Titanium Sale (Plus NEW Machine!)

Remember that new CNC machine I mentioned in the last couple of posts?

Well, 100% for sure, we've got it (it was a little up-in-the-air last time I spoke to you about it). I'll get to that in a minute - but first...

I live in New Zealand ...and Father's Day here in New Zealand is not until September. However, I believe the USA Father's Day is around a week away as I type this.

​So Happy Father's Day to you in advance (because I might not get another blog post out before then).

Actually, while I'm on that...

Many readers of this blog will be new and, since I've not done a video in a while, will not realise two things:

#1 - I live in New Zealand (I mentioned this above already :-P)


#2 - I'm originally from Scotland

Now, here's the funny thing...

The reason I ended up in New Zealand is because I ​had a son with a girl from New Zealand (nearly 10 years ago) ...and I moved here to be part of his life.

​My son Julien will be turning 10 this August and our relationship is amazing. Not only that, but my relationship with his Mother (we are not together) and her family is amazing too!

So, yeah, it's funny how you THINK you know how your life is going to pan out ...but all sorts of other things happen along the way.

Anyway, let's talk titanium...

​I thought I'd do a little "Father's Day Mini-Sale" with a handful of the products we have in stock (this way there is a chance you will have it for Father's Day ...but I can't guarantee it unfortunately).

Use this code at checkout: FATHER20

​Now, there is a little bad news:

​I don't have any Titanium Pens or Pencils in stock. I don't have any Titanium Letter Openers either. And a few other products are pre-order only right now.

The good news:

I have (some) Titanium Tweezers in stock. Also, there are just 12 Titanium CandyCan™ "XL" in stock. There are Titanium PillPots right now - but, unfortunately, they will be selling out soon and I cannot get any more made for around 4 months (yeah, a bit of a pain!).

​Also, I have just made five Titanium Nerve™ spinners available in a "BLAST" finish (this is a bead-blast surface finish that I get asked for a lot - but rarely do).

Lastly here, I have one (yes, just ONE) Limited Edition "BLAST" finish Flixx™ knife (so whoever grabs hits order now first gets it - no more after that. Sorry)...

​Next up, some promotion of someone else...

​Just moments ago I mentioned that I get on well with my son's mother. In fact, we get on so well, we actually collaborated on a recent Titanium + Leather Kickstarter project.

So, yeah, for those of you who have heard me talk about my friend Steph from Kohi Point (​she's the one who ​makes the various leather pouches for some of my products) ...she's actually my son's Mother. 🙂

So, onto the blatant promotion...

Steph's leather skills are getting better with every product she makes (everything is ​done by hand) - and her ​latest ​design is right up there​ with the best!

​Her Kickstarter project is about to end in the next 48 hours - so this is your last chance...

Steph is doing something a little unique on Kickstarter in that she is offering a 100% Custom-Made Leather Sleeve for your laptop of tablet.

​The way it works is:

You can pledge for one of the exclusive Kickstarter Rewards ...and then, once the project is funded, you will be able to provide Steph with either the dimensions or make-and-model of your device. How cool is that ...it is truly 100% custom made for YOU.

Like I said, just 48 hours left, click here to check it out:


​Now, last (but certainly not least!)...

NEW CNC Machine

​It has taken a few weeks to work through all the details and confirm everything - but the new CNC machine has been purchased and installed (yep, I don't mess around! :-P)

​Rather than drone on about it - I'll provide you with some photos of it arriving:

The machine is a Japanese-made Kitamura HX250G (4-axis Pallet-Changing machine).

It weighs 5.5 tons (or around that I think).

​I actually have a lot more to say about this machine (why I decided to buy it, where it came from, etc.) ...but I'll save that for another day.

​As of right now though ...the machine is installed and running and I've already started "makin' chips" as they say 😀

  • B. says:

    when will you have click pens in stock? i can finally afford one and you dont have any ugh lol

  • Al says:

    This is a great post Magnus – congratulations. She’s BEAUTIFUL! Should be an excellent resource for you to allow your creativity and engineering talent to provide us with some really useful and unique products. I’m anxious to see what you dream up next. Well done my friend!

  • Andrew says:

    Time for a Viperfish II. A good multitool deserves a sequel.

  • Kent says:

    I miss your regular youtube channel posts. Especially the jet powered skateboard. ( :

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