Titanium Prototypes and Bargains

​Right, let's get the bargains out of the way first (and then we'll get into the prototype stuff)...

​A quick "explanation" of the products I'm about to show you:

​I'm a bit of an all-or-nothing kinda guy. If I get interested in something ...then it typically becomes an obsession. No middle ground in pretty much everything. I know, totally flawed character traits - but it is what it is.

​Now, because of this all-or-nothing tendency...

I really don't like to have a little of something in stock. Having titanium products fully in stock is good ...and having no stock is good too (although I'd rather have stock).

But having just a little stock of something ...no. Don't like it.

​Long story short:

​The products below are almost out of stock - and so I kind of want them fully gone right now (some of these we won't make again ...some we will).

So, onto the sell-off bargains...

PillPots (22m and 28mm)

We will make these again - I just don't know when.

​I've taken 33% OFF the price of these because I'm almost out.

>> Click Here to check them out <<

​Here are the specific sets that are available right now (any other sets you see on the page are sold out unfortunately):

Long Loop (both 22mm and 28mm available ...around 6x of each)

​Short Loop (both 22mm and 28mm available ...around 5x of each)

​Long Flat (just 22mm available ...6x available)

​Titanium Letter Opener (50% OFF!)

​​It's unlikely we make these again ...because they are VERY difficult to make.

​Also, let's address the discount on these. 50% off is huge. There is a reason for this. These letter openers have a small "machining issue". It's minor ...and it seems such a waste to have these sitting on the shelf.

​Here's the issue (see arrow):

​It's a fairly small mark (where the two machining toolpaths don't line-up).

While it's not "impossibly high standards" ...it's also fairly insignificant at the same time. I'm kind of on-the-fence about these ...and so I think 50% off is a fair price (which is probably around cost price I think).

Click here to grab yours (just 15 of these available).

Oh, and I have 10 custom-made leather pouches for these left ...and so the first 10 people to grab one of these will get one of these pouches included FREE!

​​Titanium Writing Set

​As I write this there are around two or three of these left (of the 50 Limited Edition that are available).

​These are not being "sold off" like the two products above - but ​there is still a MASSIVE DISCOUNT on them:

​Okay, that's the hot deals out the way - let's talk up-coming products...

​Friction Folder Knife

We're still at the blade stage of this knife.

The concept is a modern-looking friction folder. I'm hoping to have these available in the next few weeks ...but maybe that's a bit optimistic.

​Here how the blade is looking this afternoon (just took this photo 10 minutes ago):

We're experimenting with the main bevels of the the blade having the machining lines.

The above looks fairly "aggressive" I will admit. The line-spacing here is 0.75mm (0.03"). Right now, as I type this, the mill is running again on the blade ...but with a 0.5mm spacing (0.02").

​In the next blog post I hope to have more on this blade for you ...and well as something to show you on the scales.

​The 'Magnus Newsletter'

So this is exciting!

In case you've missed it ...I started the 'Magnus Newsletter' (a PDF you can download) ...and it already had 349 people sign-up to receive the first issue:

​This is the first issue (and so there is a whole load more room for improvement) - but here's the kind of stuff you'll find in it...

  • "Behind The Scenes" on current projects(I reveal things here that no one else will see ...EXCLUSIVELY in this newsletter!)
  • ​"How It Works" guides to different machines used in product production(it's not as geeky as you might think ...and gives you enough info to sound like an expert at the next party!)
  • ​"Pocket Dumps" from real people out in the real world(and, a break down of what they carry every day and why they carry it!)
  • ​...And a whole load more stuff! Not only that but it's emailed direct to you in an easy-to-read PDF format (you can even print it out if you want)

To receive the 'Magnus Newsletter' just enter your name and email below:

Current Production

​Currently we're in producing the Titanium Folding Tweezers:

​If you've ordered these folding tweezers already and are still waiting ...then they are not far away and will be with you soon!

​They are going well and coming off the CNC machine nicely (just a little later than I'd hoped ...so my apologies for that).

And I think that's about it for now. 🙂