensive and widely available in different colours and sizes.

  • JR says:

    Good Morning,
    I believe the G2 is a Pilot Pen Refill. I like the Parker Pen gel refill best, if you are going for a gel pen. The problem with clicky gel pens though is they tend to leak when warmed – so, if you are stowing the pen in your pocket it might be messy. The original Titanium pen, which Magnus makes, has a Mont Blanc refill (a bit pricey) and is superior to all the above.

  • Martin Vachon says:

    Hi Marcus,

    As a paramedic, obviously my choice is the Fisher space pen refill for convenience and “ZE” Canadian winter. The G2 is a gel type of ink and of no use to me.

  • Emily says:

    I was happy that you had chosen the Space Pen refills.

  • I use a keyboard for 99.44% of my writing so deferring to the well written wisdom from the masses commenting above ultimately I trust in & shall encourage you
    “Magnus the MagnificenTi”
    (who still uses barbaric pads and archaic clipboards) to:
    Hold on tight to your dream! Whatever you decide, I am still buying two.

    Adam, Three Screens

  • Ken says:

    I’d prefer the Pilot G2, but if that’s not gonna work, the Parker G2 is just as easy to come by.


  • Kodey V says:

    Hey Magnus!

    I suggest using the MontBlanc Rollarball for the ink.

    MontBlanc is known as the best on the market! Plus the other pen uses it too! (Of which I own)

  • Ben says:

    Parker style si I could use Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 and I’d be happy

  • john says:

    Parker refill is the best, my vote is to move forward with it.
    Parker refill hands down!!

  • oldkenobi says:

    I’d much rather have the fisher refills myself.

  • Mark says:

    I’m also confused ~ I thought you were talking about using the Fisher Space Pen Ball Pen Refills :-
    As they were waterproof etc,etc… If you can’t use this then the Parker G2 but this doesn’t offer the same specification??
    The Fisher G2 is a totally different beast and as you say not suitable?

    • Ryan says:

      I get the impression Magnus is not crazy about pens.

      When I decided to make the leap and get myself a non disposable pen I fell into the same trap. The Fisher space pen sounds cool. You can do all these things… that really never matter to anyone who isn’t dangling off a cliff on a frozen planet at the edge of our solar system.

      Because in the end, the Fisher space pen does everything but write well. Now I keep that pen in my car so I can log gas milage…

      Magnus needs to get crazy about inks and writing points. Ballpoints, Rollerballs & Gels. Not to mention moving beyond this one size fits all. .5mm seems to be a compromise that doesn’t do anything well… a choice between 1mm.7mm .5mm .38mm and in some cases even .25mm options are integral to the task.

      To make everyone happy the refill needs to come in at least Oil & Gel options. It also needs to come in .7mm, .5mm and .38mm. Brand preference is is important if you are catering to a specific audience. but having the above options is more important for an EDC that appeals to the most people.

  • Evan says:

    The G2 format (has an ISO standard)…I use the Schmidt G2

    cf. http://www.cultpens.com/c/q/explore/product-type/refills/parker-type-g2-refills

  • Jason says:

    I vote for a Uni-ball refill such as the Jetstream refill or Signo 207/307 refill (same form factor). This is not simply my personal opinion, but one that has many posts to support its popularity. Also, the Jetstream can please those who like ballpoints, and the Signo can please those who prefer gel pens.




  • Evan says:

    I would buy your Titan. click pen for writing experience. Therefore the G2 standard Schmidt. For practical field use, wet, I have a Fisher Space pen.

  • Kane says:

    Mark – actually watching the video is probably your 1st step to understanding the change.

    I’m not a perspective buyer as I have the One pen but I’m glad to hear that people talked you out of the Space pen refill.
    I have a Space pen that I use at work when I’m out on site in poor weather, however, if it’s not poor weather, I won’t use it because it’s crap to write with. If the option is write or don’t write, fair enough. Otherwise, steer clear. Use the pencil.

