Kickstarter Launch: Titanium PillPot™ (Sneak Peak)

Just 3 days to go…

Yes, believe it or not, the titanium PillPot™ project is ready!

And, because you’re on my email list, I’m giving you a “behind the scenes” look right now.

Here’s a couple of quick photos for you:





I’ll get more exact dimensions of them soon.

But, in the meantime, the ‘AA’ battery should help you with gauging the size.

I have to admit I am a little excited about this project… part of the reason for this is the amount of work that’s gone into these.


As simple as these PillPots™ look… these simply don’t show the effort and energy that’s gone into them! I’ll maybe talk about that another day… 🙂


  • Don Lehew says:

    Not compact enough for edc pocket use.

  • John tucker says:

    I would worry about spilling pills while trying to open it. Needs to be deeper

  • Basoeki Gondo says:

    It looks nice!
    but i have to agree that it’s not compact enough for me to be carrying it around daily (and i carry 8 different types of medicine and vitamin combined)

    i wonder how thick is the wall (inner vs outer)

  • Bob Lukach says:

    Looks great Magnus! I will be looking for this on Kickstarter and pledging.

  • Shaun Cruz says:

    I have concerns with the titanium of the pillbox transferring to the pills/vitamins (rubbbing off). Are there any safeguards to prevent that, or is it believed that the amount that would be negligible?

    • It’s kinda cool because titanium is probably one of the safest metals to use for this kind of thing.

      It forms an oxide layer and so is ultra-safe. This is why they use it for joints/screws/etc inside the human body… out body doesn’t react with it. Hope this helps.

  • Wow, an overall negative response to this. But I think that’s more on the EDC side of things I think.

    Ah well – I’m still going to launch anyway. Definitely crossing fingers this time!

    • Miroslav says:

      Well if for any reason the Kickstarter does not work out (I doubt it but you never know), you have always a fallback plan — rework and throw in here for “review”. Good luck and let’s see the KS.

    • Jim says:

      Well I like ’em. I think it’s a pretty good balance. I’m not sure fitting a full week’s or several kinds of medication is a reasonable expectation from an EDC item. I imagine it’s more of a most important/emergency medicines item, with larger multi compartment units going in a kit or vest. I don’t think titanium is particularly toxic either, nor will it lose that much material onto medication once it’s polished. I’ll get a couple.

  • Tom Anderson says:

    Wow… I cannot believe the negativity here. These look great. Looking forward to owning some!

  • Looking good… would recommend showing some product shots with common pills of various shapes and sizes in them (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) also with some standardized scale identifier in the shot to let people gauge capacity and such.

  • Mark Farnham says:

    On observation Am I right thinking there would be a lid a base and the number of containers you wanted as the kickstarter options. Also would the lids be seperate items or part of each container

  • Ian Stearns says:

    Magnus, I think they look awesome and I’m on board! very simple design and you know you can’t satisfy everyone needs, just take the input from others ‘complaints’ as suggestions and see how they might fit your design adjustments, if any. I love the idea they can be stack-able and have the option of a smooth top or one that has a hole for a lanyard! This would allow for so many uses beyond just a pill box!!

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