Titanium Salt and Pepper

I must confess to you…

This first design is a little “busy”.

I think there are too many little “notches” in it – but the concept is there at least.

The idea is to have two of these (fairly small), fully-titanium, and to be the ultimate salt and pepper shakers. 🙂






This is just an initial concept – so am happy to take it in various directions from here…

As always – would like to hear your feedback. 🙂

  • Brad says:

    Wish we lived closer buddy. Everything you have ever posted on your website is on my ideas list, just can’t get around to them as fast as you. We would make a great team!

  • James Lawson says:

    Great Idea Magnus

    For me classic egg shaped in either matt tumbled or highly polished would get my vote.

  • Basoeki Gondo says:

    It’s good to see you expand to household items on your titanium projects!

    For salt and pepper, may i suggest making salt and pepper grinder from titanium?
    doesn’t need to be medium or large size.

    i have small collection of salt and pepper grinders and the problems i often found are the bottom gears that grind the rock salts or peppercorns.
    i saw once stainless steel grinder body but the grinder part is plastic.
    i’m sure small titanium grinder would be a great and definite conversation piece 🙂
    hope that’s help.

  • klyph says:

    Magnus I know your busy but I have sent you two messages via your Web page contact and I need a response soon.

  • Fernando says:

    Man, that’s great! What if the circular cuts were spiral?

  • Laurence says:

    I’d be more interested if they were maybe knurled.

  • William says:

    My condiments to you Magnus on your latest design, they look great and I’m so looking forward viewing the final product, gosh there are so many variants you could make?

  • B Alan Eisen says:

    I like the segmented pill box better. I don’t cook with salt.

  • Joe w says:

    I don’t own a salt and pepper shaker because I don’t use them haha nice idea though Magnus for those with a use for them

  • steph says:

    Looks great. Luke would love these. He adds salt to everything given that he does so much physical work each day. What size will they be? They’d need to be large enough to fit in his hands.

  • Bob Lukach says:

    As usual, I’ll take two Magnus! Nice design!

  • George G. says:

    Nothing I would use but I’m sure you’d have some takers if you produce these.

  • Arion says:

    Cool (as always)! Maybe you could add more design elements, such as making the vertical grooves wider, or adding solid (non-grooved) bands at the top and bottom.

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