  • Jonathan says:


    Love you stuff and been following you since the rabbit. In all honesty I only really use pilot hi-tec C’s and uniball signo umr 83’s and will only buy pens that support those two refills. I find that writing with them is really smooth even with their super fine tips and is the best writing feel one can get. If you’re making a premium pen, you really should consider a premium refill, both are highly rated, look up the reviews and you’ll see that it really does make a difference

  • Bayley says:

    I like the Parker style refill, exactly like the one you show in the video. As some have said already that pattern allows for a multitude of third-party variations I believe from Schmidt, Mont Blanc, even Fisher has a version that mimics that click mechanism pattern at the top.

    For me I’ve never been a fan of the Pilot G2 it is too runny and soaks through most types of paper.

  • Kevin Erickson says:

    The Fisher refill is not a luxury writing experience.. You have already covered that base with The One.. I, as an individual that uses pens in all weather conditions happen to appreciate the the Fisher cartridges for their utilitarianism..
    By no means the silkiest experience but easily the most useful ..
    My two cents.

  • Mel says:

    I’m a fan of the parker style refills myself. They are relatively inexpensive and pretty reliable. I value a good ballpoint over gel ink.
    Maybe you could include some sort of converter to accept parker or G2s (which are slightly longer/ wider I think)… since those seem to be the 2 most popular refill options. But I know that also might get pricey for the additional machining needed for each pen.

  • Richard says:

    Pilot G2 is fine but the Parker offers a greater variety of refill options. I think you could still use a Fisher refill with an adapter if the pen was made for Parker style refills.

    • Ryan says:

      Where Parker does offer a Rollerball, Ballpoint and a Gel options in .7mm and .5mm. The smaller tip available is .5mm. On the other hand, the Pilot G2 only offers a gel but it’s available in 1mm, .7mm .5mm and .38 mm…

      I can’t stress enough how important this is when writing most foreign languages. 1mm and .7 mm pens feel Neanderthal by comparison.

  • Jeffery says:

    The Parker G2 is made by numerous companies with Ohto being my favorite as its a needle tip. That is what is most important to me. A smooth writing needle tip is what I want!

  • Ethan says:

    I may be the minority here but I like the fisher pen. I actually like the waterproof nature of it and the ability to write in any direction. I would however prefer the Parker refill. I hate that the pilot is gel and smears easily. And it’s hard to get the ultra fine point recipe that dry quick (they are also really rough feeling when writing for the ultra fine).

  • Randy says:

    Pilot G2 is awesome and I think that is what most people mean with they say G2. Parker works as well. I actually created a little jig to cut the Pilot G2 down so it fits in the same pens as a Parker. Either way, I’m in.

  • Jay Newburgh says:

    I really prefer the Mt. Blanc or Schmidt.
    The Parker would certainly be better than fisher.

  • Cash Winkel says:

    So for those unclear on the explanation, a G2 refill normally does not refer to an actual G2 pen from pilot, the G2 refill refers to the “parker” type refill that has become an industry standard in the pen refill market. All that being said, after trying many many different brands of refills I feel that the Monteverde refills write the best consistently out of what is offered. It’s not pressurized ink like a space pen and not waterproof, but the feel as the pen goes to paper is amazing and I get complimented on the feel of my surefire pen loaded up with this refill regularly. Their blue-black ink is a gorgeous color in my opinion as well. Pen refills are like fine wine though, many people have a different preference.

  • George says:

    Anything but Fisher – Mont Blanc, Schmidt, Parker style.

  • David says:

    I’ve had much better luck with Parker. Pilot G2 refills have quit writing when plenty of ink was visible in the tube.

  • Brant says:

    Pilot G2 all the way !! I buy the refills by the box. Would be just as happy with the Parker style refill as well – they do a ballpoint and gel rollerball in the same refill style.

  • V Goudreault says:

    The Pilot G2 is available in 15 choice of colours and in bold, fine, extra fine and ultra fine. I dare presume that this is what people were interested in, because of the choice, and because they are really smooth.
    But if they are not compatible to a click pen mechanism, then that is pretty much it…

  • Ron says:

    Fisher or Mont Blanc.

