Titanium Updates, Dominoes and Pen Machining

It's been a while - so let's cover updates on late projects/products first...

While we are making progress - it's still slow-going. We have definitely processed quite a few refunds lately - which is absolutely fair and I'm sorry I've screwed-up that badly. I appreciate those of you who are holding on and being incredibly patient. Thank you.

Let's get the worst (and by that I mean least progress) two out the way first...

TiVault - still late and not shipping this month (as I said they would).

PillPots (the larger 36mm and 45mm ones) - also not shipping yet.

Knives - These are taking lesser priority over the above two projects (because the above projects are later).

Somewhat less depressing projects...

TiWallets - 35% shipped and the rest over the next few working days.

Click Pens / Pencils - The buttons and clips (which are the last parts we're waiting on) should start coming off later this afternoon and continue over the next couple of weeks like that. We will be shipping a batch every few days.

Bolty Pens - 70% of the clips have been machined over the last week or two. The internal parts are about to be started on the lathe (we were waiting until the clips were done so we could start these). The Bolty is different to the click pens/pencils above in that we have to wait until all the parts are made (and so cannot ship them every couple of days unfortunately).

This sums up where we are right now. Any projects/products I have not mentioned above are finished and shipped.

And again, you will continue to see me offering other products for sale (even as we're late with these!). I really have made a mess of things -- although we have managed to get caught up a lot recently -- and we need to balance production of late projects together with making sure there is money coming into the business to keep the lights on and the machines humming. I wish I would click my fingers and start the last three years over ...but it is what is it.

Titanium Domino Set

A long time ago we made some titanium dominoes (we called them 'TiBones').

They are kind of popular - but not compared to many of our other products.

The strange thing was ...we had quite a lot of interest from people wanting to buy a full 28-piece set (rather that just a single domino).

We did agree to sell one set as a pre-order ...but told them it would be quite some time as we really wanted to make an aluminum case to go with it.

Anyway, long story short:

We finally made it ...and we finally shipped it. BUT, we also made another ...which I've taken photos of.

I mainly want to show you the photos (but, if you're interested, this specific set is for sale - but it is only this one set).

We actually machined and press-fitted titanium "feet" on the bottom of the aluminium case...

Even though the case accounts for most of the weight - the whole set still weighs in at a hefty 1738 grams (or 3.83lbs).

The economics of making this set doesn't really work well for us. Even though the price is high compared to most things we make ...it just takes a long time to make them (quite a lot of hand sanding and finishing to get the dominoes coming out flawless).

If you're interested in this one-and-only set (it is sitting here ready to go), then you can order it here at the bottom of this page.

"Click" Pen Clip

The clip of the titanium "click" pen takes almost 30 minutes to machine - and, as you will see, there is quite a lot of wasted material.

I will do a video for you at some point after we machined and shipped the current late pens.

Here's what it looks like just as it's finished being machined:

NOTE: Both these images below are before we had it fully dialed-in (you should be able to see the various "issues" with each ...especially the top one!)

HangKeys + HookUp Clips

We hardly have anything in stock (and haven't had for some time).

However, we do have our classic (and arguably most popular products) HangKey and HookUp Clips in stock right now.

  • Paul Tollenaar says:

    Just wondering WHY the TiVault is taking so long? The longest of any Magnus project? Much love all the same. You almost had me with the domino set… I had to remind myself that I have no idea how to play. But I still want it.

    • Magnus says:

      Hey Paul, yeah the domino set went fairly fast. The TiVault keeps getting pushed back (along with PillPots and the knives) because we’re having to stop the catch-up every couple of weeks to make something to keep money coming into the business.

  • Jake says:

    Also waiting on TiVault… come on Magnus

    • Karl says:

      As the others, the vault…do you intend to build these—or merely give “lip service”?

      • Herbert Eder says:

        I am also waiting on the TiVault, don’t worry, Magnus has delivered everything that was ordered so far, and i have ordered some of almost everything he has offered since the very beginning.

    • Magnus says:

      As mentioned above – the TiVault keeps getting pushed back (along with other projects) because there is no other option for us. I royally screwed-up and we got behind on these projects …but we MUST make other projects to keep money coming into the business (or there will be no business).

  • Jaime says:

    For those items that have shipped, will we be receiving any shipping info? Specifically on pill pots smaller than 36mm.

  • Tony says:

    Damn! Domino set already sold. 🙁

  • Jeff says:

    I have been waiting on pill pots and TiVault since summer! I paid when I ordered as well. So… Still waiting.

    • Magnus says:

      We are getting there Jeff – and I’m sorry for screwing this up for you. The couple of comments above explain why it’s ended up dragging on and on.

  • Rocco Schult says:

    I just looked up the price of the domino set out of curiousity: without further looking I could have said that this number doesn‘t match your efforts economicswise!
    I could imagine that it scratching 2k would be too much, but a price starting with a 1k figure should absolutely be possible. Dunno if that works for your end, but there‘s more in the market than just below 1k for such an outstanding composition.

    • Magnus says:

      Yeah, I didn’t realise how popular it would be Rocco (even up near $1k – which is what this one sold for). I will re-price it and see what is possible – although nothing will be happening there until next year.

  • Shannon Johnson says:

    I just wish I had the cash to throw more of it your way. That new compact pen your looking to make should sell well and hopefully become a full time item.

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