Titanium PillPot™ Countdown…

Only round 24 hours to go

Yes, the Titanium PillPots are about to launch on Kickstarter!

Here’s another “behind the scenes” look at the PillPots for you::






You know – it’s funny…

For most of the products I show you, they just sort of “appear”.

But this one was different – because a number of weeks ago I show you the concept here and here.

So it’s kinda cool to see it come to life to be honest. 🙂

Roll on tomorrow!

  • Are they waterproof when closed?

    Or do you know if there is an easy way to have them waterproof? 🙂

    Benjamin Van Ryseghem

  • Darriel Caston says:

    Magnus – I am definably getting a pill case – but a quick question – are we allowed to have multiple KickStarter projects going at the same time?

  • Don Lehew says:

    Your pill box is not an item for EDC. It’s not compact, more suitable for business uses.

  • Achim says:

    They’re looking great Magnus! I’ve been looking for a small box to put in my earplugs for EDC use. Very curious about the actual dimensions…

  • Bob Lukach says:

    These will definitely come in handy Magnus. Another great product!

  • B Alan Eisen says:

    I want an extended set. This what I was talking about last year.

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