Updates and Other Titanium Stuff...

Okay, a bunch of stuff to cover today. Some of it interesting ...and some of it "meh" (just being honest :-D).

First up, some updates:

TiVault Storage Cache

These have been going very well. We started shipping the first batch last week. We will be shipping the remainder of that batch at the start of next week (around 45 in total).

We took a step back in the way we were making the "keys" for the TiVault (unavailable just now sorry). They were coming off the machine too slow and so we've just finished a new fixture to make eight at a time - this is going to speed us up hugely!

Here's the new fixture:


These will be made after the TiVaults are finished.

For anyone waiting on these... I am, again, sorry these continue to be immensely late. I have to make the TiVault first as the that project is even later than the PillPots.

The good news is that the TiVaults are progressing very well and we've been churning them out every day recently. The PillPots will be starting soon.


This ClickShift Titanium Pen is a new-ish project ...and, yes, it's already late.

Here's the truth (in one sentence):

I'm re-designing the internal mechanism because it's not staying smooth for enough clicks.

How many clicks does it do right now?

Somewhere between 8000 and 10,000. I don't think this is enough.

I'm not clicking the pen by hand this many times (although I did initially). I built a testing jig with an aluminium construction set, Arduino electronics and some pneumatic air cylinders. I'm not sure if I posted a photo or video of this jig yet - but I'll post one soon.

The main issue is that the titanium ultimately starts to "pick up" or "gall" as it finally rubs against itself and the mechanism is not smooth (unless you push the lever in while you click it ...but I feel you shouldn't have to do that).

We've been working on it a lot lately and done a decent amount of tweaking of the geometry of the ball. Here's one half-way through being made:


We offered some SlideClicks a while ago. If you missed them, we have a few left from that recent run (we've just about finished the shipping of them if you're still waiting for one that you ordered recently).

Fountain Pen

I recently became a little obsessed with a fountain pen I bought. It was the first fountain pen I've ever used ...and man I have been missing out!

I always assumed (wrongly) that a fountain pen would be inky ...you'd have to wait for the ink to dry ...it would leak in your pocket ...etc.

I thought they were "old tech". And, to my absolute shame, I was wrong on every count.

The fountain pen I bought is smoother to write with than any other pen I've ever tried. It does not leak in my pocket. And ink does not get over my fingers. In short: I'm an idiot (but you already probably knew that).

Long story short:

I designed and made my own minimalist Titanium Fountain Pen.

Not only that, but I went all-out and am offering it in various Titanium Damascus options. Here are some of the options:


I'm going to do an update on everything knife-related in the next blog post (which I'll be posting soon after this one goes out).

Lots of progress and I'll be covering all three of the late knives in this next post (Project ZERO, Magnatron and Fliptility).

  • Maxim says:

    The pen is too long

  • Mark says:

    Can’t afford the fountain pen ~ but it looks great good choice of nibs too

  • Neil says:

    Over-promise and under-deliver again…….plus the pen mechanism is iffy at best, already returned one after waaayyyy less than 8000 clicks and too nervous to use my pen/pencil set now. Also had to cancel my “December 2020 VIP” promised for Jan order due to even more delays!!!??? You’re turning supporters into adversaries…..

    • Magnus says:

      Yes, for sure. We’ve lost a LOT of customers over the last two years because of the position I got us into. It’s hard getting back on track …but getting there slowly.

  • Steve says:

    Hi Magnus,
    Thanks for the update. I look forward to the TiVault.
    You have been busy.
    I can only say all of the projects of yours I have supported have been great.
    All the best

  • Vance says:

    The slideclick is great and I love mine. I ended up selling my old Rexford Knives RUT V3 Ti Utility Tool because I was so happy with the slideclick.

  • Thomas Aasen says:

    Will we get the original key later on to the TiVault? The original looks amazing and made it look so Zen beauty. It means much to me to be honest. The small details you know, I don’t want to lose tbem. I’m willing to pay extra and wait longer. 🙏💖🌈🌠

  • Rick says:

    Have you or would you ever make a wine opener for corkscrew bottles?

  • Sandro says:

    When are click shift pens shipping from 2020 orders? I’m not seeing dates of post of updates on titanium products “just says remaking them” shipping should be free or discounted at this point. Understand things happen, all ways been loyal customer & the replies I’ve had via email were shipping last month, then shipping this month. We’re getting to the end of this month, I may just want a refund at this point. I’m a pen collector so time not huge deal but paying such high shipping prices doesn’t settle well for something that takes months to receive. I keep getting e mails from Magnus about buying new stuff & very upsetting when I haven’t gotten what I paid for months ago, Thanks..

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