  • cody says:

    Personally I can’t find anything better than the Pilot Precise V7 RT refills. I currently use it in my Retro51 Tornado, which came with a Shmidt 9000 which was very good, but not as thick line as I wanted, and not easily available locally. I was in the market to purchase a titanium click pen from Bigidesign because they’ve developed thier pen to accommodate a ton of refills. The Pilot G2 and Pilot Precise V7 RT are the same size refill and are interchangeable. I have a Parker Jotter and never use it because I have tried every refill Parker offers and can’t stand them. Parker refills can have an adapter added to them to to make them fit in a Pilot G2 pen, I have one.

  • Scott Massman says:

    Parker g2 gel is a quality refill, it’s a very common refill and easy to get online

  • Leah says:

    I love the Fisher refills and have been buying them for almost two decades. They make Fisher refills to fit several types of pens, so maybe you could make a pen that fits Parker or Cross refills, and then a person can buy Fisher refills that are compatible with Cross and Parker pens/refills. I live in a Wisconsin, and to many people in colder climates, they will appreciate the option of having a pen that doesn’t freeze up when left in the cold. I know I do.
    G2 pens are what we use at the dealership I work at, and I hate those pens and spend my own money to buy different ones. Please do some research on the types of Fisher refills available that are compatible with other pen brands, and pick like a Cross or a Parker that I can by those refills (which I also like writing with), or Fisher refills depending on my mood or preferences. Please do not trap everyone into just a G2 refill.

  • Clement says:

    Either the Parker-style ballpoint refill or Pilot G2 would be fine with me, but I prefer the Parker refill, as I have accumulated a lot of these refills at home. Plus, you can fit the Fisher Space pen refill in a Parker-style-refill pen (with an adapter).

  • Abang Din says:

    Yeah, the G2 thingy is a bit confusing. Personally I’d prefer the Pilot G2 refills. I find it difficult to get the international G2 (a.k.a. Parker-style) refills here in South East Asia region. Even more difficult to find a good gel refills. On the other hand, Pilot G2 refills are almost everywhere and comes in different tip sizes and colours. Though I know that the Pilot G2 refill is quite long compared to Fisher’s.

  • Adam says:

    Thought I’d come and check out what people were saying to see if I could guess where Magnus will go with this…
    All I can say is poor Magnus! I don’t envy your forthcoming choice lol

  • Tim C says:

    I would only buy it if it used the Pilot G2

    Not the parker g2 and definitely not the fisher sp refill

  • Daniel Arias says:

    Can you please stick with Mont Blanc? They write incredibly well, have a wide range styles and colors and it has passed the test of time. Just engineer a way to store the cap. Maybe make it screw on the top or click on the top. The only issue with your current style pen is that I have no idea what to do with the cap. Everytime I use it I have to keep track of it in fear of losing it.

  • Jimbeaux says:

    Pilot G2 Gel pen is my vote. Would love to see it in your next pen… I know you can make it work!!

  • Eric says:

    When I suggested a G2 refill I was talking about Parker

  • Eric says:

    Oh god what have I done. I meant to say Pilot

  • Enrique says:

    Hi Magnus,
    I guess that you’re trying to go for a pen in a format that makes it compatible in size & shape with your previous pen & mechanical pencil, right?
    You mention it won’t fit a Pilot G2 but it will a Parker G2 if you keep the design you have, so that takes away the G2 from Pilot (even the shorter version?).
    If the Parker G2 is similar to the Fisher refill and the latter can use an adaptor, then that looks like it would require minimal tweaking on your side to make happy a large portion of the people.
    With your other pen I struggled a bit to find the Mont Blanc (MB) cartridges (now I know where to get them and they’re really great!) so I tried fitting a Pilot G2 as well as a Monteverde in it. They were both fine, but they stand no chance against the experience of the MB ones. I also recently got the Ti highlighter on Kickstarter which also uses a great MB refill. I had not used MB refills before and I’m, so far, pleasantly surprised by them. I guess the MB ballpoint refill, if it’s as great an improvement over the other ones (Parker, Monteverde, Fisher et al.) should be the choice (especially if its format is close to that of Parker’s G2 , which seems to be highly appreciated here) as you’re going for a high standard.
    Also a ballpoint, rather than a rollerball/fineliner seems like the right choice as you’re already offering the One Pen that takes said refills.
    BTW, your pen & pencil have displaced the Lamys, Monteverdes & Fisher pens I used to EDC.
    Anyhow, I hope this helps! I guess I’ll be getting a clicky Ti Pen no matter what way this goes! Thanks for your hard work.

