Updates And Titanium Stuff...

It's been FIVE WEEKS since the last blog post ...so let's not muck around. Let's just jump straight in!

A few Updates first on the last remaining late projects...

The PillPots are nearly finished - here's what they're looking like now (just a few more days CNC and then tumbling and they are ready to ship):

The Skull is still ongoing. The last few days we've been re-designing the CNC fixture  ...and over the next few days (and into the start of next week) the fixture will be made. Production will finally start in earnest.

The CNC machining of the Fountain pen, like the skull, has just been re-done for production to start. Production will start at the end of next week (should not take too long as we have not sold too many of them ...kind of a niche product).

In Stock Products...

Because we've been playing catch-up quite intensely - there has not really been any new products (which is probably good news to those who are waiting on late products ...but a bit boring for those who are not!).

We were waiting on the custom-made washers for the CoolKey™ Titanium Key Holder. They finally arrived and we can finally offer these again (we made them a long time ago ...but ran out of the custom washers).

I have a handful of each of the different sizes (4-key, 6-key, 8-key and Full Set) ready to ship immediately:

NOTE: I only have just 10 of the "Loop" Add-on available to go with these ...so if you're wanting one of those along with your CoolKey™, then you have to act fast!

(More) Magnetic Fidget "Sliders"...

I've been making a few more of the Magnetic Fidget sliders here and there in the background.

Without sounding all big-headed and such - they have taken the fidget community by storm. The demand has been crazy - and, unfortunately, it's not really possible to meet this demand while we're still working away getting caught up on other products.

I thought I'd still show you them here anyway (since there is not really any new titanium products for you right now) ...there are a few of these in stock though.

Here are a few photos from a little while ago of the making of them:

Most people reading this blog post are, I think, more interested in the other titanium products I design and make.

But I do know that a few of you are into these - so I think it's worth sharing with you here. If these are your kind of thing, then I have some left and they are ready to ship next day.

The two models I have right now are:

The Toad Slider (CLICK HERE)


The Ripple Slider (CLICK HERE)

The Ripple Slider above actually has a few Brass and Copper versions available.

And that's it...

That's all I have for you today. 🙂

I think this is the longest I've not posted in a while - but it is probably also the most productive we've been in terms of getting caught up on late projects.

There really is only a few to go now - the countdown has begun!

Hopefully I'll be able to get back to designing and making NEW titanium stuff very soon.

  • Alex says:

    Would love tweezers again at some point. I had one, and lost it. It was my favorite tweezer by far. Just can’t find another quite as nice. Totally bummed.

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