Titanium Updates, Skulls and other things...

Let's talk about the "updates on late projects" first...

Titanium PillPots are being made right now:

The PillPots are CRAZY-late. I don't have a shipping date yet - but I will give one as we work through them.

The ClickShift Titanium Pen parts are all fully finished and I'm tumbling the various parts right now. Both the tumbling and assembly takes a surprising amount of time. Shipping of them WILL start tomorrow and I will updates again soon-ish as they come to the end of shipping (or when they are done).

The Founty™ - Fountain Pen is still late (this is a fairly exclusive project and so I typically provide Updates directly to Customers and not here on the blog).

A handful of people are waiting for the Bolty™ - Titanium Bolt-Action Pen. These have started shipping and should all be shipped in the next couple of days.

Some IN STOCK Products

As you are probably aware...

I've had a hard time keeping products in stock. Not just the last few months ...but YEARS.

Because we're close to catching up on the various late projects we can spend a little more time trying to get products in stock.

Here are a few products that are either in-stock right now (or at least will be ready in the next two days):

The Bolty™ - Titanium Bolt-Action Pen:

The CoolKey™ - Titanium KeyHolder. We've had a lot of people asking about this for many months ...and it's nice to finally have a few extra in stock and ready to go!

The SlideCache™ - Titanium Utility Blade Cache (stores up to 5 x blades):

...and I think that might be about it (but, hey, at least it's something).

Titanium Skulls

Production has started on the one-of-a-kind (and definitely never-before-seen) Titanium Skulls...

Progress is slow-and-steady on these because they take a significant amount of time to make (which is why, although it is only a single component, it is priced on the higher side ...I simply have no choice).

Since the initial prototype I've "upgraded" the teeth on the Titanium Skull. I've used a very small endmill specifically to CNC just the teeth so as to attain more detail (you should be able to notice the teeth on the two skulls on the right are more detailed than the skull on the left). There have been a few other little tweaks as well.

Believe it or not... the actual CNC machining of the Titanium Skull was not the hardest part. The trickiest part is actually how to hold it so that we can do the machining. I go into a little detail on this in on the main product page.

And I think that's all I have for you today.

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  • Aaron says:

    I’m happy to be in on the skull!! Teeth detail upgrade is awesome.. though I’ll admit I didn’t notice it until you mentioned it lol.. had to go back and zooooooom in..

    As always you put everything you got into making sure all your products are the greatest quality! Thank you for that!

  • Vance says:

    skulls look great!

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