Couple of Protoype Sketches – Your Thoughts?

Will keep this super-short today…

Below are a couple of prototype sketches I’d had on my kitchen table for a while.

These would most likely be made out of 4mm thick titanium.

Let me hear your thoughts… (enough interest and I make them – got the 4mm titanium sheet sitting right here!)

(oh, and I’m mainly talking about the two designs on the right of the page)



  • Keith says:

    I like the design on the left a bottle opener/pry bar. I do not need the nut driver part per say, but I would like to have a simple bottle opener on say a hangkey if you can make it simple. Also it would be best if it did not increase the width and add a too sharp of point. I put my key inside my pocket for the hangkey like design as I do not like to rattle when I walk 🙂

  • Stan Teate says:

    I think that a prybar needs to have sufficient purchase, big enough so the hand get a good grip to pry. Rough around the edges for grip.

  • Julian says:

    Judging only based on this sketch it doesn’t seem to have much use past a bottle opener, which is something that you have produced a lot of. And you also have the PryMal for other needs. Just seems like a waste of time to me, but these are just preliminary sketches and only one opinion.

    I actually now see what you were trying to do with sketches on the right hand side, but I feel trying to add so much utility to such a minimalist design takes too much away from either one. The “Combo” design sort of takes something from both a prying tool or a nut driver, not making them better in any way. Other than the fact that they are in the same tool now.

  • Joe w says:

    I’m in somewhat the same camp as Julian. I much prefer the prymal than this multitool of sorts.I’m trying to think of an idea or sketch on what I would like too see

  • Nate says:

    Just to issue a challenge to you, I would like to see a product that incorporates allen keys in an interesting attractive way. In my opinion you have produced enough pry bars and hex wrenches, and at this point they are getting very similar. I already have a viperfish which can accomplish just as much and more than both of these tools so I have no need for either of these (as much as I wish I could support you). I would imagine if you could find a unique way to produce a nice looking slim set of commonly used allen keys you would find great success. Just my opinion.

  • Bob Lukach says:

    There is really only so much you can do with this design (which is great!). I would not attempt to “over-design” what you have already. I’m thinking maybe something a little more robust, with tools incorporated on two titanium plates that are hinged/pinned in one corner or end. Possibly the plates together can function better as one tool (pry bar?), and separated they function as others (screwdriver, file, nut wrench, etc.). I better stop before this thing looks like a minimalist Swiss Army knife!

  • Ben says:

    I would like to see the middle one in what I consider usable nut driver sizes. That would be 7/16 through 3/4 skipping the 11/16 size with a nice pry tip and around 3 1/2″ long

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