  • Justin says:

    The Fisher refill is fine by me. Rite In The Rain paper isn’t much use if the pen won’t work πŸ™‚ I already have a One pen, but would have preferred a clicky as I know I’ll lose the cap sooner or later…

  • Jerry says:

    while the Pilot G2 has many variants that are great.
    i am also fine with the Parker G2 but also agree no to the fisher space pen

    so if the size of the parker makes the pen and the pilot kills the pen make it the parker

  • Joon Kim says:

    Well Hard to understand this situation.
    1. Fisher refill is good one as much as I know lots of ppl asked to get fisher refill.
    I bought fisher refill and use with other pens with
    2. They can purchase fisher refill only not whole pen also parker and fisher is compatible with fisher’s end tip which is included.
    3. Even if majority of potential buyers want to get pilot g2, thats not a problem. Easy to use both refill with light modifications.

  • Jerry says:

    Just go with the parker and start making them you know they will sell

  • Brant says:

    Will he click mechanism be Anna’s produced chinese plastic item like on the Ti Click I bought on Kickstarer a while back ? Or will you be creating and building your own click mechanism ? How many parts will be non-Cogent ?

  • Brant says:

    ^^^ That was mean to say “Will the click mechanism be a mass produced Chinese….”

  • Michelle says:

    Another vote for the Parker G2!
    Most important for me: a dependable pen that writes smoothly and comfortably, with a fine point (0.5 mm). That’s why Fisher is out for me, and in my opinion Mont Blanc is too expensive for what it delivers. Yes, G2 pens are usually cheap plastic jobs, but there is nothign wrong with a quality (titanium!) pen that takes good, economical, widely available refills!

  • TrashMan says:

    Magnus, tons of replies above. I am gonna need to read them because they probably have lots of good info. I like the Space Pen refills but you will get more refills that work if you have it work with the Parker style refills. I think the Space Pen refill with the plastic adapter would then also work with your new pen. If you are making it work with the Space Pen refill now, I would guess you would have some tweaking to do to make it work with Parker style.

  • Frank says:

    Another vote for the MontBlanc refill. Quality, my man, stick with quality! Oh, and by the way, widely available!

  • James L Bradburn says:

    I have your previous pen, and I love the design, however I never use it because I carry my pens clipped in my front pants pocket, and the Montblanc refills leak when they are horizontal, like when sitting down in the front pocket of my jeans. (not good) Thankfully your pen is so well made the inc has never leaked past the cap. I haven’t tried other pen refills to find a solution yet. I vote for a nice writing pen that doesn’t leak in any position.

  • Youichi says:

    The evaluation of uni Mitsubishi Pencil “JetStream” is higher than the pilot G2 of Japan.

  • richard says:

    one thing i just want to know when that really fast spinner is coming out because i want to show off to my friends and be the kid with the coolest spinner in school

  • richard says:

    i have seen all of your videos and i thing they are ready can you send me one i can mail you the money i don’t have a credit card

  • NJ says:

    I was a courier I’ve been using Pilot G2 for years and everyone who uses my pen to sign their signature loves it. Pilot G2 limited pens are nice but onetime I dropped it and it broke in halves. I will buy one if you make it fit Pilot G2 refill.

  • Gary A Davis says:

    I think it would be best with the Parker you can get them on line and most stores they work fine use quality ink do not smear (which the Fisher is notorious for) I vote for the Parker Gary A Davis Collector of quality writing instruments

  • Ed Dulong says:

    Unfortunately I’m no help here as I have your first pen that uses a Mont Blanc rollerball. It is amazing.
    Pilot G2 I like better that parker G2

  • RE says:

    Ordered in January, still waiting for my order!!

  • Flexo says:

    You are well done! It is very interesting to listen, you can immediately see the experienced person. I have a question: why are some pens so expensive? This is incomprehensible to the mind! So much money – for what? Like’s here – https://wowpencils.com/most-expensive-pen-brands/ .
    Thank you in advance!

  • >