Titanium Tweezers FAQs

Around 48 hours to go as I type this…

Then it’s the “big launch” of the TiTweezers™ on Kickstarter.

I thought I’d answer a few questions I’ve been getting from you:


Are the “tips” of the tweezers sharp?

A ton of time, effort and money has gone into getting the tips of the tweezers perfected.

I believe they are now pretty much as good as they can get …and certainly rival any set of ordinary tweezers you’ll come across.

Also, a few people have specifically asked if the tweezers are sharp/pointed enough to “dig out” splinters that have gone under the skin. In a word… yes, they they certainly are!

Oh, also, the photos on the campaign really don’t show the tips of the tweezers very well – just couldn’t get my camera to focus properly on them. But, I can assure you, you will be impressed with the tips.


Will there be “Early Bird” Rewards?

Yes, there will be.


I’m going to level with you here – I’ve not taken that much off for these “Early Birds”.

What I’ve done instead is structure the Rewards so you’re getting a damn good deal. I’m most likely not going to make any “profit” on this campaign to be honest – it’s really to get the initial setup costs covered for the machining part of the process.

The cost to get these titanium tweezers made (particularly the tips of them) is a fairly large sum. In fact these tweezers are, initially at at least, going to have the highest cost of anything I’ve made since I started!

Oh, also, you most likely don’t need to “panic” to get an “Early Bird” …because the price of these are already going to be below the planned retail price anyway (assuming I continue to sell them after the project).


Will you have stretch goals?


But, like I said, there really isn’t much “spare money” when getting these made (even if there should be a large amount of over-funding).

So, yeah, this one is up in the air and we’ll see how the campaign goes.


Will they ship in time for Christmas?

Most likely not.

I will plan for shipping after the end of the year …but I will aim to ship before the end of the year.



Oh, and one last thing…

I’ve managed re-design the “grips” on these tweezers to be even more grippy than before.

You’ll be impressed – I promise!

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes shot for you…


  • William says:

    I think it would be worth mentioning the sizes of them imperial and metric as I’m sure it will be asked?

  • Bob Lukach says:

    You’re covering all the bases as usual Magnus. Can’t wait for kickoff!

  • Jon says:

    Can you make a bigger version which is around 12 ~ 13 cm total

    the bigger one will be good for indoor use.


  • B Alan Eisen says:

    I always hate the early bird discounts when they are limited to a specific number. Stretch goals are nice but not needed. I would rather see you concentrate on producing another excellent Cogent product. (Even though I really need these!)
    Al Eisen

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