Titanium Tweezers (3D Prototype)

So I’ve started getting back into 3D-design again…

And, as a first random “play around”, I thought I’d get these done (I had them in sketch form already).

Whoa Рhold it right there for  minute!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Wait a minute Magnus… the last few posts you did you showed us stuff and said how ‘ugly’ it was… or how they were full of ‘design flaws’ …and now you’re showing us something that you’re saying is ‘damn good’?”

Yes. I am.

Because, if you take a look at the photos below, I think you might just agree with me. ūüėÄ






These are just initial designs and still quite a long way off from being produced. The titanium tweezers I have coming up on Kickstarter are a lot simpler than these.

The plan for the above design is very open to change just now – so feel free to add your thoughts.

Also, they’re meant to be small, perhaps around 50mm (or 2″) long in total.

  • Robert says:

    I like it a lot Magnus! Especially since they can fold into a case. Lots of possibilities with this one. Good luck!

  • Anson says:

    I like it as well- nice way to keep it compact and protect the tip when stored.

    How will you maintain the pivot tightness? Special bushings?

  • Brad says:

    Awesome Magnus, I use to use Rhino 3D too! Switched to Solidworks couple months ago.

    So what your saying is these will fit in my TiKeY? I think designing tweezers to fit in key holders in general is genius, as Kickstarter about 20,000 Kickstarter backers have Key Holders!

    • Ah, okay. Yeah, I just started Rhino 3D – this was my first drawing with it. Seems like a very powerful program …but also easy to use.

      Might take a look into Solid-Work (I’m sure you switched for a reason!).

  • Jeremy Anderson says:

    How about adding some outwardly curved flanges for finger pads to grip against when squeezing?

    Also, tapering the tip a bit more and rounding it will help them slip easier into those “hard to reach” places (like alongside a toenail cuticle).

    • Hey Jeremy! Yes, there are definitely going to be better finger grips and such (this drawing just my first mess-around with the software).

      Will take a look at the cuticle thing (something to which I am unfamiliar!)

  • Sherman says:

    I personally like the previous tweezers…the case gives the tweezers too much bulk whereas the previous tweezers could be detached and used separately or together and it is thin…just my preference

  • Pierre says:

    It would be a good idea to add a locking mechanism, like a push button ball bearing to prevent the tweezers from accidentally leaving the housing or case, but most important the tweezers have to be effective.

  • William says:

    ooooh aaaaah

  • Rich says:

    Love these Magnus!

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